Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhabho recalling Meenakshi’s words. Pavan comes to her and asks her to make Daal baati today. She nods. Kanak meets Mayank’s mum and says I reached on time, but they rejected my visa, I got the photos right, don’t know how color fell on photos. The lady asks did you not check photos before giving. Kanak says I did not check it. The lady says its fine, we thought you and Mayank will go Uk together after marriage, but maybe this is Lord wish, Mayank will come back after 6 months, we have to postpone marriage, go home, I will come together to meet Bhabho.

Bhabho cooks. She sees Kanak asking her to accept her as daughter and do her kanyadaan. Kanak says you have to hold my hand, you can’t do anything this time. Bhabho holds the hot flour balls. Kanak is on the way and thinks Bhabho may think I created hurdle in marriage intentionally. Ved says its good visa got rejected, you were happy to be with Bhabho for 15 days. Vansh says yes, you can stay with Bhabho now. She says yes, but tell this matter to Bhabho well, she should not think I broke this marriage. They come home. They see Bhabho holding hot flour balls. They run to Bhabho and make her sit. Vansh says you burnt your hand, where was your focus. Meenakshi and Babasa come. Kanak says how did she burn her hand, I will call doctor. Vansh asks how can you do big mistake.

Meenakshi says she did not do mistake, she burnt her hand so that she does not have to do Kanak’s kanyadaan. Kanak hears this. Meenakshi says she can burn her hand in fire, she can’t cool her hatred. Vansh asks her to stop it. Meenakshi says she came to me asking me to do Kanak’s kanyadaan, she was ready to give me any amount, I refused, see how she hurt herself, she does not want to do Kanak’s kanyadaan, see Babasa, she is so stubborn. Kanak cries and says you burnt your hands to avoid doing my Kanyadaan, my biggest happiness is biggest pain for Bhabho. Doctor treats Bhabho and does bandage to her hand. He gives prescription.

Kanak comes to Bhabho and says I just got your hatred till now, I thought I will get your love some day, you have sent me to study and kept me away, you did not name me in Sandhya and Sooraj’s Shraddh, you did not let me step inside the shop, I came home with hope but you did my bidaai, I did not say anything against your decision. I knew you will be happy and do my kanyadaan, but you have hurt yourself, why so much hatred, what crime did I do, why did you keep you away from your family, tell me Bhabho, free us from this pain, so that there is no false hope in me and there is no hatred fire in you. She cries. Meenakshi says I can see Sandhya in Kanak today.

Kanak says so you will not break your silence. She keeps Sooraj and Sandhya’s pic and asks her to answer, what crime did she do, not just we, but even Sooraj and Sandhya want to know this, I won’t go without getting answers.

She asks her to answer, swear on Sooraj and Sandhya. Bhabho says I hate you. Kanak cries. Bhabho shouts Sandhya and Sooraj, did you listen, I hate Kanak, who has lost my son and bahu. Ved asks what are you saying, I remember mum and dad died to save Pushkar, how did Kanak come in between, she was not a year old that time. Bhabho says yes, it was a dark day, Sooraj and Sandhya saved everyone. FB shows Sandhya and Sooraj saving people and kids from terrorists. Bhabho says they both gave me promise that they will come back to me even if anything happens. FB shows Bhabho taking promise from them. Bhabho says they could not come back, I did not understand what happened, I was going through the pain, commissioner told me and Babasa there, Babasa was unwell, so I went along, commissioner told me that Sooraj and Sandhya got everyone out, but then a phone came. FB shows Sandhya and Sooraj getting threatened by terrorist, and consuming the lethal bomb to save Kanak’s life. Bhabho shouts to them and sees them dying. FB ends.

Bhabho says then I got to know, Sooraj and Sandhya died because of saving Kanak, they gave their lives, I hate her, I can’t see her face, how shall I forget whenever she comes in front of me, I see Sooraj and Sandhya, so I have kept her away from me all these years, I used to go on yatra when she came here, I can’t bear her. Bhabho and everyone cry.

Babasa asks Golu about Kanak. He says where did she go. Kanak goes somewhere and cries. She goes to commit suicide. She hears Uma’s words and changes her mind.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Still this bhabho did not change.I thought cvs will change her in season 2 but with same mind set.I thought there will be some other reason very foolish reason.boarding….now kanak will start gaining heart of bhabho.

    143 r u seeing this serial if u than say me ur opinion on it

    1. Yeah i am [email protected] sis….. Still old DABH effect working on me..but noon timing some what difficult to watch.
      Yeah as u said bhaboo did not changed in season 2.its obviously not surprising me..becoz there are no old Sandhya and sooraj.. That is y show should be handled by bhaboo..

      Actually I have reason to watch DABH.. Becoz of its new story line at that time.. Sweet maker support his wife and full fill her dream!! that to civil service much interesting..(as my father was police man).
      But season 2 is not much interesting.. Becoz female lead is too weak and male lead is shown as he belongs to old ages like 20’s and 70’s.
      Really I am thinking that this male lead uma shanker ,does he know how to laugh????
      Anyway let’s see what will happen.

      1. Ya Bro he really don’t know how to laugh????.that cvs can’t search any other guy 4r female lead or what.I am not liking to see his face.but watching only because of dabh 1 i want to see that love which used to be there bw s&s in their daughter life too.4r me mayank seems to be good pair with kanak than uma.still we did not see them side by side but in my imagination also they r not looking good.let us see what going to happen..

    2. And yeah!! Bhabu reason for hating kanak also not surprising… Becoz I already suspected that bhaboo will say that she Lost her son and bahu becoz of kanak.??
      If everything is good..nothing is der to continue d drama.. So its need to continue with complicated drama!!???.
      Actually after watching the s & s death sequence.. to end d show. I thought (in season2)that they will show bhaboo hates kanak..in d name of losing s&s.

  2. Finally update is hear…??

  3. Today i m veryyyyyyyyyy angry on Amena for late update??so much time u take for episode update…?

    1. cool dear @varsha. Y so much angry.
      As u know Amena do late update for our show.
      Do u remember at d time of DABH telecast..DABH written updates also late by Amena.

      1. I know dear thats why i m angry… ???why only Dabh..its to fair na.. anyways ots nice to see ur cmts???

  4. Even sab ke written update aa gaye the… sirf my fav TSMSP ka hi nhi aaya.. ???? aaj bhohot wait karna pada?????

  5. This is nt right…???never do this… plz… ans sorry also ??? for angry mgs..???

  6. in my style ek dam zakasssss epi..?? really nice episode ..

  7. Yepieeeee kanak visa was cancel in this time.. thats why kanak marriage was also postponed.. ????

  8. So much emotional episode..?? heart touching episode??

  9. Finally bhaboo told truth to kanak… so sad for kanak..???

  10. Cant express in world… now wating for kanak reaction..? kanak and bhaboo acting was awesome.. and there expression was too good???

  11. Now wating for Tomorrow’s episode..??cant see kanak in sad… now kanak bhaboo ka gusa kam kardegi.. ???

  12. Aarti32

    Someone plzz tell dis ridiculous mentality wali bhabho..Dat Kanak is not at all at fault!! If Sooraj n Sandhya did not check dat there’s no one left in Hanuman Gali, then it’s their fault not Kanak’s..N for god sake she was a baby!! Stop haunting dat innocent girls heart??

    1. Bhabho has has always been an illogical idiot!
      All she’s ever truly cared about was Sooraj no one else!

      You are correct…kanak was a baby unable to take care of herself. This bhabho should feel ashamed! All the elders should be blamed because they could not care for a baby.
      Total nonsense!

      1. Bhabho would preferred Kanak dying instead of Sooraj and Sandhya

      2. Yeah!! NaveenS. U r right. Bhabu is an illogical idiot.
        She just want her promise.. not anyone’s feelings.. Its too much that this stupid bhabu..make a child is reason for her parents death??????
        Old bhabu…became brain less bhabu.???

  13. Aarti32

    How does Ved know payal?? When did they first met?? In which episode??

    Actually, I’m slowly slowly liking Ved n Payal..

    1. Ya… may be in upcoming episode we see this… how ved and payal know each other…?

  14. Aarti32

    Update kr bhi Amena!! Kitta time logi??

    1. Aarti32

      Kr bhi do*

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