Intertwined with yours – The Ishqbaaz OS (Part-1)

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Hello Friends, this is AditiB, giving you a short story that came into my mind and I decided to empty it, so that I’m better able to concentrate on my studies. I am going aloof from TU for more than a month and really don’t know when would come back for my ff, but here I am with a one shot that I’ve just written. Thank you so much my readers…..who have been bearing my ff and I suppose you won’t forget who I’m by the time I come back to TU…..hehe….but seriously don’t forget me…okay? So here goes the story.

Hope you all would like it.


Intertwined with yours:


Love – is the strange feeling that I had experienced in my life, with the advent of a man, who was and still is my Beloved, more or less my life and additionally my Husband too. Things in our life went well and we successfully took our relationship forward to the ultimate level of marriage. Marriage was the responsibility that I was wary of the most in my life, I had come out of a broken marriage, that had left the deepest of scars even imaginable, I had to fight with each and every decision of my life, as the best of the decisions of my past, turned out to be the gravest of mistakes. I had always anticipated that there would be someone who would come up to me and relieve my pain, but never to my surprise, I had actually waited for someone. As Shivaay turned up, I was the happiest person alive in his company, and my life took a totally different turn as he started to love me. Our picture perfect Love story still had some loopholes, as I couldn’t fit into his family. His family had never tried to accept me and to the extent that the man who loved his family the most besides me, was ready to give up on them and leave. Had it not been the careful contribution of my Dad, he would have regretted his decision. Despite of all the ups and downs, and the dead turns in our life, we were able to stick to the decision we had taken together.

I still remember how tough it was for me to get over the wounds that the broken pieces of my long lost relationship gave me. Shivaay is the son of my dad’s best friend, Mr. Tej Oberoi, and the serious guy turned out to be myriad of Happiness for me. After I came back to my Dad, from Karan’s place, he had been the emotional support I needed. Shivaay; when I look at his innocent yet sturdy face, I ponder what good have I done, that I got him. The pretty face he has, it never showed any signs of smile whenever they used to look at me, but those grey orbs gently caressed my soul and wiped my tears, standing at a distance that wasn’t close in measurement, but the closest to my soul. I had smiled a number of times at his sweet talks that he had with my Dad in my presence, forgetting that I didn’t know what smile was. He made me forget who I was and made me believe what I could be. My true self had come out like the shapeless Diamond, cut and reshaped by his Love and warmth, from the dark mines of my past. The first conversation we had, wasn’t the spectacular one anybody would expect it to be, but was a nourishing experience. I had been busy with the work that my Dad had assigned me, to travel for various meetings and these helped me ease my pain. I was trying to concentrate on my works, gradually easing on the sadness that had formed an opaque fog around my persona. But a sudden call on my cell made me freak out, Karan had again started to blackmail me. I did not even think of picking it up and broke my phone, throwing it out of my room window. A sudden smash and both my Dad and Shivaay left the conversation midway, searchingly came to me and saw my state. My Dad gave me a quick hug and I started to feel a bit low, while he looked on. My Dad’s important call left both of us in sheer silence and me in ambiguity.

“Are you Okay, Annika?” His sweet baritone questioned me.
“No…..N….” My voice was trembling and my body still shaking.
“It’s Okay, you can tell me what it is.” He held my hand and some curves on his straight face indicated a smile.
I garnered some courage and told him what it was. He told me not to worry and left the room. Only after we had started courtship that he told me what he had done. Well, Shivaay had scared the hell out of him and had puffed his mouth with as much money as he would crave for. That was the last day Karan called me and the first instance that made me feel I had a future. That was that…It made me fell for the right man and all that gave way to the present happiness in my life.

We started our friendship afterwards, with the assistance of my Dad. His hopeless jokes and cute smile made me fall for him easily. A rare taste for songs and an extremely nurtured taste of culinary sciences would define him the best. But the rarest part was his sense of understanding, how well he had observed my personality and had oriented his interests accordingly. I was not a commitment-phobic, but bad experiences make you believe in all that is bad in the worst. But how well I bonded with him, made me realise that the bad and good exist side-by-side, fate controlling our access to either. I fell for him very badly, as bad as getting addicted to his serene presence. I loved him deeply then and our well bonding turned into a good pairing. I found my life in him, his love as the shelter I had lost. My Shivaay was my everything now, all I needed was him.


A broken life and a broken soul was the Annika I had seen when I had indeed met her for the first time. It made me realise the pain that my Dad had undergone when he lost my Mom Janhvi in the fateful accident. Not that his and Annika’s contexts were same, the black paper to both their stories were entirely different, but the fact that they lost both their spouses, their beloved ones, was the tragedy that bonded them. I had seen her sobbing a hundred times, reminded of the torture that had tormented her. But the fact that I couldn’t do anything but to let her sob, stabbed my heart. I had fallen in love with her hopelessly, for the first ever time in my life. She always said that I was really lucky, that I had waited for the person who was right for me, she implied that her failed relation was the result of her desperation. I had unapologetically agreed to this, to which she had shot up the sweetest smile in the world. How nasty had the man been, that he could be a devil to this angel, she is one of the best persons I have ever come across. Then I made a promise to her and myself, that I would never let her go, would give her the most of my care and would love her passionately throughout my life.

My family wasn’t ready to accept her, they barely knew of her background, so I don’t think they had any valid reasons to hate her presence in my life, just the utter dislike they held for her. I took all these as baseless and decided not to entertain their nonsense. This problem was mediated well by her Dad and we have a temporary relief, that my family now knows that she’s the daughter of my Dad’s best friend.

Fortunately this problem left the way…….but a more serious one awaited us.


I never thought Karan would come back in our life to wreck havoc. But this time he held the Trump card in his side, he knew of a secret that I held in my heart. Not even my Dad had access to it. I got repeated calls from him and he threatened me, in return I had to pay him lavishly. I regretted how I could fall for a nasty guy like him. I wasn’t able to handle him and decided to tell Shivaay the long lost secret I had in my heart.

He was busy with the new plans and hundreds of workloads on the Office. I had decided, but how could I just go on? I thought of disclosing it later, but my face and the paleness it carried, made him believe that something was wrong with me. That day, he had come back early, only to know what was wrong with me.

I cried ceaselessly in his arms, cursing myself. He comforted me and held me close wiping my tears and kissing my strained eyes. His love was the only thing that could pay me some relief; I felt severe pain stinging my heart. How could I be so selfish, leaving my happiness alone with the devil? I could do nothing, as my happiness would be dead somewhere by now.

Copyright: AditiB

I would give the next part in the succeeding days. This is not the story that I was talking of, it is again an accident. A pleasant accident indeed. Friends, do tell me whether you people liked it or not and please do comment. Silent readers, this is the first time I’m asking you all to comment. So, please do comment and only if I get a good response, I would be able to think and write the second part. Thank you all and keep reading!

Lots of Bhalobasha,


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  1. Ria

    This was amazing. I loved it like anything. It’s so beautifully penned and lemme tell ya, the words used are all ‘Apt’. And the story, I love it. ? Eager to know about Anika’s past, the secret. Please post soon Pretty! ??

    P.S.: I’d recently posted an analysis. If you wish, you can try it out. ?

  2. Amayaa

    Wow aditi what a nice slot !!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is awesome dr
    But what was de past which bothered her so much ……….eager 2 know …….don’t be late ……post de next part soon. ……..

  3. Wow!!!! Awesome one!!!!
    Loved it a lot… Really excited to know about the long lost secret… Update asap!!

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  5. That was really awesome! Beautifully written ?. Post soon ?……

  6. Niriha

    Awesome aditi..interesting i loved it eager to know her past waiting for next

  7. Haridhra

    Wow..Aditi di it’s a wonderful shot ..eagerly awaiting 4 the next n I have guessed something .. Is Ani talking abt her child the hidden fact it seems so thrilling di .. May be or not I always want shivika to be united .. Its my humble request.. ☺☺…

  8. SamSun

    Hey aditi. I honestly loved it. It is such a sweet plot. Shivaay’s caring sweet side I.e. Shivaay version 2 is always loved. Anika going through heartbreak and getting stable again because of shivaay is one thing I loved. I am eager to know what the secret is and how shivaay would react and what will be the future of shivika’s relation. It is a humble request, do not go by the no. Of comments because there are always twice the no. Of silent readers u have who love it. Eagerly waiting for the next part ? ?

  9. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

  10. Pooja26

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    just amazing…….
    rally beautiful dear….. 🙂
    loved it !!!!!!!
    post nxt asap…..

  11. Alekhika20

    Beautiful updt

  12. AMkideewani


  13. Awesome di
    Loved it
    All the best for next part
    Love u

  14. It was nice and the words too were good and eagerly waiting for the next part…

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  16. Jerry_36

    Awesome Aditi❤

  17. Dramalover

    mera bestiee u rocked, sorry i was late in reading this, kya kamaal ka writer ho tum yaar, loved it

  18. AMkideewani

    Superb sista I love it?

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