Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman beats up Adi

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya coming home. Adi says I called you many times, where were you, I was waiting, I need divorce. She asks what, did you go mad. He says I want divorce from you. She asks what, you won’t get Roshni any way, she is getting married, I understood your drama when you reacted that way. He says just give me divorce, don’t create a scene, we will take divorce by mutual understanding, come we will meet lawyer. She says you have gone mad, you think I m an illiterate woman to listen to you, you are so selfish, have you ever thought of me and my emotions. He says no. She says you are shameless, you think marriage is a joke, you have lost it, I won’t give you divorce, I got married to you, I m so angry with myself, loving you was the biggest mistake of my life, I won’t let you take advantage of this. He asks what marriage, when I don’t love you, its no use, I love Roshni, why don’t you get it, sit over here, I will explain, give me a divorce, Roshni has a problem with our relation. She says I won’t give you divorce. He asks what did you say. She says I won’t, do anything you want. He asks what, you won’t give me a divorce. He pushes her. Aaliya screams and runs out. Raman and Ishita come home and ask what happened. Aaliya says Adi will kill me, he has hit me. They all get shocked. Raman asks Neelu to get medicine box fast. Adi comes there. Raman asks Adi to behave himself and pushes him. He asks did you hit Aaliya. He slaps Adi. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to leave Adi.

Raman says Adi got drunk and misbehaved with Shantanu, now he is hitting Aaliya. Aaliya says he wants divorce from me, he loves Roshni, he wants to marry Roshni. They get shocked. Raman beats Adi. He says you thought you will make fake video and trap Ruhi, you joined hands with Suraj, today you have committed a sin. He beats Adi and scolds him. Raman raises hand again. Adi shouts enough and holds his hand. They all get shocked. Adi argues. Raman asks will you raise hand on your dad. Adi asks Mr. Bhalla not to say in between and stop Raman, he won’t tolerate Raman’s anger now. He says this family, what did they give me, nothing, I m selfish, I have joined hands with Suraj, what will you do. They all get shocked.

He says you guys are saying nonsense about relations, you know money is the most imp thing, I m saying truth, there is nothing wrong in it, what did I do, you weren’t there when I needed you, you were in jail Ishimaa, and Raman was ill, Parmeet has his control over everything, I didn’t had a penny, Simmi used to be with Parmeet, Suraj met me at such a time, I have started my own business, I don’t think I have done anything wrong, I don’t want to explain you all, that was my choice and this is also my choice to divorce Aaliya, I love Roshni, I want to be with her. Ishita says just shut up Adi, please, Aaliya is your wife. They all cry.

Ishita says talk to your wife with respect, what does marriage mean to you, you can’t break it, you can’t love someone like this, you had divorced Roshni as you loved Aaliya. He shouts enough, don’t slap me. He stops Ishita. Raman holds Adi’s face and says shut up, I have heard you, listen to my decision now, I don’t want a dog in my house, out of here. He throws out Adi and says you are not my son now. Adi goes. Ishita and Ruhi console Aaliya. Aaliya says why did Adi do this, I m not a good wife. Ishita says its Adi’s fault, you aren’t wrong, you are our daughter first then bahu. Adi will come and apologize to you. Aaliya says I lost him. Ishita says so sorry, I got you here with a promise that we will keep you here with respect, when Adi slapped you, he raised hand on my upbringing, Mani tried to explain me, sorry, I was blinded because of my love for my son, I should have slapped Adi that time, he is completely obsessed, this is my mistake, sorry Aaliya. Aaliya says its not your mistake. Ishita says Raman and I will fix everything, just remember you will be safe here till I m here, this is your home, not Sasural, Adi will get punished, its good if he reforms soon, else his mum will punish him. She hugs Aaliya.

Raman says I lost my son. Ishita says no, we will get him on right path, you did right to throw him out, he will get senses when he struggles, don’t worry. He says he has gone too far, Suraj has influenced him, Adi thinks we are his enemies. Ishita says I will mend his behavior, he is lost, he will come back and apologize to Aaliya. Suraj asks Adi to have wine and end his pain. He says good you have come here, I will teach you to live life on own terms, I had spoken to lawyer to get your divorce papers, just relax, I m trying to help you. Adi says you are my only friend. Lawyer comes. Suraj says file this case soon. Lawyer says this can’t happen.

Adi gets angry. Lawyer says you can’t take divorce on this basis that you are in love with someone, if we prove your wife is wrong and characterless, of she is having an affair with someone, this can happen. Adi worries. Suraj says Roshni is getting married, you have one day time, you have to decide. Adi asks is there no other way. Lawyer says divorce can happen with ease if you do this. Adi says I m ready, I want Roshni. Lawyer says fine, I will send notice to your wife. Shagun asks Aaliya where is Adi. Aaliya checks at the door. Lawyer gives her divorce notice sent by Adi. They get shocked.

Ishita says Adi has to divorce/disown entire family first, we are also against Adi. Raman says I will see Adi how you marry Roshni. Adi says we shall see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ishita said when Adi slapped alia , he raised hand on her upbringing ? when did ishita actually be with her so called husband’s children , she left her home , i really dont understand , shagun who was termed as a bad mother was with pihu adi whenever ishita was not there (most of the time in her lifetime ishita was not with raman or his kids )

    1. exactly…. if someone is ishita’s parvarish that’s aliya..! and she has always proven to be ishita’s parvarsish.. she has always been the best out of her other children. does anyone ELSE ALSO agree to this ??

      1. Yeah i agree with u. Alia is a very good and responaible child.

      2. Rithu17

        Totally yaar..I agree too.

      3. Mellu

        even I agree

      4. But even alia got stuck into gambling

  2. So we already know what a good-for-nothing useless piece of sh*t Adi is…but what does Roshni see in him? Both Aliya and Roshni shouldn’t be wasting their lives for a guy like this. And Ishita is also useless. Just lets her kids do whatever they want and apologises to people after everything’s done. Ugh.

  3. Is adi dead?
    Wikipedia tells adi is dead and Aliya is adi’s widow. If yes then, is Abhishek Verma going to quit show?
    Sources say that ishita will kill adi to save roshini. Thank you cv for adi character and for proving ishra as Mother India and Father India.
    Now only Neelu and shitija and grown up pihu are left to be shown as in negative character.

    1. WOOOW!! now cv’s are killing their child! again the sAame old jail track will come. All of a sudden how can adi become so negative ? Really not acceptable

  4. And ishita never killed Ashok, sarika, Suraj whoes negative character were more irritating that Aditya. But now ishita will kill adi. Well done CVS.
    Someone please reply is Abhishek Verma going to quit show??

  5. why should Ishita kill Adi? Why can’t Shagun kill Adi? Why did Roshni sleep with Adi when she know that it is not Adi’s love but obsession. Absolutely rubbish.

  6. is ishita going to kill adi or is roshini going to kill adi on her wedding day which news is true.
    what about simmi n param because they play their game by reopen the ananya case may be they force n blackmail pihu to tell truth n blackmail her to tell the court she kill ananya

    1. i think roshani goin to kill…..i can see roshani wearing wedding dress taking gun…fedup of seeing adi

  7. i think Roshani groin to kill adi….i see the Roshani wearing wedding dress and she taking gun……fedup og seeing adi behavior

  8. …… whatever….. i appreciate Abhishek Varma’s acting skill as a villian, as of yesterday’s episode he did a vry gud job as a bad man. He was horrible ystrday

  9. Where is Kiran?is she still in jail? what about Sonakshi case ?where is her sister now?don’t they want to punish adi and sooraj

  10. What a load of bullshit is this – its time to end this damn stupid teledrama.
    You think people are so gullible to believe all that we see???

  11. Raman did it right by throwing these adi out of the house.

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