Bepanah Pyaar 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati embarrassed by wardrobe malfunction

Bepanah Pyaar 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nakul is clicking Shefali and Priya’s photo when Dev joins them. Priya walks away. Shefali makes Dev click photos with her too. Nakul questions Dev as to why he had been flirting with Nidhi when he claims to love Priya. Dev says I only love Priya. Nakul tells her to pacify her then. Dev says that’s what I have been trying to do but she isn’t listening to me. Dev catches up on Priya and assures her that no one can take her place in his life. She smiles and they share a hug. He pulls jacket over their heads as they lean closer for a kiss (Aashiqui pose).

Everyone claps for Raghbir as he dances on Dekha Na Haaye Re song. Sahas is standing close to Pragati all along. Raghbir pulls his entire family fir the dance. Sahas looks at Raghbir. This time Baani wont come to you but to me. Raghbir walks up to Pragati but Sahas pulls her on the dance floor for a dance. Pragati keeps glancing at Raghbir even when she is with Sahas. All the couples including Pragati and Sahas are dancing on Ek Main aur Ek Tu song. Pragati keeps looking at Raghbir while dancing with Sahas. Sahas holds her close during the dance. She isn’t comfortable but does not show it. Chura Liya song plays just when Raghbir is about to walk away. Pragati dances around Raghbir during the song. Sahas gulps down a drink. Kunti glances in his direction. Pragati does not let Raghbir walk away. She holds him close. A spotlight falls on Pragati as the song comes to an end. Everyone is staring at Pragati as her dress is a see through dress. She kneels down on the floor in tears. Flashback shows Harshit noticing Raghbir keeping a gift for Pragati. Kunti and Harshit replace the gift. Kunti laughs. What will happen when Raghbir will find out that the dress he bought for Pragati has changed? Harshit says she will cry and he will be blamed for it. Flashback ends.

Sahas runs towards Pragati. He shouts to switch on the lights. Raghbir and Pragati look each other in shock. Pragati mentally asks him why he took revenge like this. Raghbir says I dint do it. She cries harder. Sahas takes her upstairs.

A guy says I wish such retro parties happen daily. I can even pay if we have to! Raghbir beats the guy. I wont spare anyone if they will utter another word against my wife! The party is over! Leave!

Pragati is still shaken by the incident. Sahas tells her to change but she does not respond. She is holding the glass too tightly. He holds her hand and tries to feed her water but she throws it away angrily. She walks away. Sahas thinks Raghbir has only given her pain till date. I wont spare him!

Pragati is crying in the bathroom. Why did you do this Raghbir?

Raghbir questions Aditi as to why she did this. Devraj asks him why he thinks so. Raghbir replies that she threw Pragati’s stuff out once. Aditi denies. I can throw someone’s stuff but I cannot malign her dignity. Do you really think I can malign my family’s image like this? Raghbir is positive someone did this intentionally. Kunti says you brought that dress for Pragati. She might have done it intentionally. Raghbir says no woman will lose her dignity with her own hands. As far as I know her, she wont do it. Someone has done it intentionally. Kunti rues that Pragati turned him against his own family. Recall how she mixed drugs in your glass! Why don’t you understand? He admits that what she did in the past was wrong but she wont do anything like this. He walks away unhappily. Shefali thinks Bhabhi has always helped but sadly, I cannot do anything for her today. I hope she is able to get over this situation. I also know Bhai isn’t behind this. Kunti thinks Raghbir may try anything but he wont be able to fix things this time.

Sahas tries to encourage Pragati from outside. Raghbir knocks on the door and requests her to open the door. He leaves by the time Sahas steps out of the room. It is good he left or I wouldn’t have spared him!

Raghbir wonders how to reach out to Pragati. She might be thinking that I am behind this. I am not the culprit though. She must have felt so embarrassed. I must tell her I dint do it. I should apologize to her even if I am not responsible for it. He writes down many sorry notes and tears them all away one by one before writing the final one. I have to do this and I will do it!

Pragati has changed. She cries holding the dress. Raghbir tells her to read his note if she isn’t willing to talk. He slides down the note in the room. Please read it.

Precap: Shefali tells Raghbir to break open the door and share his feelings with Pragati. Raghbir enters in Pragati’s room only to see Sahas wearing his shirt. Sahas tells him it isn’t what he thinks but Raghbir shouts at him. He scolds Pragati as well. Pragati tells Raghbir she always wanted it to be him but he neither needs it nor does he deserve it!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Yvonne Codner

    Wow, and the blame game continues without an end. I am getting to dislike Sahas so badly now!!! 🙁 🙁 he is getting between Pragbir. I do hope that Pragati will see his modus. Thanks, Pooja!!

  2. Verma4

    the snake in your own backyard. Really starting to hate this Kuti .

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