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Episode 13 !!

Hey people !!
I am back again !!

Yrr you guys are giving so less response !!!
Plz show some love na !!!!

Let’s get started !!!

Next day !!!

As it was decided kunj reached at Taneja Mansion so pick twinkle and yuvi was already present there after taking all the documents TWINJ left for there journey whereas yuvi dropped kids to Sarna Mansion and left backk!!!

Kids were enjoying there own time with bebe and bebe was also very happy and she thought –

“” Babajii bas kuch aisa ho jaye ki yeh bacche aur twinkle hamari zindagi mai aajaye , mai hamesha se twinkle ko apne kunj k liye chaha tha aur ab toh kunj bhi usse pasand krta h bas twinkle bhi kissi tarah maan jaye ,, bas meri yahi manokamna hai “”

On the other hand in KUNJ’S car , the journey was smooth but silence prevail everywhere !!!

Twinkle was busy in her own thoughts thinking about kids whereas kunj wanted to talk to her but was finding it really hard to strt the conversation as twinkle was in some other zone , but he kind of gathered courage and spoke _

” ” Twinkle ? Are you okay ??””

Twinkle who was in her own world came to reality and spoke –

“” Huh ! Did you say anything ?? Sorry i didn’t heard ??””

Kunj sighs and said “” i was just asking whether you are fine or not ? I mean you seems lost ?””

“” No no kunj nothing like that , actually i was just worried for kids , i think they would be troubling bebe a lot “” said twinkle

Kunj smiled at her and said
“” Don’t worry twinkle they would be fine and along with them bebe too , actually she enjoys alot with kids “”

Twinkle felt relaxed and smiled back at kunj and then she asked –

“” Would you mind if i on the radio , actually the journey is lond and songs do help us ?””

“” Yeah sure i won’t mind infact i will love it , actually i am too found of music “” said kunj smiling , he was happy that she was opening in front of him though a bit but still and they put the radion on and the song played !!!

Na na na…

Phir kahin dil ne mehsoos kiya tha
Ik dafa phir se zinda ye huaa tha
Nazar jo aaya tu toh jeena aaya
Nazar se phir kyun tu gum ho gaya
Pal mein hi…

All the while kunj was looking at twinkle ever so lovingly he just didn’t wanted a moment that he misses to adore her , hee beauty , her simplicity , everything about her was driving him crazy !!!

Haan tere intezaar hai
Kahaan karaar hai
Hai teri aas hi dil ko
Haan beshumaar hai
Bayaan karoon kaise
Tera intezar hai
Tera intezar hai
Tera intezar hai

Twinkle was all the while looking outside feeling the free air that was increasing her beauty , the air kissing her cheeks making her look ever so gorgeous which was making our hero lost in her !!


Na meri kami, na teri khataa
Mohabbat mein dono ne paayi sazaa
Dil mein nahi wafaayein thi kam
Magar waqt humpe na tha meherbaan

Kisi kahaani mein tu hoga mera
Haan uss kahani mein
Milna mujhe phir kahin…

Haan tera intezaar hai
Kahaan karaar hai
Hai teri aas hi dil ko
Haan beshumaar hai
Bayaan karoon kaise
Tera intezaar hai
Tera intezaar hai
Tera intezaar hai..

Tera intezaar hai…

Tera intezaar hai
Tera intezaar hai
Tera intezaar hai

Twinkle was enjoying her moment when she felt someone’s gaze on her and she turned to look and it was kunj , she for a moment got lost in his eyes , they were having a very intense eye lock and were lost in other other , that’s when Twinkle’s phone rang bringing them back to the reality and they immediately looked away !!!

There was some awkward silence when Kunj spoke that they reached , they immediately get down of the car and left for the hotel to freshen up !!!

That’s it for now guys !!

I hope you will like it !!!

Show some love people !!

Till than take care !!!


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