Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 9 Episode

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? Kaisa yeh isq hai ?

? 9 Episode ?
Recap :- Avni leaves SUKOON ghar , She visits her original house , Avneil misses each other
The Episode begins with , It’s a heavy rain pour and darkness is surrounded at every corner

Avni says ” Neil ” and hugs him
Neil ” Ahiana what are you doing here ”
Avni lost in her own dreams , Scream ” Neil save me , They’ll come and take me back there , Again , I don’t want to go there again ” she says while weeping

Avni is in state of stupor , She thinks that the man standing in front of her is her friend Neil from whom she was drifited apart 15 years ago , He is ! , But , Both are unaware of the fact .

Neil shouts” Ahiana Ahiana listen to me ”

He keeps his hands over hers as she’s badly crying till by now thinking about those men who’ll one day take her back to that hell in London .

Neil shakes her to bring her back to reality ” Ahiana will you please tell me what’s the matter ”

As Neil’s eyes are looking into hers , She stares into his , Soon she realizes ” Oh god what did I said just now , Oh my god , Avni you’re so stupid ”

She quickly frees herself form his grip and tries to took a step forward , As she was little weak and fragile , Her feet slipped and she just was to fall down , Her partner catches her .

Neil raised is voice ” Ahiana will you speak something who’ll come , Where will he take you where , Ahiana … Speak something ”

Avni ( changing her present condition ) : Nothing , Hey why’d you come here ?

Neil : I’m here to take you back home , At SUKOON ghar

Avni : Nope I’ll not go back

Neil : Are you crazy !

Avni : Yes , But I will not

Neil ” Oh gosh ” , ” See Neela aunty is so tensed for you ”

Avni : I’ve promised her until I’ll not pay her back money I’ll not go there

Neil : okay fine where wil you go then

Avni : I’ll live on streets , But I’ll not go , Especially with you

Neil holds her shoulders ” You must be crazy but I’m not at all , See you’re trembling , You’re shivering ”
Neil removes his overcoat and wrapped it around her .

Neil : Tell me why did you stole money , To whom you gave money , Who were those men ?

Avni : I don’t like Sharing my personal life with others

Neil : Maybe I could help you , Tell me who were those people , Where will they take you ?

Avni : Listen , Please go from here , I can take care of myself

Neil : Okay ! fine ! But now you’re my responsibility I’ve promised Neela ma that I’ll bring you back to her safely

Avni : I said no , So it’s final

Avni removes his jacket form over her and threw it away ” Mind your own business , Let me live my own life ”

Avni takes a step forward and Neil holds it and pulled her towards himself ” I don’t know what kind of human being you’re ? You’ll fall sick ”

Avni : For you I am a thief , So why do you care for me so much

Avni again walks forward , Neil taps his forehead ” Oh god what kind of girl she is ? ” , ” She’s not ready to listen to me ”

Neil goes behind her and picks her up , Avni yells ” Neil what’s this , It’s not fair ”

Neil : If you’re a stubborn girl then I’m also a rigid and tough policeman

He took her to his car and dragged her into , Hurriedly he comes and sits in the drivers seat .

He wraps her again and locks the car .

Avni : It’s not fair open the door I said ( She keeps on trying but the door didn’t opened )

Neil : Really I’ve never seen a girl like you

Avni : And you’ll never see one like me , I said open the door

Neil ” You’ll not sit quietly like this ” He takes out handcuffs and locked her right hand with his left hand

Neil : Now you try to get out of here

Avni : You’re not doing something good I’m telling you

Neil : Like you’re doing very good , You say Neela aunty your ma ! but you don’t value her

Avni becomes calm and thinks ” More than me who’ll value mother ”

She becomes quiet and looks out from window .

Neil : She’s very strange , Till now she was roaring like a lioness but now she’s calm as Scared cat

Neil and Avni looks into each others eyes , Avni and Neil is looking at each other with sharp , Intense and fixed vision

Avni thinks ” Aakroo police wala kahi ka ( stubborn policeman ) always he’s behind me , Every time he destroyes my plans

Neil : Sherni kahi ki(lionesses ) 24 hours she’s angry and angry never smiles

Avni taunts him : why are you staring at me like this , See ahead and focus on driving , I don’t want to die

Neil : Don’t teach me how to drive I know better than you

Avni : I know very well what can you do

Neil : Whole day bla bla bla .. Don’t you get tired

Avni : Even you also every time you just go on and flaunt and flaunt , Just be quiet sometimes .

Neil : Listen my head is aching now , Now no one will speak a word , Especially you

Avni : Right ! if someone spoke then he or she would be mad

After fifteen minutes , It’s silence in the car , A pin drop silence . Suddenly , Avni feels something hard and squezzy under her feet

She bows down to have a look what’s troubling her , She finds out something hard like ” Oh what’s this ! What if it’s a lizard , What no ! ”

Avni screams ” Aaaa hhhh ” , Neil gets shocked , ” AAA ” he shouts too .

Neil : What happened ?

Avni : A lizard under my feet

Neil : what ? a lizard

Neil stopped the car and comes out ” Come out let me check ”

He looks everywhere but couldn’t find anything but a pen .

Neil holding a pen in his hand ” This is your lizard ”

Avni : A pen ! where’s the lizard

Neil : Are you mad how can I lizard come in a car , Foolish girl

Avni : what do you mean by that , Ooo , Now I understand you knew I’m afraid of it so tried to tease me

Neil : How would I know that you’re afraid of lizards

Avni : whatever get in now

Once again the car took to road , Neil looks at her and laughs .

Avni : Hey what so funny ?

Neil : Nothing

Avni smiles ” How can I be so stupid , Oh Avni you’re so insane Ha ! how can a Lizard came into car and that’s too in his car ” , ” Shit I gave him another chance to laugh on me ”

Neil : Hmm you’re laughing thinking about what childish ish you did just now right !

Avni : Silently drive the car or else …

Neil : Wah ! you’re warning a police man great

They both reached back , AT SUKOON GHAR …..

Neela is sitting sofa , Her eyes are constantly fixed to door , She finds Avni coming in with Neil , Her one hand is sealed with handcuff and other end of it is held by Neil .

Neela runs and hugs her ” Ahiana Bacha ! Where were you Ha ! ”

Avni ” Sorry Ma ! ”

Neela ” What sorry , Children does mistakes but it dosen’t means to run away from them ”

Neil : Right ! she wasn’t ready to come see how I had to bring her back

Neela ” Thanks a lot Neil you really helped me a lot , Ahiana he’s right ! What were you up to ”

Avni : I’m wet , And tired by now can we please talk later , Good night .

Neela : Okay thanks once again , Good night , Bye

Neil walks out of the house , Avni throws out from the window of her room , his jacket which lands on his head .

Neil looks at her room and says to himself ” This girl will never ……sh !!! Leave it ”


Avni is standing in kitchen , Her face is painted yellow , Green , Red as a rainbow . She’s cooking .

Neela is sitting on sofa looking at her trying her best to make a circular chapati ( tortilla )

Neela ” Ahiana leave it I’ll do it ”

Avni ” No neela ma ! I’ll do everything which I could to lessen my mistake , So today I’ll cook breakfast ”

Neil’s POV….

” Neil :- Avni from tomorrow we’ll visit temple everyday
Avni:- why
Neil :- Because it’s really important to take blessings from god everyday
Avni :- Oh come on Neil , I know why do you want to go to temple just to get ‘Laddus’ right
Neil : what Avni ! you think I always think about food
Avni :- I know you very well don’t try to hide from me okay ”
Neil is smiling laying on his bed as he’s dreaming . Shweta who’s sitting beside him

Shweta : Tillu wake up it’s morning now

Neil is still giggling , Shweta ” Tillu oh my IPS officer , Wake up now ”

Neil murmurs ” No Avni I’m not lying I’m saying truth , No Avni , Avni listen to me ”

Shweta keeps her hands on his face ” So many years have passed but still he’s dreaming about her , Still she’s present in her mind ”

Prakash comes and keeps his hand on her shoulders showing his concern ” Shweta don’t worry he’ll be soon be fine ”

Shweta : How ? For how long he’ll keep that girl in his heart , That was past and he’s still there , He hasn’t moved on

Prakash : Shweta Ji remember years ago when we used to live at that old home , What you said that Neil and Avni would be very good friends

Shweta : That was my biggest mistake ever , I didn’t knew the background of her family , Didn’t you remember

Prakash : Leave it now , Don’t recall those old days .

Shweta : We both have forgotten but what about him

Prakash : Let’s go down , He’ll come by his own , Come let’s go now

Neil woke up , At first again he looks at Avni’s photo hung on wall .

Then after getting ready he looks at his jacket which was thrown away by Ahiana

He goes and picks it up , A little chit falls down
” I wish we never again meet Aakroo police wala ”

He was constantly looking at the handwriting as to him it appeared quiet familiar , But he let it go .

Neil ” Now I have to give answer back to this ‘Sheerni ‘

Neil steps down ” Mom I’m going police station ” He says and leaves .

Shweta rushes towards his room but till then he has left ” Oye tillu wait , At least have breakfast ”

Then she goes into his room and finds out a black colored jacket which was little Damp

Shweta ” Yesterday it rained at night , But he had an umbrella and he was in his car but still his cloths got wet , How ? ”

She finds the chit ” I don’t need your any help or you jacket , I wish we never meet again ‘ Aakroo police wala’ ” she reads

Shweta curiously ” Who’s this silly person ? ”

Then Dd comes down he’s shouting ” Neil sir , I’m here come on let’s go to police station ”

Shweta is holding a rolling pin in her hand and she’s wearing sunglasses as if she’s a lady Don ..

Dd: Wah ! Mata Ji ( mom ) today you’re looking very good

Shweta : Oye dakhal dyaal ! Tell me what’s going on in my tillu’s life

Dd : In sirs life , Nothing , Cases , Thieves and nothing else , But Mataji where’s our Neil sir

Shweta : He must have gone to police station

Dd : No everyday we both use to go together

Shweta : So right in morning , Without breakfast where would have he gone

Dd : I know , He must have gone there to catch their , To catch Ahiana .


Avni brings a big tray and keeps it on the table
Neela : wow what’s on on tray today

Avni : I’ve made allo ka prantha , With yummy raita , Lassi

Neela : wow ! looks tasty
But how did you made you knew how to cook

Avni : I remembered how my mom used to . Please taste it

After that she woke up and she’s walking up and down

Avni : Neela ma ! Why do you always is after Neil , Neil , He’s a disturbing element for me

Neela : Why ? he’s a good guy , He has helped us many times

Avni : I don’t know but I just hate him so much , Promise me from now you’ll never share my personal life with him

Neela finds out that Neil is standing at door , He’s hearing everything . Neil says her to stay silent .

Neela : But Ahiana why ?

Avni : Every time whatever I just try to do he does opposite of it , I just hate him .

Avni holds neela ma ” Leave it , I just don’t want to think about him , Sit mom and tell me how’s food ”

Neela : Now what can I say about food it’s …

Neil : It’s boring , Tasteless isn’t it .

Avni to herself
” From where does he came , He heard everything ”

Avni goes to him , Pointing with her forefinger ” Hey , You why had you come here ”
Neil points his finger to her ” I’m here not to meet you but to meet neela aunty ”

>>> To be continued <<<

Hope I wrote good today , Do tell me if I did any mistakes . Please it’s a polite request to give your comments . Give it a ?? if you liked . Bye awesome people …

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  1. 8B4756

    Awesome episode di.

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dear , ??

  2. Avneil_adiza_fan

    Amazing episode…loved avneil scenes plus the flashback scene…hope they come to know soon about their past connection…do update soon ?

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dear ??

  3. Hasinasoghra

    It was a nice episode please upload soon

    1. Kira

      Thanks ??

  4. Superb Yaar..and the pics also especially the last one ..avni is so cute..! Just like this post daily Yaar.. Happy writing ??

    1. Kira

      Really sorry to say but I can’t posy everyday , I’ll post leaving one day . Well, Thanks alot a lot dear ??

  5. Lucie

    Beautiful episode dear

    1. Kira

      Thanks dear ?

  6. AryanBhattacharya

    It’s a very cute episode di. Specially Avneil ‘s nok – jhok.
    Good night and sweet dreams di.

    1. Kira

      Good night dear , Thanks ?

  7. Awesome dear. Waiting for next episode. ??

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dear??

  8. Jasminerahul

    avneil rain scene was so emotional.wish Neil had realized that its his avni who is calling for him. nok jhok was funny.neela avni scene was cute.Neil hearing avni talking ill of him was funny.I just loved the pics.perfect

    1. Kira

      Yeh !!! Thnkx u liked it ?

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