ISHQ FOREVER | chapter 11

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Hey guys!

Kathik’s POV.

The film was so exciting to watch with Naira, I forgot where I was..I even dropped my juice for my excitement.

“I’m sorry” I apologised.

“No you relax, I will do it” she said.

We both stood up to clean, but Naira ran forward to clean it up first. She did not see the juice and she slipped..
But I, Karthik the great, ran forward to save her. And Naira landed on my arms.

She stared at me and smiled. The song in titanic played in the background! what a romance!!

“thank you” she said as she hopped off my arms.

“You are crazy Naira, if I wasn’t there you would have broke your head” I said.

“Hey..hey..I wasn’t the one who spilled the juice” she argued.

“Yeah but I wasn’t the one who ran to clean it up and slipped!” I argued back.

then we both were silent. we stared at each other’s face and laughed.

The laughing went on for a while, but Naira got a call.

I knew it was her maa, she was smiling all they way!!

After she ended the call she hugged me tight.

“what?” I asked her.
“Karthik today’s the best day ever..because of you!” she praised me. “Tara bhabi is back in her senses!!”

She laughed and let go of me. I was happy for her.

“Let’s go then!” I said.

Naira’s POV

I got on karthik’s bike because he insisted. It was fast!

I held on to Karthik scared of letting go. The wind blew in to my eyes, making it hard to look.

Karthik stopped his bike and I jumped off to go to maa. I could see her from faraway and I ran fast to her.

“Naira!” she shouted as she saw me. “Tara..back..she..talking..”

Maa was crying for happiness and she couldn’t even find words to speak!

I pat her on her back consoling her. tears from my eyes spilled too.

Bhai came back from the ward, and smiled at me. I hugged him tight and he held on to me tight as well!

“Your Tara’s back” I mumbled.

“Yes, she’s back” he whispered.

precap: Raina talking with Karthik. Naira having feelings!


hey guyz!!

so I’m sorry for not posting that week. But I promised you I will post this week and here I am!!

so how is the episode?!

In the next episode, who will Naira have feelings to???


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  1. Kairalover

    its very nice.. i just read your ffs all chapters today… they are interesting and very well written…plz post next as soon as possible, and i think kartik will realize love for naira

    1. Crazyfan

      thank you so much for taking ur time to read my ff!!
      these sort of comments really do encourage me!

      karthik has already realized his love for naira..but will naira does the same thing too??

      i will try to post next as soon as possible!

  2. Vinni05

    NYC one
    Waiting for next one

    1. Crazyfan

      thank you so much!!
      will post next as soon as possible!!

      ur someone who encourage me!

  3. Shivaya khanna

    Nice chapter very cute I hope naira realises her feelings and confesses it too eagerly waiting for next

    1. Crazyfan

      thank you dear!!
      i will post as soon as possible!

  4. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow sooo goood pls update fast

    1. Crazyfan

      thx a lot dear!!
      will update when possible!

  5. amazing
    update soon

    1. Crazyfan

      will post when possible!

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