Ishqbaaz FF: Found My Solace… Chap 5

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Chapter 5 :Mahi

Next day morning,everyone was up and about with the daily chores. Everyone as usual had grouped together in the dining room but for an extra special breakfast today. The family was finally going to have a scrumptious lunch in full peace today.

“Had fun yesterday?”,Pinky asked.

“Ohh yess..the party was lit..after all hum oberois ki party hain na chotima”,Rudy answered.

“Yes yes..”,Jhanvi laughed,agreeing wholeheartedly.

“Shuru karein?(shall we start)” ,Asked the obahus coming from the kitchen.

“Yesss.!!!”,there was a loud unanimous answer.

“Areh but where is Bhavya?”,prinku asked.

“Damn ,she mustn’t have slept at all last night”,Ranveer thought.

“Gosh,hasnt she woken up yet..I should have checked on her ..”,thought Abhay.

“I’m here”, Bhavya said,entering the room.

But this time,everyone was shocked.

“Umm..why are you all staring at me like this?”,she asked.

“Bhavya..what happened to you..” Tej asked.

“Mujhe,..I’m fine uncle..what happened..”

“No beta..u look so you have got some peace after a long time…”

Bhavya just gave a light happy smile. She went and sat beside Ranveer.

None of them had gotten over their shock but were very happy for her.And while everyone were slowly recovering from it,Ranveer gave her a quick hug.”i don’t know what’s gotten in you but I’m very very happy about it kay,..stay like this more..”he told her.

The oberois were very happy seeing their strong brotherhood.Priyanka was the happiest coz she knew more about Bhavya than the others from Ranveer.

Amidst all of this,there was one person who was the happiest too..Abhay!!

That evening,the youngsters all grouped together at Priyanka’s room to chill.

Bhavya: so aaj kya karenge?(what shall we do today)

Mahi:whoah..someone seems very excited today

Prinku:well,we really need yo treat this girl for this wonderful change..Mahi bhaiyya what about a song?

Shivomru:Mahi sings!

Ranv:oh yes..he plays the mouth organ too..he He an expert at that.

Anirivya:Damnn…lets begin then..

And Mahi began to play his organ..

Mahi:any idea which song I played?

Everyone started boiling their heads..and before anyone could guess,Bhavya answered:ae zindagi..gale laga le..

Mahi:yes bhavya..ur right..u into old songs..

Bhavya:not so much but this song…this was my dad’s favourite..thanks had been a really long time since I heard this… thankyou..

Her short speech touched everyones heart…

Mahi:anything for my bold and beautiful chotti..

The others: chotti?

Mahi:well,ive always wanted a little sister..Ranveer gave me one whom I fondly call Pri and about Bhavya,she is like Ranveers sibling which makes her my sister we just connected over the song so…

Bhavya was crying by now..”thankyou oberois and shekhawats”,she whispered..

“Hey there..”Mahi went over and hugged her..and everyone joined them.

Mahi was slowly finding the life he had dreamt of..A loving family,a stable job,a happy life…everything was goof at last..”and no,love life can wait”,he decided. Little did he know that God was about to bring his girl to him soon…!!

I’m very very sorry to all the readers.I’m currently going through a writer’s block and am completely blank as to how to shape up the future of the story.That is why I haven’t added a precap this time. To make up for this bad chapter,I will make my next one really special but that might take some time.I want to give out the best but this chapter couldn’t wait any longer.Please bear with me and a BIG THANKYOU for all the love and support.Love you loads?

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