Music of the heart {Chapter 4}

Purab”Your sister??”Abhi”Yes.”Purab”But i never saw her with you.”Abhi” You cannot see her.. because.. “And abhi starts to sob.”Abhi”She is dead Purab..My kitty left me and went very very far away from me Purab.”Abhi started to sob.{Guys Abhi is not wearing helmet. He removed it.Purab’s security is around . so no one can see them.”Purab was bewildered. Purab” Dead?”Abhi”Yes Purab. I pamperd her very much na. so she left me.. She cant even bear a single pain Purab. She was the gem of our family. She was my princess. Our home was filled with laughter and giggles.. It was only because of her.. But she..”Purab” Dont worry Abhi. If you want to let your pain to go off,pour out your worries to me Abhi.Abhi”Do you know Purab.. I lost her two years back.

Bulbul”Bro!!Bro!! where are you??”Abhi” Kitty! How much will you shout.I am coming.” Abhi comes. Bulbul”Abhi bhai..”Abhi” Wow!! Abhi Bhai!! So,Kitty wants to get something from me.”Hearing this Bulbul smiled sheepishly and nodded like a kid.”Abhi” Acha.Lets see what do you want to ask.”Bulbul gathered her whole breath” Actually i want to go outing with my friends. so we have planned it in a different way that we shall go in a cruise. So since all my friends are going even i have to go with my friends. Pls pls pls..” Abhi”What did you say?”Bulbul”I said..I want…”Abhi”Stop.No you are not going anywhere.”Bulbul”Pls bhai..It is important bhai..It is not only outing bhai..My project bhai. Pls bhai. pls”Abhi”No. You are not going anywhere and it is my final decision.”

That day Bulbul went to her room and shut the door. She did not respond to anyone. My mom and dad convinced me and made me understand that she is no more a kid and she could take care of her. But Bulbul still looked like a kid to me.Still she is a kid.A kid at heart. She is a innocent soul.So i let her to go unwillingly.She did not even speak to me while she left But then there happened the tragedy of my life. They said that the cruise drowned.Many members died and many members went missing. All her friends were alive. Unfortunately,Bulbul was lost..They said that she died.
I cant take it. I went and blasted on them. Abhi to Bulbul friends” I left her since i thought you guys would take care of her. But you, you failed. What will i do now.. I lost my kitty.Don’t lie.. She may not have died.”Bulbul’s friend sobbing”No bhai.. I even wish that. But reality is different. My bulbul left me.Only this i could get which belongs to her” and showed him the bracelet.I had some blood stains in it.
Abhi hugged it and cried. He remembered that gifted this for her seventeenth birthday. “Bulbul” Abhi cried.
Fb end…

Abhi”Come with me Purab. Ihave to show you something.”Purab had tears in his eyes. He follows Abhi.Abhi and Purab reached a place.It was a big mansion.
Purab found no one inside the mansion.Purab”Whose this Mansion Abhi?”Abhi”It is mine.”Purab”Then why are you not living in it?”Abhi”You will come to know.” Saying this he walked inside the mansion. He went towards a room and opens it.He noticed the keychain. It was a crown with a quote”Chin up,princess..or the crown slips.”

Purab found pictured of Bulbul, Bulbul and Abhi and family photo in almost the every corners of the room.Purab imagined and felt that Abhi loves his sister as much he loves his sister. Purab remembered gifting His teddy a Teddy bear room.

Imagine the picture to be Pragya’s and change the duvet and pillows with which color you like”
Ok back to Abhi’s mansion.Purab”Is this your Sister’s Room?”Abhi”She wanted like this room for her 20th birthday.Purab mentally reminded”That is tomorrow.”Abhi”You know Purab,tomorrow is her birthday but unfortunately i cannot gift this to her. He closed the room and went to another room.”Whose this room?”

Abhi”You can understand while seeing the pictures i hope” Purab saw the pictures of Abhi and Pragya.T here were some frames without pictures.Purab”Why there are some frames without pictures?”Abhi”It is left for the family photo. I wanted to take picture with Fuggi’s family and Fuggi with my family.Purab”Then you can take na.”Abhi”It cannot happen.”Purab acted as if he ont knew anything.Purab”Why??”Abhi”She left me and is with Bulbul now” and startd to sob again.Purab consoled him again. Abhi”Do you know? When i traumatized with Bulbul’s death,Pragya came into my life like an angel. When my life was a utter drought,she came as a rain to sooth me with her magic. She was my first love. But she also left me.Her dream was to see me as a successful bussinessman. The two years o my life left me miserable.” Purab felt that Abhi was totally shattered and his heart was broken into zillion pieces.Purab”How it happened”Abhi”Don’t ask me that Purab. I cant even say that.”Abhi was on his nees throwing out all his worries. Purab can’t see that.

Purab”If i now tell you something, i think it will make you happy.Abhi”There is no happiness until i get my angel and my princess back.”Purab”You will be happy, If that happens right.Abhi became serious and got up and marched towards Purab.Abhi”What are you saying?” Don’t play with my feelings”Purab”Nah. I will never do that.”Abhi”Then” and looks confused. Purab smirks.

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