Forbidden love (Four and Tris) – Chapter 3: Dark dreams!

Chapter 3: Dark dreams!

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–Tris’ pov–
My hero was Tobias, who stopped Jeanine from slapping me.
“How dare you to stop me from slapping that little plain stiff!” She asked him, I wanted to curse her and then Four replied back by saying: “because she’s right! You were the one, who openly declared war and Dauntless won’t be siding with your blo*dy faction.” He angrilly hissed at her.
“Four please calm down, you’re not thinking straight when you’re angry!” Eric said, while Four glared at Jeanine, who was looking like someone had punched her in her face. I smiled at him and he could see that my eyes were filled with gratitude, he smiled back at me.

After an hour the meeting was finished as Jeanine was constantly insulting the leaders of Abnegation, my faction, but I was no less than Jeanine. Everyone had left the room except for me and Tobias, who I approached. Thank you so much Tobias for everything you did!” I said and I wanted to say more than a thank you, but he took the opportunity and said with a flirty tone: “no problem at all Tris as I love saving a beautiful girl from the wicked witch Jeanine!”
“Did you just flirt with me?” I asked him while a smirk was playing on my lips.
“Maybe I am!” He said with a wink as well as scratching the back of his neck as he was nervous, I came closer to him and then I whispered into his ear before winking at him, stating the fact which were true as I kinda find him hot as hell: “I find it quite hot when a handsome guy like you flirts with me and is nervous at the same time.” I didn’t wait for his reaction as I was already late for the train, so I left. When I reached the plattform for the train, only dad was waiting for me as I reached nearer dad looked at me with a knowing smile, I blushed and he was finding it very amusing.
“Oh our sweet Trissy is having a crush!” Dad teased me and I glared at him with a sweet innoncent smile. The train ride back to Abnegation didn’t take long, we walked home, knocked the door, mom opened the door, we went inside. She asked us how our day was and then we talked about the meeting. We talked a lot about Jeanine and dad told mom that I have a crush on Tobias Eaton better known as Four. Mom was kinda happy for me but she told me: “if you want a relationship with him Tris, then you have to do it secretly as your love will be counted as Forbidden.”
“Why would it be forbidden?” I asked and dad replied back: “because you both are from different factions. If any of the other factions find out that guys are having a forbidden relationship then they are going to kill you both. So I suggest that you try to forget him, because I cannot see any of you both getting hurt.”
“Sweety why don’t you go and rest for a bit?” Mom requested so I agreed to go to bed. I went upstairs changed my clothes and I fell asleep as soon as I lied down on the bed.

“Tris, where are you baby, I need you!” A voice shouted when I looked around I saw that Tobias was tied up on a chair, someone was torturing him, beating him black and blue, I was trying to run towards him, but I couldn’t as I myself was trapped in tank of water, I was trying to break it and I couldn’t do it. After a while I did crack the glass, however I was to late, because he was already dead.

I woke up with a scream, the dream felt so real and my parents came into my room. “What happened Beatrice?” A concerned dad asked me and I answered back by saying: “I had a nightmare and itfelt so real. I saw how someone was torturing Tobias, but I couldn’t save him as I was trapped in tank full of water. When I freed myself from the tank it was already to late as he was dead.” I started to cry after I told them what happened and my parents were trying to calm me down but I wouldn’t stop crying until I got a message from an unknown number.
The message said…..

Sorry for the cliffhanger?

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