KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 6

Shot 6 ..
The Episode starts with kunj entering his room and sees twinkle …he started smiling unknowingly twinkle sees him and ignored he came inside their room and took his clothes soon they both changed into their night dress …kunj came towards bed while twinkle looks at him …

Wait ???? Are you going to sleep on bed ? She asked him while he smirked …
Yes after all it’s my house and dont you think it’s my right too he said while she huffed ..

No ways you are not sleeping on bed I am sleeping on bed you can sleep in some other room too what’s the need to stay here in same room she asked …

Because we are husband and wife he winked at twinkle which made her more angry ..

Well if you want you can sleep anywhere whole house is there for you but I am to sleeping on bed and that’s final kunj said and laid on bed while Twinklee looked on confused as what she should do now ..

She took the blanket and pillow and headed to the couch while kunj looks at her from corner of his eyes ..

Uff so stubborn he murmured well it’s good I don’t want get too close to her he closed his eyes and looked at other side…..

Uff how I am gonna sleep on this couch she laid there but was hell uncomfortable she was just changing the sides … DEVIL she murmured looking at kunj ..

After sometime kunj was asleep and twinkle was still awake she sees him and went on bed huh see meri neend uda k kitne chain se soraha hai I can’t believe that once I loved you she got up from there and went downstairs she sees whole house and it flashed all of her memories she sees their care taker(ani) while she greeted twinkle too ..

It’s so good to see you Twinkle Bhabhi ani spoke while twinkle just passed a smile ..

She sees the whole house which she decorated with so much love nothing changed there she was not able to understand if no one came India in this two years from Sarna family ..

Can I ask you something ??? Twinkle asked while ani looks at her ..
Haan say na she replied ..

No one came here in these 2 years ??? Twinkle asked ..
Haan after kunj Baba and you left home no one came here just today I got his call and we all cleaned the house she ended while twinkle looked on ..

Okay good night twinkle passed her a smile and left from there he was all settled with his family why even I am asking that they came or not when they all were happy together hah twinkle just let it go she motivated herself and sat in hall itself bringing her laptop again continued working …

Kunj who woke up and didn’t found twinkle in room came downstairs in search for her he sees her sleeping on couch … moving restlessly he very well knew that whenever she is in stress it happens with her …

Still not changed uff he picked her up in bridal style and went inside their room and placed her on one side of bed and he on the other side …he looks at her and slept gazing at her…
Next morning :::
Aditi couldn’t sleep too as she was worried about twinkle she decided to go for an morning walk she went to a park and was jogging yuvi who was present there too saw her he smiled seeing her ..and decided to move towards her ..

Hey yuvi said waving his hand at Aditi while she looks at him ..

Yuvraj ? Aditi replied
Haan it’s me only he said and smiled well it’s good you see you he ended …
What ??? Aditi asked him ..

Uhmm wo nothing he said arey Yaar why are you so formal ? Atleast we can be friends yuvi said and pouted ..

While Aditi couldn’t control and laughed seeing him okay okay FRIENDS she said and forwarded her hand while yuvi too shakes it …

Finally yuvi said while Aditi too smiled for a second she forgot all of her tensions ..
To let’s celebrate this new Friendships he said and took her to coconut water stall while she laughed ..

See we are gonna celebrate with this ?? She asked while he nodded in yes ..
Okay then they both took their coconut and went on the benches they sat their while yuvi looks at her ..

You are in tension ??? He asked while she looked on suprised ..

How did you got to know ? She asked him while he smiled madam tensions are clearly visible on beautiful girl faces like you so yeah why you are so tensed ? He asked again ..

Not much serious she said while they both started talking yuvi was really really happy with the way she started to be open Infront of him while they were still busy talking they were interrupted by Ali ….

Ali Aditi said and hugged him while he smiled and hugged her back there was something burning obviously it’s yuvi ..

Now who is he ??? Yuvi murmured while Aditi came with Ali both arms entangled
Yuvraj meet him he is Ali my best best best friend she said and Ali he is yuvraj owner of KY internationals and my newly became friend she ended while they both greeted each other ..

Nice to meet you yuvraj Ali said while yuvi passed him a fake smile same to you bro he ended ..

Chal adi let’s go Ali said while Aditi too nodded bye they said together and left from there ..

Ahem ahem ahem Friend ??? Seriously Aditi ?? Ali asked ..
Yeah we have been working together for few months now and it’s better to know each other right ??? Aditi replied ..

Yeah obviously but I do felt like you started feeling for him Ali teased her ..
What the hell ??? Aditi said

Haan obviously he is an successful business man enough settled and handsome toh ??? if I would have been in your place na then I would have love at first sight Ali said while Aditi looked at him …

Now I got to know why you reject girls I am gonna say this to Aisha aunty to find a good sanskari boy for you Aditi said and laughed…

You are such a ….he said and both laughed like maniacs …
Sarna mansion :::
A peaceful Ambience in Sarna mansion twinkle were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace twinkle upon kunj she was cuddling onto him more n more while he too wrapped his arms around her tightly not wanting to loose her for a second …soon twinkle opened her eyes and found herself in his embrace she stared at him and was trying to come out of his grip when he took wakes up and looks at her he was too shocked seeing her this much close to him he immediately loosens his grip on her while she sat on the other side of bed ..

How did I came here ??? I know that I was working last night and slept she talked to herself while kunj heard her too he ran away to washroom immediately …

While twinkle sat resting her head against the headboard ..she went into FB again
Kunj and twinkle had been came back to their room after dinner while kunj laid down and twinkle laid on him while he smiled …

Uff Twinklee you can sleep on bed why you sleeps on me always he said ..

Because you are my bed I can’t sleep without listening to your heartbeat your body warmness that gives the evidence that you are just mine n mine twinkle said while kunj too smiled ..

Achaww now sleep he said while she smiled and both slept ..
Flash back ends ..

Soon after sometime kunj came and sees lost in her thoughts she felt his gaze on her And without saying anything she went inside washroom and got freshen up while kunj got a call from yuvi …

Haan yuvi bol kunj said as he picked up the call ..
Wo kunj you are coming today na ? I’ll make you meet twiditi enterprises owners he said ..

Yeah I have to work there too I’ll be there in an hour kunj said ..
Okay cool I’ll send you the address yuvi said and both ended the call …

Twinkle came out of washroom while kunj looks at her she was looking like an angel something flashed before his eyes and soon it’s turned into hatred …

He just picked up his blazer and went downstairs closing the door with a thud while twinkle looks on ..

He is completely mad she murmured and got dressed up she went downstairs and sees him preparing breakfast …kunj got a call from Bebe and he picked up the call and kept the breakfast on the table …

Hellooo how are you all ??? Hmm hmm yeah even I am missing you all like anything where is my baby he said ..

Haan he is here only talk to him bebe said while armaan make some noises and Kunj smiled ..I love you so much he said while twinkle looked on …

She just went towards the kitchen and had water kunj sees her coming out of kitchen and sat in breakfast table waiting for her to join too while she just left from there kunj ended the call and asked ani about twinkle ?

Twinkle where is she ??? Kunj asked ..
Wo she has left for office kunj Baba ani spoke while kunj looked on …

Last night too we didn’t had dinner now she skipped breakfast too anyways why do I care huh he ate his breakfast and left for twiditi enterprise …
Precap : you all know what it is ??
So how was the shot ????
Hope you all like it ???
Well guys i wanna say this I know you all are desperately waiting for the flashback to start means why kunj left her ..it had to settle few things before that then I’ll start the flashback soon …
Thanks to all who liked and commented on last one even my dislikers ??
BA BYEE ????

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