Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update. Ending of the father son relation

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning Tiwari banging the doors so that he can go to his father vibhuti then anguri and ammaji comes and then ammaji starts hitting him and asks him what was going on and then he tells that anguri is standing as a wall between vibhu and him and then after hearing that ammaji again starts hitting him and vibhuti sees it from his gallery and tells that if you hit him again you’ll see the worst of him and then ammaji hits tiwari anyways and then locks him in the room and goes away.
The same night vibhuti calls tiwari and tells him that just use anguri’s sarees and tie them up and use it to get down from his room and then they both runaway and decide to leave anguri and anita and live together as father and son. Later that night anguri and anita finds out that they both ran away and thry decide to register complain at police station and then they see happu singh and tell him to find them and then he replies that he’ll find them out and call them as soon as possible and then when he finds them, tiwari and vibhuti were discussing that where rhey could settle but he takes them back to their houses. Anguri and Anita talks to each other how to take care about the ongoing situation but anita tells her that lets set them free and ill take care about the situation.When they both were talking about their relation as father and son, tillu and malkhan comes their disguised as ghouls to orove that they both are just mean and always self centred then they both start fighting and are takrn away to their respective houses.
The next day morning at the tea shop tillu tikha and malkhan were hanging out then there comes three sisters named rohini gupta, mohini gupta and sohini gupta they asks the three if they can do a job for them but instead they start singing and dancing with the gupta sisters. Tiwari goes to vibhuti and tells him to call saxena so that he can end this father son relationship because they both were mean to each other. Saxena comes there and tells that he already was informed about this by anita and so I’m here to end this relation so i just need your signature on this paper, but vibhuti asks what is written on the paper then he replies that it says tbat you both are not fit to handle this relation and neither are you able to remain as good neighbors so just sign it now and then he leaves

Tiwari’s maternal uncle pays a visit to him where he says that I need back all the papers of my store because when I bought it for him he promised that he would always wear the boxers and banyan for the whole life but he isnt so I need my keys and papers back.Hearing this he immediately remove his shirt and pants. At vibhutis he asks anguri where are tiwari and his uncle and when they arrive he juat starts laughing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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