Ishq-E-Kismat Episode 43 – A New FF Tashan-e-Ishq

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Since past 2-3episodes was unable to incorporate more twinj scenes

So tried making today’s epi revolve around them

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Twinj are walking
Tears keep flowing from twinkle’s eyes.
Kunj holds her hand
Twinkle hugs him.
Twinkle-kunj I am feeling so bad for rinki i wish i could help her.
Kunj cups twinkle’s face in his hands
Gently wipes her tears
Kunj-Twinkle we cannot forcefully help a person who doesnot want help.
If rinki’s love for sid is strong enough trust me It will win
It will make rinki stand up for herself.

Twinkle-I wish.

Twinkle(nervously)- I am sorry kunj I got very impulsive when papa ji will come to know all this he will be very very upset I am sorry

Kunj keeps his fingers on her lip
To silence her

Kunj-I know about your intentions.
Donot worry I am with you.
We will together face everything

Twinkle once again hugs him.

Scene shifts

Manohar is fuming with anger

Twinkle and kunj are standing before him
with their eyes cast down

Gautami n Ram are tensed

Twinkle(mustering courage)-sorry papa ji

Manohar-sorry my foot cannot u both understand that we were just suppose to organise a wedding n not create such a huge scene

Twinkle professional and personal lives can never be mixed I so well knew u will ruin our business
Kunj (interrupts)-Dad pls donot say all this
Manohar-stop taking ur wife’s side in everything i will never forgive her for this
Mr raheja is our main stakeholder
Who will finance us twinkle
Ur dad?????

Kunj gets very angry-Enough dad is something called emotions and feelings .

He grabs twinkle’s hand n starts walking away.

Twinkle is stunned at whatever is going around

Ram tries to intervene

Manohar-kunj just donot leave from here,leave from my business too.You will never understand what it takes to set up a business.For u everything has been spoon fed.let me also see with your feelings how much u earn

Twinkle gestures kunj not to react.

Kunj-Ok dad.Accept and twinkle’s resignation will be on ur table tommorow.

Manohar feels pricked

Ram and gautami are shocked

Scene shifts

At twinj’s home

Kunj is sitting all upset

Twinkle brings a glass of juice

She sits besides him

Gently places her hand over his-Kunj Maa always tells me we should never make decisions when problem.donot worry.relax for sometime then we both will go n apologize to papa ji and everything would be fine.

Kunj(shocked)-Twinkle why would we apologize?what have we done??Dad was continuously hurting you.

Twinkle-come on kunj It was unintentional he was angry.

Kunj- so what in anger he will say any thing?simply drag ur father??Twinkle i cannot tolerate anything that upsets u understand So now donot tell me to apologize It was all his fault.

Twinkle-but kunj……

Kunj-no is a no twinkle.

He leaves in anger

Twinkle feels extremely bad-because of me all because of me kunj n papa ji had this arguement.

Scene shifts

Manohar is narrating everything to usha on phone

She is shocked

Usha-I just donot know what is wrong with kunj?he has actually gone mad behind his wife.

Manohar-His tone ,his behaviour everything has changed.

Usha- Twinkle is very wrong choice for kunj as well as our family..

Scene shifts

Kunj is taking some medicine.

Twinkle notices

Twinkle-what happened??

Kunj-nothing just headache

Twinkle-so u should have told me na chalo no problem come I will give u head massage

Kunj-no its alright I have taken medicine will rest and be fine till morning

Twinkle- i know I am not as professional and as good in giving massage as u but not that bad too

Or i guess may be you feel i will pull ur hair off and you would go bald.

Kunj laughs- you are too much.chalo give me head massage

Twinkle smiles

She rushes to get bottle of oil

She sits on sofa

And kunj on floor

Twinkle starts massaging his head

Kunj feels all good

Slowly as twinkle is massaging kunj is feeling sleepy

He keeps his head on twinkle’s lap n falls asleep

Twinkle looks at his tired face

She caresses his hair

She lets him rest

After sometime

Kunj wakes up

He realises he was sleeping on twinkle’s lap

He sees that she is reading magazine

Kunj(awkwardly)-i am so sorry.i didnot realise when i slept so sorry.

Twinkle-what is this sorry n all about .come on kunj I am your wife It is absolutely fine.As it is i know i have also troubled u a lot.

Kunj smiles

Twinkle-ok fine make nice kadak tea for me for inconvenience caused

She giggles.

Kunj goes to kitchen

Scene shifts

Kunj is typing something

Twinkle comes there

Twinkle-kunj pls think about it once.papa ji will be very hurt pls

Kunj-Twinkle my decision is final.we both are quitting .I donot want to work anylonger with him

Twinkle makes helpless face

Kunj-I hope u trust me.I donot know if i will set up an empire as big as dad but i will definately do something.I am not sure if i will be able to do something here in canada but i will definately do something in india.I hope u will not mind it I will try……

Twinkle looks in his eyes-I trust u more than i trust myself.Kunj all that matters to me is to be with u.canada India doesnot make any difference

Kunj smiles.

Precap-Mr Raheja comes in sarna office.manohar apologises to him.He says he wants to meet twinj.

Twinj are shown to be roaming around inside a beautiful heritage building.

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  1. Presha

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  2. Kunj ke parents har cheez twinkle kohi blame karte rahte hai. Ek insaan ko bhina jaane na pasand kaise karsakte hai . Nice epi

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