Kaleerein 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma Plans To Kill Amar To Divert Meera’s Attention From Pammi Kapoor

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Kaleerein 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vivan angrily wanders in his room thinking when he will meet Pammi. He fumes seeing Meera glued to her friends book account. He asks if she is looking at boy’s profiles. She says yes she got request from most handsome guy till now. He fumes. She says she got one more. He ask howmany requests she needs. She says 500. He asks to return his laptop. She asks to use his smart phone. He runs to snatch laptop, and she runs away. He yells she is so talent, but why he needs laptop.. He sits on sofa and relistens to Pammi’s voice. Roma thinks this boy has gone mad in search of Pammi.

Vivan sits for dinner. Roma brainwashes him that he is sitting alone, but Meera does not care about his needs. Vivan says she does and asks what he wants to eat, but he ignores her. She continues trying to brainwash him, but he does not.

Roma then goes to Meera’s family and yells at them that they are so relaxed after getting their daughter married, they don’t know what their daughter is doing. Dolly asks what.. Roma says she is glued to laptop instead of taking care of Vivan’s needs, she needs a girl who can stand with Vivan and not the one she would like to kick out. Dolly and whole family get worried and say they will speak to Meera. Roma yells until she is glued to laptop, she will not listen to anyone, so they should teach her house to take care of her husband. Dolly promises she will. Roma thinks Meera’s attention will be diverted from Pammi now. Meera also hears their conversation

Amar tells Dolly that she takes care of house so well and should teach Meeera same. Vivan on the other side sees his laptop and tries to check Meera’s friends book account, but does not find ID and password, he tries different combinations but fails. Biji walks to Dolly and asks about Amar. Dolly says he was tensed regarding Meera, so must have gone out for a walk to relax. Amar walks on road. Meera calls and chats with him. He says he got tensed hearing Roma badmouthing about her. Meera cheers him up.. He asks if he should bring kulfi for her. She asks to bring dupatta.

Roma speaks to her aide and orders to not make any mistake. Meera hears her and and walks to her. Roma gets nervous. Meera asks why she looks like she is up to something. Roma says she is doubting her again. Meera warns to do whatever she wants, but not drag her family in between. Roma warns to follow straight line if she does not want to be disturbed Meera says she is not straight and will not let Roma trick. Roma says she walks on crossed path and Roma and Rome are not born in 1 day. Meera warns her to stay away from her family. Roma thinks she delayed a bit. Amar carries dupatta, a biker brushes bag off. He bends to lift back up. A speeding car hits Amar and he meets with an accident.

Precap: Vivan gets a call that Pammi’s number is traced to Soni Kudi Academy. Vivan reaches there and sees lady he met in gurdwara.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today’s episode was really good ???
    Guys but the trp is low. it’s just 0.9!!!
    If This continues they might pull off the show!!!!
    So guys please try to watch the show in Tv itself (7:30pm) without muting and changing the channel during ads

  2. Was Meera teasing Vivaan intentionally when she pretended to go gaga over all those friend requests from the most handsome men that she claimed to have never seen either in her own town or on the net….ofcourse we can see on the laptop that all these men are of her grandpa’s age and she was just ribbing him…whether it was intentional or not on Meera’s part ,it was good to see Vivaan getting jealous like hell and trying to sneak into her account by guessing the password ..all this is enough to indicate that he is getting possessive of his wife…..how I wish that all these nagging issues like Pammi and Roma take a back seat for a few episodes and this newly married couple spend some quality time to realise their feelings for each other…
    I have a feeling that whatever we have seen of Roma so far is nothing and we are yet to see her real terrible self .. the same Roma conveys to Meera when she says that she has n’t come this far just like that….Ofcourse we can not expect a naive and innocent girl like Meera to guess to what extent Roma can go….but certainly she has a premonition when she requests her mom in law to not harm her family….I hope nothing serious will happen to her father,….else Meera will be devastated .

  3. Now we know for sure why Pammi had to go in hiding all these years, with a wretch like Roma around, no one’s safe, so basically she has conniving killer instincts….her doings says something of her, she’s probably this way because it’s a mask for her insecurities and fears and Lakshmi, I also wonder about Vivaan’s and Amaaya’s father, I’d love to think that he’s alive and Pammi could reconcile with him one day and then this brother and sister duo could experience what being a family is like, after all, it’s probably painful for Vivaan to see Meera’s family so close knit but don’t understand the dynamics of true family connections, could explain why he’s so bitter and resentful when he sees how the family members defend and stand by each other…. Thankfully Amaaya is receptive of affection and make attempts to include herself in just about anything.

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