Just an Ordinary love story

Hello dearies, I get the idea of writing this just now. So, I decided to penned down this.

Anika Trivedi’s life was another name of struggles. She gets tired of these continuous struggles and troubles. If life doesn’t kill you, then struggles will. No matter how many patients you hold, there is a time when everything starts falling in pieces. It took ages to fix it up again. We all do mistakes, we all do mess up in life but there are few who actually can cope up with this and handle it. She was one of those fighters. She spent her whole life searching jobs without a degree for making his brother’s future better. Being an orphan is a curse too.

Lost in her thoughts, she looks from the window. There is raining accompanied by the roar of thunder from time to time. The only sound can be heard from outside were the buzzing of wind and the soothing sound of raindrops. She stares at the sky, tears start flowing from her eyes as raindrops fall down. The chilly air made her shiver but she didn’t move. She wished that the sound of thunder will be this much loud, that she get those thought out of her mind which keeping her awake at this hour of the night.

She turned and look toward his brother who was sleeping peacefully. She wondered will her life be this much struggling if she didn’t take his responsibility. That was a small house of a room with an attached kitchen. She can’t afford the rent of this mostly times. She moves toward the small chair and took out a pen and paper. Drawing something random and unplanned just like her life, she glances the paper. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong and that’s why she had no idea what she can do for making things right. Life is just like this, unpredictable and unexpected. It made you fall down before you even realise your mistake. Sometimes, it doesn’t even give a chance to make things right. Not all are lucky to have a second chance.

She blink her eyes when light entered from a small window. She realised that she slept last night while taking her frustration over the paper. She gets ready to freshen up as she needs to make breakfast for Sahil too. She was not good at cooking, just know to make Aloo poori. She didn’t even get time for herself. How can she has time for this?

Sahil also doesn’t complain if she served burnt food, he acknowledges her sister’s struggles. He was a bright student, he genuinely wants to help her in future.

As soon he gets ready, Anika drops him to his school. She was getting late for her work and think to hire a taxi. Then, she looks toward Sahil and gives him the money to eat something from the canteen as she didn’t prepare anything for lunch. Taking a subway, she reached the hotel where she works as a receptionist. She gets this job after a lot of efforts. She wished her colleague before moving toward her spot.

Her sight caught a glance of him who was asking something on reception. It was really strange, she didn’t think she would meet Shivay on this day, at this place. This can’t be a chance, it’s a destiny who played a huge prank. Our lives are just happened by chance, with unpredictability and unexpectedly. Is something like ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ really exist? Is their sudden meeting was planned?

Anika’s expression change and she turned back quickly but his eyes already recognised her. It is going to be hell awkward, meeting your ex after seven years. Why it has to happen? Did she wish for this? She broke up with him as she has to take responsibility for her brother. She wants to find some stable job but now what is he going to think after this encounter? It’s ironic that she was still struggling just like before.

He doesn’t really recognise people well and it’s rare when someone catches his attention. Not to mention that it had been seven years, but it took only a few seconds to realise her presence even from behind. She didn’t change a bit, those simple clothes which he admires, those black luscious curls which she often keeps caged with hair tie and those flats which she fondly called ‘Chameli‘. She has her own ritual to do ‘naamkarann‘ of everything. According to her, everyone has their identity. They were in a relationship of almost two years, ate lunch and drink coffee across each other and thought that’s how their life will remain forever. Even when they did break up, they share a coffee date that day too. She moved out of his life as the next day come. That was it, they didn’t call each other from that day.

The escape plan which strikes in her mind was to turn her head and pretend not to see him. She even decided to run from there but before she proceeds, she heard his voice. “Anika” He softly called as she turned and sighed. She didn’t know what expression she is supposed to give while bumping to her ex after seven years. She wondered and think Is he also feeling awkward like her? Shivay hesitated for a long moment before asking how she and her brother was doing. He didn’t have any idea how he gathered up the courage for calling her name. Anika replied that she was well.  Then she asked Is he was doing good on which he nods his head.

In past, they decided to part their ways after being in a relationship. It was a mutual decision, there was nothing more to say. She needs to take her brother responsibility and he was desperate to achieve his goal. They say things happen on a particular time and it is somehow true though. Sometimes things don’t work no matter how hard you try because time was not right.

Shivay thinks that things would get more awkward if he asks about her life like whether she had married or dating. “Want to go for coffee on our favourite cafe,” He asked while she looks on. He thinks that they should go for coffee, to satisfy the fate which brought them together at that moment. “I have my duty” She replied. She is not going to suffer from that heartache again, not any cost. Before her plan proceeds, one of her friend who share the same job as a receptionist failed it. “You can go if you want. There are not many guests, I will manage” She replied while Anika cursed her in mind.

Walking step to step with him bring new kind of emotions inside her head. But something which she didn’t notice the compatibility between their joining steps.  They move out of the hotel together. They both look at each other and then diverted their eyes. Shivay took a lead and start walking forward as she followed him just one step behind. Walking with her for some moment felt like walking for ages and that undescribed feeling can’t help him more. As they stop in front of the cafe, it was same like before even the interior too. They both walked in that place where they created many memories. Shivay ordered a latte for her and americano for himself. “Jeez! His kali coffee” Anika muttered under her breath and rolled her eyes. Shivay chuckled as he can tell what’s going in her mind? He actually misses her weird vocabulary. She was amazed that he still remember her taste when he order a latte.

Trying not to look at each other, they both turned their face toward glass window admiring the view. The sun was bright today even though there was rain last night, maybe it is more of noon now.  It seems little too much bright for regretting over their breakup. “So, Are you seeing someone?” He asked, still looking toward the window. “Not yet. What about you?” She replied while looking away. “None, I was busy in establishing company” He replied turning toward her. “You still like shiny days with brighter sun,” She asked on which he smiles. “Habits doesn’t change easily.” He replied while she nods her head.

Their conversation with each was not that much awkward than they thought.  It was pretty enjoyable. She must’ve felt a little embarrassed to run from the scene, but they both pretended to be normal and conversation keeps going. Though he was well aware that she dropped out from university for taking care of her brother, he actually wants to ask about her job but she seems hesitated and that’s why he didn’t touch that topic.

As the waiter served two cups, she immediately took out money for the bill. He wondered what’s wrong with her? “We are friends,” Shivay said after he moves money toward the waiter. The waiter looks at them confusedly. “Let’s split it then,” She said and give it to the waiter after taking the half of amount from his hand. Shivay gawked at her and wondered what just happened? She maybe didn’t change her appearance, but she was definitely changed. She is more cautious, mature and independent now, more formal too. She was such a chatterbox before. She loves to do non stop ramble on any topic. He felt that she lose herself in her daily life. She was right, they were mature now and can’t behave like college students. We couldn’t go looking for careers, nor we could hang out like before. She treated him like nothing had happened between us. She didn’t even bring the topic of break up.

They had really been in love, long enough for it to feel like a real marriage, and the time they had been apart after that had been so long. So, he also couldn’t bring up the topic of the past either. They talk about their college days and the whole day wasn’t enough for it. More or less, they start enjoying the company of each other. He was a good listener and she can talk. Though, She wasn’t a chatterbox like before. She suggested to go to the street food stall and he immediately agrees upon it. They look toward the sun which starts setting while walking. They both have marvelled at the shade of red and orange colours which spread across the sky. It looks little hazy but spectacular.

The tall metal street lamps cast an orange glow, illuminating the streets below as they are walking. Shivay insists her to drop her home on which she agrees. It’s been a long time when she enjoys someone’s company. The wind was chilly but he was feeling her warmth beside him. They lost themselves in the tiredness of continuous struggles, the worrying of things which are not meant to be theirs. They admired each other’s life struggles and priorities. They respect each other’s decision from the start. People have been looking for the best words to describe love, but it can’t be described in words. It can be felt only by the heart. Love is a complex set of emotions filled with affection, protectiveness, care and respect for each other. Anika wishes him goodbye as they reached her house. “Anika,” Shivay said when she turned to go inside. “Yes?” She asked. “Want to meet tomorrow after your job?” He said while she tried to read those unknown emotions on his face. She looks in his eyes. “I think it’s a second chance for us,” He said while she smiles in response which reached to her eyes after many years.

“It was not fairytale, if they exist then they will be must reach to an end but  it was an ordinary love story, whose ending can be anything you believe ”

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