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Next day om knocked ishana’s door as he wanted to talk to her but as soon as he opened the door no one was there

om- yeh ishana kaha gayi kahi nahi dikhi room mein bhi nahi hai aakhir gayi toh gayi  kaha ???

He saw the window open and ran out
He understood that ishana has gone away to get some peace but he could leave her alone like this

He informed everyone and ran off soon he found her

Ishana’s dress

Omkara's clothes- he wore the pink top he wears on the show

Omkara’s clothes- he wore the pink top he wears on the show

With her backpack and caught her off guard

Ishana- what the hell are you doing here

Om- i’m coming with you

Ishana- i’m going for trekking, still wanna join ?

Om- would love too

Ishana- great

They soon reach there camping place and make the tent om calls at palace assures everyone to not worry

Ishana sent him out so that she could change after changing her dress

Ishana sent him out so that she could change after changing her dress

Ishana- it is late lets sleep but before that eat this chips you will feel better

Om- wont you eat

Ishana- i’m habitual so no problem for me

Om- but where will i sleep

Ishana- on the grass

Om- ???

Ishana- of course you sleep beside me now come on fast we have to reach home tomorrow evening

Om- yes yes

After eating they slept together unknowingly cuddling each other

Next morning

Next morning
And she wore a black high waist shorts om was in same clothes as he didnt bring any with him self

And she wore a black high waist shorts om was in same clothes as he didnt bring any with him self

They started walking and

Ishana- finally we are here…

Om looked in front and gasped it was a beautiful waterfall

Ishana placed her backpack and held om

Ishana- you ready ???

Om- for you i’m ever ready babes

Ishana smiled he too smiled and both jumped down

The water splashed they came up and caught their breathe

The wet cloth sticking on their skin

They flushed

Their started getting heated

And before they could decipher

They were already kissing in the waterfall

Om made her wrap her legs around him and kissed her senselessly

All ishana could do was moan as now he trailed her neck with his feather light wet kisses

And he kissed her


They broke their kiss for the beed of oxygen

And touched their foreheads

And om kissed her on her forehead

Om- ishana

Ishana- hmmm…

Om- you are very beautiful you know that right…

Ishana- and you are very handsome omkaraji

Ishkara- your mine
Ishkara- i’m yours

And both laughed

Ishana- lets go back they will be waiting

Om- ishana should we tell our family about us

Ishana- after di’s wedding

Om- ok anything for you jaan

Ishana- aapke liye bhi praannath

Om- tum meri jaan ho

Ishana- aur aap mere praannath

They went back and made up the tent

Suddenly om sneezed

Ishana- i knew it . wait you change your clothes i have my tracksuit pants and oversized t shirt they will fit and i hv medicines too

Om- thank you jaan

Ishana- praannath …

Om quickly changed

They had a bonfire

Then went to there tent

Kissed each other senselessly and slept hugging each other tight

Next morning they set out

And after a few hours reached home

All- where did you go ishu

Ishana- to cool myself

Anika – get ready we hv mehendi right away


Ishana’s dress

 she wore heavy earrings

she wore heavy earrings

Anika same as show

Shivaay same as show

Rumya same as show


Anika had shivaay's name written on her hand

Anika had shivaay’s name written on her hand

Saumya had rudra’s name her hand

Ishana had om’s name written in gujratu

Anika – shivaay find your name
Saumya- rudra find your name

Dadisa- uff my poor ishana , next year someone will find his name in her hand maybe

Ishana(looking at om)- maube dadisa

And she walks off

As she was walking inside

Someone grabbed her

It was om

Om(husky voice)- you are looking so beautiful that i want to marry you right now in front of everyone

Ishana- find your name first

Om found it

Ishana- how did you find

Om- jaan i’m not that stupid of course you would hide my name and write it in such a way that nobody recognizes it and except you nobody knows gujrati so

Ishana- you know that i was raised up in gujrati family

Om- which girl who is not gujrati say khot na kehti  and  dhokle ki kasam

Ishana- so you caught me what do you want in prize praannath
Om- this

And kissed her senselessly yet again

Precap:  sangeet

Guys i dont know now when i’m going to update next part but i will try my level best …

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