Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari holding Yogi’s hand says she will be with him forever, but before that she has to inform about them to her mother. Yogi says one should tell truth to family always. Pari asks what will he say to his family. He signals that he will tell them that he loves Pari and if they don’t accept their relationship, he will elope with her, but before that Pari has to propose him properly like he did. Kusum walks to her room and sees Prakash sitting tensed and asks reason. He says Shiv got heart attack. Kusum says Shiv broke her son’s heart and cannot see his face again. Prakash says Shiv is worry strong and something must have happened, else he wouldn’t get heart attack. Kusum says even he got heart attack because of Shiv and nobody came to see him; if he feels he has to go, he can, but she will not forgive the person who broke her son’s heart.

Yogi proposes Pari in front of Bablu and Surjith and signals her to reply her answer. She says she will once they inform their families and see their reaction. She walks saying good night while Yogi signals her that he loves her. Ek Mulaqat me…song.. plays in the background. Pari walks down and sees Prakash walking in living room tensed. Dadaji walks to him and asks why is he walking at night. Prakash says he is fine. Dadaji asks if his stomach is upset. Prakash says no. Dadaji suggests to meet Shiv once as god gives them body, but parents give them good upbringing and thinking; he gave him good upbringing and there is nothing wrong if he meets once. Prakash says even he got heart attack because of Shiv’s arrogance, but he didn’t come to see him. Dadaji says his good upbringing teaches him forgiveness. Prakash agrees to meet Shiv tomorrow. Pari hearing their conversation thinks Yogi is lucky to have such a good father and family.

Next morning, Prakash goes to meet Shiv and hears Seema confronting Shiv that he spoilt his daughter’s life in lieu of trying to give her better life, he is not only Gunjan’s culprit, but whole family’s. He sits on chair in front of room. Seema starts coughing, so Gunjan and Gautam take her out. Seema sees Prakash who greets her and says he came to meet Shiv.

Pari’s parents come to pick her up. She informs her that she loves Yogi and wants to marry him. He get angry and shouts that she told he is just her friend, now she is telling he is her boyfriend, she betrayed them. Pari says she is watching their fight since childhood and she got happiness in Yogi which they didn’t whole life. Parents try their best to convince her to go along them. She says they came here as naani transferred all properties in her name, so they want to take her back for their lavish life. She continues confronting them.

Seema walks back to Shiv’s room. Shiv says he is her culprit. She says he is culprit of many people and shows Prakash. Prakash walks to Shiv and says Dr. Pari informed him about Shiv’s heart attack and Dadaji asked him to go and meet Shiv, Dadaji cares for him a lot. Shiv asks Gautam to get tea. Prakash says he had coffee as he got habituated to it when he got it for Prakash. Prakash asks if he will not forgive him. Seema asks him not to forgive Prakash as he hurt everyone’s feelings. Prakash says Shiv didn’t do anything wrong as he was just worried for his daughter. He holds Shiv’s and forgiving him. Pradeep Chauhan enters.

Precap: Chauhan challenges Shiv that nobody will marry his daughter. Seema panics hearing that. Prakash promises that Yogi will marry Gunjan. Yogi is about to inform family about him and Gunjan when Prakash enters and informs that he fixed Yogi and Gunjan’s alliance.

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  1. Yogi should marry Gunjan. She loves him too much.He should forget about Pari.

    1. Gunjan loves Yogi so much she was ready to move on with Roshan.

  2. No ways!
    Yogi and Pari are the best!Then Shiv will see another person like Roshan and his father, Gunjan will get engaged third time..
    Better don’t involve Gunjan in Yogi’s and in his family’s lives..

  3. Yogi should marry pari not Gunjan

  4. yogi should marry with pari as she will be with him forever and i can not trust on gunjan

  5. Yogi should marry gunjan because gunjan purposely sacrificed her love to punish her dad …. she always loved yogi

    1. Sacrificial queens, I hate them. Tomorrow, she’ll purposely sacrifice her love for Yogi for something else. Where will that leave Yogi? Alone again.

  6. Gunjan did try her best to meet yogi and confront him about the situation, but yogis sister blocked her number, she went to his house but entire family insulted her and asked her to leave. everyone is against her, so what other choices did gunjan have but to listen to her dads decision…

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