Ishita and Shagun Yeh hai mohabattein

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Hello everyone…..

I m mystery…. I wrote ffs on various Jodi’s on TU and stories on Wattpad.

I watched YHM since beginning….. I know each and every character very well ….just like all of you.

Ishita is a very good mother,wife, sister, DIL,etc. But I fell like she is really stubborn… Many times she didn’t listen to anyone….. This habbit of her make me angry….

In the current track…. ADI was wrong and he deserves it….. Ishita was not wrong anyone who exploit someone’s life deserves it…..

But idk why the people always bash Shagun …. Shagun slap ishita ….n why not any mother will react like this…. Everyone says Shagun is a bad mother…. Ishita raise adi … Ruhi

Then I want to ask those people …. How can they forget that Shagun raised pihu n adi too for those 7 yrs when ishita was not there with them…..

She sacrificed her marriage for pihu…. N what she get. Nothing…. Why because she is not the MAID LEAD…!!!

Ishita ne ruhi ko papa m..adi ko pala …. To shagun ne b ishita ki beti ko paala hai boss…..

Adi -ruhi Raman shagun ishita teeno ke bachhe hai…. Shagun ko pura haq hai uspr aakhir maa hai vo…..

Here I don’t want to disgrace Ishita…. I just wanna appraise shagun….


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  1. sorry to say the kids adi and ruhi about whom u are talking were saved by ishita two times otherwise they would have been dead long back shagun had left them to die in fire but that was ishita who risked her life to save them and even she lost her baby saving adiru in bus accident poor ishita i feel really bad for her anyone comes and call her baanj raman is disguting i just hate him for uttering those words i know he is angry that is justified as he have lost his son but thte words he uttered to ishita was not right

    1. Mystery

      N shagun said right pihu killed ananya…. N ishita killed adi…. Both mother daughter are murderers

    2. Mystery

      The same Ishita once exchanged Ruhi for Pihu with nidhi ….. If you remember….
      Adi was wrong…..but roshni was also wrong…. She intentionally or not… Try to break adi alia’s marriage….

      N if ishita loved adi n ruhi n she gets the same love in many times adi take her side..
      Adi get involved in that illegal stuff because of whom? Simmi…. N Simmi did all this because of whom…? Pihu/ Ishita

      Agar ishita ki beti ko koi dhakka dekar maarta…. Tb to sab ussw sympathy rkhre….. But yaha ananya ki death hui …. N vo heroine k beti nhi… To koi sympathy nhi….. Ishita Jo kre sab sahi …. Wow

  2. Today the married life what Shaghun is enjoying is becoz of Ishitha ! I can never say Shaghun was a good mother to Adi or Ruhi or Pihu . She tried to manipulate her own kids for her own selfish reasons .If not Ishitha … Adi and Ruhi wud have died either in the fire accident or in the bomb accident . She is not prioritising her life ! For her everybody is same . She is deprived of any happiness still very selfless loving and caring she is .She did not try to guide or advise
    Adi Ruhi …instead of fallen for their mistakes .
    There she went wrong … she was scared of losing them . Top of everything he way of hiding the truth to save the other person and situation
    has put her into this level . Raman and Ishitha are one soul … Raman has done a lot of things without her knowledge … and so too Ishitha .
    But he has done more than her . Hope she takes a strong decision to be away from him .
    Cvs to be blamed for butchering the characters ! Look at what Shaghun was talking about Pihu … in the precap .. she doesnt want to see her as
    Pihu too is a murderer . I am never with Shaghun …

    1. Mystery

      Ishita saved ruhi n adi…. But the same ishita exchanged ruhi for pihu… If you remember…..

      1. Jasminerahul

        ishita did not exchange …it was raman who forced her to do it to fool nidhi and trap her.though ishita refused to do it raman forced her n convinced her to do so to save pihu.that time also she held ruhi with her .but when nidhi threw the baby pihu ishita went to catch her n nidhi caught ruhi.
        yes roshni was also wrong though she corrected herself later.but ishita and aliya are not aware of it.they think that only adi is obsessed n roshni is innocent.
        ishita is a murderer as she killed adi.but calling pihu a murderer is not right as it was just an accident.
        I have never bashed shagun unnecessarily. even when she does something good everyone bashes her just because once upon a time she was bad.

      2. Why ishita brought ruhi … bcs their asli baap raman asked her to and made her believe he can save both of them if she she does so…if you remember…

      3. Hi Butchery It was not Ishithas idea to exchange Ruhi !
        Raman wanted that ! But Raman did not want to involve police . He promised he will ensure Ruhi is taken care . Raman had never fulfilled any promises , so Ishitha had to get help from police and Romi . It was purely situation . As she was holding Ruhis hand , Nidhi threw the little Pihu … any human being instant action will be to catch the child . Later to realize Ruhi is gone ! It was v sad . What sid Shaghun do when Adi was in the fire . Now also without telling anything she arranged the marriage of Roshini . Just replied you Mystery, end of the day its a fiction .. fully damaged by cvs !

      4. MYstery sorry v v ery sorry typing error insted of Mystery… i typed wrong .. without reading sent it also ! Pls forgive me …

  3. just because ishita is the lead shagun’s goodness is never given importance and thats fine , thats what we can expect from the makers . i love the way shagun’s character has evolved in the story , first she was negative , then became positive , then she had her own insecurities ,which is normal . and i dont know when ishita was with her kids really , when ruhi needed her the most she was not there , when adi was in his teens she was not there , when pihu was growing up she was not there . suddenly she comes back and becomes everybody’s mother . i love the way they have made shagun’s character which has a lot of flaws , the makers have really spoiled ishita’s character by making her kill adi .

    1. Jasminerahul’s true that ishita is much better than shagun.but even if shagun does something good people mocking her is really be frank I loved shagun helping ishra by becoming a surrogate mother…loved her taking care of pihu.though she couldn’t teach pihu morals properly she loved her sincerely.i love how she considers aliya as her own daughter.i even loved her trying to save adilya’s marriage by getting roshni married to shantanu.but no one cares about these things.though ishita spent very less time with the kids they still consider her as their mother as the time they spent with her was very precious.what ishita did for the kids in the limited time was it’s natural that they consider her as their mother.but I hate cvs for making ishita kill adi though it wasn’t completely her fault.but ishita should know that roshni whom she tried to save had affair with adi n she is not completely innocent.but what i hate the most is all of a sudden turning a completely positive character like adi into a negative character in one was illogical

  4. Shagun initial state of anger on ishita is understandable after all a mother lost her son but accusing her to kill adi bcs she doesn’t care for him is not acceptable. She was present too at the scene, had seen what unstoppable monster he turned out to be. Ishita warned him, asked him to stop, all failed. As mother of adi and mother of 2 girls, she couldn’t let her son commit such attocious crime in front of her eyes. In everyway adi’s life would have ended after acide attack/ murder he would get life time jail or death sentence. If it was ruhi in place or roshni, both raman and shagun would praise ishita for killing the criminal who was doing crime against women . Because she is the sauteli ma she is always supposed overlook her children mistake and save them from trouble. While a real mother can support her child in needs but also stop him when he chose the wrong path.
    Cvs handled pihu-shagun bond in very insensitive way, for 7 years shagun dedicated herself to pihu. She was not even bothering about her real son adi but from the moment pihu accepted ishita as her mother, pihu stoped being shagun’s daughter.The same is for aliya after shagun-mani marriage she is shagun’s daughter and ishita DIL.
    Both shagun and ishita can be critisied for their descision that cause their loved ones pain. If we see carefully both are bashed by their respective haters no matter what they do. The only difference is that shagun get more since cvs always show her closeness with raman and ishra fans don’t like to see them together. She could get more appreciation if only they would limited her to the kids mother and not as raman or ishita’s bestie.

  5. Kashaf

    I get shagun somewhere but not Raman. Why did she have to scold pihu like that. She had raised pihu for eight years and she accuses her as murderer. Yhm deserves to end They actually made me hate this show. I had stopped watching it a long back but yesterday I just came across a clip of Raman calling ishita baanjh and he had went worse by telling that she does not deserve to be a mother for other seven births and she should remain infertile. My blood boiled like anything. No women deserved this. Degrading a woman. Raman is pathetic if anything happens bad happens with his kids.its all ishita fault like really. Just because she is step mother he has all rights to question her but did he ever act like a good father. Raman is the worst male lead. I’m not able to tolerate him in the serial. I’m ready to tolerate 100 villains more than him. Ishita does not need enemies when her husband is like this . Ishita does not have any self respect like really. What example she is setting that you should take all verbal abuse your men does and take him back without apology. I don’t want ishra end up together. They are setting a wrong example.

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