Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 30th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhimanyu saying who did this Gaura. He holds knife and says how can I do this, my fingerprints will come on it, I wanted to kill her such that it looks a suicide, I have to end all proofs now. He erases the prints from knife and runs on hearing warden coming. The lady screams. Abhimanyu hears her and leaves. He comes home and says did dad do this, no, why would he send me to kill her, I have to end all proofs. He changes clothes.

Choti Maa comes to him and sees him burning clothes. She asks what did you do. He says Gitanjali gifted this to me, so I m ending my connection with it. She says you are hiding something from me, don’t you trust me. He asks why did you try to kill Priyam that day, I m finding some answers, I want some privacy now. She goes.

The lady calls Rishabh and says we could not save Gitanjali, we got her dead body. Rishabh gets shocked and cries, shouting Gitanjali. Gitanjali’s final rites are done. Rajveer asks Rishabh to come. Everyone see Gitanjali. Rishabh gives the fire. Inspector tells Rishabh that murderer is clever, he erased many proofs, but there are proofs which he did not see, we will find him. Rishabh says he is here in front of you. He shows Abhimanyu.

Inspector says we can raise hand on him after getting proof. Rajveer silently goes. Rishabh asks him to investigate, but murderer will be punished. Gitanjali comes out of the pyre. Rajveer and Gitanjali look on. He says you have seen your final rites, strange. She says now I will not leave them. He says you have gone through a lot, what now. She says Abhimanyu gave me big pain. Rajveer says it happened as per your plan. FB shows Rajveer giving her a tablet to reduce her heartbeat. She eats tablet and asks him to stab on her back. He refuses. She insists. He says I never thought to hurt the one I love, I know this is necessary. He stabs her. FB ends.

Gitanjali says I felt if anything goes wrong, I have to burn alive, you army men do everything well. FB shows Gitanjali jumping in the tunnel and coming out. She says now I will trap Abhimanyu.

She cries and says I loved him, trusted him, he cheated me so easily. Rajveer says look at your brother, he has much pain seeing your death. She sees Rishabh and cries. He says relations keep us alive. She says yes, I will fight for Rishabh, maybe this is my fate, you know I have seen my final rites in my dream once, I did not know this dream is a warning of my fate.

Bhavani says now Ragini’s soul will get peace, revenge of blood is blood. Abhimanyu looks on. Bhavani says great, I expected this from you. Abhimanyu says but I did not kill her. Bhavani asks what, but police said. Abhimanyu says yes, I reached there to kill her, I saw her dead, someone stabbed her back, I did not murder her, I thought you have sent someone. Bhavani says I did not kill her, you know my ethics well. Abhimanyu asks who got her killed. Kalyani says I feel matter is something else, some plan.

Inspector says no, its someone’s plan. Rishabh says maybe anyone who is allowed to meet her. Rajveer says maybe her husband. Rishabh says Abhimanyu did this. He scolds police inspector. Inspector says I did not get any proof. Bhavani says if you killed that girl, I would have been proud to drop you to jail, but you ruined our respect by going jail by foolishness. Abhimanyu says I have erased all proofs, I have burned the clothes, trust me. Inspector says we got these foot prints of shoe. Rajveer says Abhimanyu used to wear two different size shoes always. Inspector says maybe it can prove something. Bhavani asks Abhimanyu not to worry, did you wear these shoes. Abhimanyu says no, its in my room. Bhavani says mud will be on it. Abhimanyu says how can I forget this. Bhavani asks him to go fast and burn shoes.

Rajveer comes in the way and asks why are you in tension. Abhimanyu says no. Rishabh confronts him about wearing two different shoe sizes. Abhimanyu denies it. Rishabh and Rajveer argue. Inspector says we will go to your room and talk, come. He shows the foot prints photo. Abhimanyu asks what do you mean, I killed my wife. Inspector asks were you there. Abhimanyu asks do you have search warrant. Inspector warns him to think, else he will fall under doubt. Inspector checks the shoerack. Abhimanyu holds the gun and moves back. Inspector says his shoe size is same. He asks Rishabh do you have any doubt on Abhimanyu. He thanks Abhimanyu for cooperation and apologizes. Abhimanyu says Gitanjali was my wife, I want her murderer to get caught. Inspector goes. Rajveer says I know well Rishabh, trust me. Abhimanyu says I know you loved Gaura a lot, you may also lose senses like her. Rishabh and Abhimanyu argue and warn each other.

Rajveer meets Gitanjali and says don’t know how hos shoes were changed. She says maybe he changed at night. Rajveer says no, he had revolver in his pocket, I saw him and I was ready as well. FB shows Rajveer aiming at Abhimanyu. He says Abhimanyu was also shocked. She says it means someone helped him. Abhimanyu says you… Choti Maa dumps shoes and says yes, I changed it, else you got prepared to go jail, you have become a murderer, you were angry with me when I caged Gitanjali in walls, you killed her. He denies it. She says everyone needs support, you did not win this war alone, you know what would have happened if shoes were found. Gitanjali says its good shoes are not found, I want to trouble him like he troubled me, is CCTV footage ready.

Inspector tells everyone about CCV footage. He says lets see what we get in this. Everyone see the killer, in hood. The feeds stop. Inspector asks Rishabh to wait. The man says sorry, footage damaged, maybe because of rain. Rishabh gets angry. Rajveer says its not their mistake, when can this footage get recovered. The man says 24 hours. Rishabh asks them to do their work, he has to reach his sister’s murderer. They all leave.

Gitanjali calls Rajveer and asks did footage get spoiled. Rajveer says yes, we spoiled it. She says now Abhimanyu will do mistake. Bhavani scolds Abhimanyu for mistake. Kalyani takes his side. Bhavani says the result of this can be bad. Choti Maa asks can’t we buy someone. He says even Rishabh can buy that person. Kalyani taunts ChotimMaa. Bhavani says don’t argue, we have to see to do something to get that recording. He calls someone at the lab and asks for footage. Gitanjali hears the lady and talks to Bhavani. She tells him timing when cctv footage will be sent. Bhavani says we have to get footage from van, go Abhimanyu, erase this last proof.

The goons stop the lab van. Abhimanyu gets inside the van. Guards check the van. Abhimanyu gets footage and jumps down the van. The guards see him and follow. Abhimanyu gets hurt. He hides behind some tree. He crushes the recording and burns it. He says now no one can do anything. Rajveer records I have a proof now, look a man is risking life to erase proof, now get ready to go jail. Abhimanyu says you can’t prove anything by this. Rajveer says you felt this hard disk is real, you will be behind bars soon, police may come anytime, stop, you know my aim won’t miss. Abhimanyu points gun at him and shoots, saying I won’t accept the crime I did not know, sorry buddy. He runs. Rajveer says you can’t run away. Gitanjali lookson and says I never thought this in dream that there will be one day when I will get happiness by hurting you, I m glad you are in pain, like you snatched my peace, I will do the same with you, go where you want to run, you can’t get saved Abhimanyu.

Inspector asks for Abhimanyu. Gitanjali meets Abhimanyu.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Loved today episode but I think not only abhi she should punish everyone whom she love and trust ??

  2. Late update but it’s here nevertheless. Thanks Amena….. Will comment after viewing episode tonight.

    1. Assalam Alaikum Aunty Naz. I’m reposting my response to your message from the April 29th forum. I wasn’t sure if you would see it.

      My name is Sofina, but Sof is shorter so I go by that on here. You’re close to my mom’s age, she turned 54 this past Thursday the 26th. Its nice to hear that you have friends from Guyana. I’m sorry you lost touch with Sia. You may reconnect at some point, you never know:) This is actually the very first Indian serial I am watching as I never found one that differed from the usual mother in law/daughter in law serials.

      Would love to be friends! ? Ramadan is quickly approaching and it is always a wonderful time.

      Nazreen is a pretty name, also my cousins name ?

    2. Walaikum as Salaam…Sofina. I did read your comment from the previous day, didn’t get time to reply because I’ve been doing some work outside the house and was too tired to reply. So nice to know you. My younger brother’s wife is from Georgetown….. I’ve recorded the episode so I’ll watch it tomorrow. Yes, I too would love to be friends with you and I believe we already are…. My son is 30 and my daughter is 29 yrs old so I’m definitely your aunt. I’m so tired, about to go to dreamland so we’ll chat tomorrow for sure.

  3. And so begins Gitu’s plan. Wow! This episode played with my reactions and emotions throughout! Very well executed. I t appeared she was indeed dead and was cremated and all I could think was OMG she can’t be dead! I was trying to figure out how she would escape the pyre. When it was revealed she was alive i breathed a huge sigh of relief. I am so happy Abhi will be getting a taste of what he did to Gitu. I agree Mithu, I not only want Abhi to pay for what he did, but also Choti Maa and

    Who is the girl in the preview of next week’s episode running with Abhi before he helps her up on the caravan and they cuddle?!

  4. You are right sof ?? her revenge is very good hope Abhi also go through same pain and all others thanks to rajbeer he is a true friend ??

    1. Yes Mithu, let’s hope their plans continue as flawlessly as it has been going so far! Looking forward to Saturdays episode?

  5. Friends, somehow I felt disappointed after watching last night’s episode .I have been expecting all along that whatever be the plot and Abhi’s contribution in its execution,his love for Geetu will be unblemished.All of a sudden ,the story has turned into a cold blooded revenge thriller,.where there is no place for that beautiful word LOVE.And Abhi’s character has totally lost its credibility the moment he stepped out of that hospital, totally devoid of any emotion ,after seeing his wife’s lifeless body whom he loves or atleast loved once.Not a hint of remorse for the girl who has become a pawn in his father’s premeditated revenge plan.And the way he runs helter skelterto save his skin looks cheap and unbecoming of an Army Officer.Infact now Rajveer looks more dignified than Abhi.There is a say that if character is lost ,everything is lost,and how true it is! Hope atleast Rajveer will do his best to help Geetu to achieve her purpose.

    1. Lakshmi, I know what you mean. I thought the very same thing. In the previous episode, Abhi felt dome guilt and showed emotion regarding Gitus demise. I thought that perhaps the writers were trying to give their love a second chance. However, by the end of this episode that emotion he felt was gone. No emotion after finding her stabbed and I thought he might even
      shed a tear at her funeral after seeing her lying there, but nothing. This was highly disappointing. I couldn’t believe it. Even Choti Maa and Kavya showed no emotion, which was appalling. And your point about his behaviour unbefitting of a military officer is precisely accurate. He now seems like a timid little boy who’s scared of daddy. I think the writers were playing
      with our emotions lol. I wonder what they have planned next.

    2. I also feel that his character lost its special touch now, and I guess the writers want us to feel that way. They want us to feel exactly the way Gitu feels which is why they probably changed his love for her. Still very upsetting?

  6. Naz,my friend ,hope you are refreshed after a tiring day.I had very high hopes for this serial but it is sad that except for deceit ,backstabbing and revenge ,there is no room for other finer feelings in KLKAH: revenge has become an essencial subject in 90percencent of Indian TV serials or for that matter movies also.We can understand if the target of vengeance is the person who commits the wrongful act but targeting his /her family is not humane.And marrying a young girl in the name of love ,then ditching her to become insane ,trying to kill her ,my God!what are these serials comong to?And I hear Raj in ETRETR is going to do the same thing with Rani in Season 3.God only save us from these revenges .HaveGood day friend.


    Geetanjali not spare any one who hurted you… specially abhi, choti maa and her daughter.. and all persons tooo…

  8. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome thriller show, very unique. I just love it. Abhymanu deserved punishment.

  9. Sorry for any ty errors

  10. Is that girl geetu in the precap. Confused i watch last ni8 episode but in precap they didnt ahow the face of girl but according to written update it was Geetu.

  11. I’m feeling much less tired now Lakshmi. It’s morning time here, 730am precisely. I love doing outdoor chores, the lawn was cut and the I wanted to do the tidying up same time and not leave it for today because I have few other things to do elsewhere as well. How’s much progress have you made in your divorce case? I hope your client’s husband realises that he needs help in order to save his marriage. It’s very hot and dry here as well, I also have lots of childhood memories attached to this time of the year, I was a regular tomboy in my days, climbing trees and doing mischief. Hope all is going well with you and your husband, soon the year will be over and I hope Cupid’s bow hits the mark with your son and intended….. Gosh Lakshmi, you see how empty ETRETR forum looks now… It’s so sad, we all can’t even comment in written episodes together anymore. ZEETV has treated us badly and there’s nothing we can do now. I don’t even see Jess and Sapphire there anymore, only you, Archana, myself at times and everyone else is just gone. Maybe we’ll see them when it’s closer to the finale….

    1. Hey Naz! How are you? You said ETRETR is deserted, so I thought why not have a small talk with my friend? I hope I can call you that?.
      I’ve been following it up, with the updates obviously, the serial has lost its charm for me. And now that Raja is again going to backstab Rani, I see no point in watching the episodes. Also the updates seem too tired with no energy, so I refrain from comments.
      As for KLKAH, it’s just superb. Way better than both ETRETR and PMHMD. Love the plot twists. Hope Gerry gets her justice. I don’t exactly expect Geetu and Rajveer to be together but I don’t see how she’ll go with Abhimanyu as well. Also like you say, Kavya doesn’t even get a speaking part lol. So, would have to wait and see what she does in the future.
      Take care 🙂

    2. *Geetu not gerry

    3. Of course Priya, we are friends…. So you see what I’m talking about, ETRETR had lost its charm when Rani died….i think Raja died too…in the inside. I’m doing good Priya. I don’t want to sound foolish ok, but are you the same one who I chatted with on ETRETR?? Priya and I did exchange views there but I don’t know if it’s you. Please help…..

    4. I used to watch PMHMD but I stopped a long time back. That too went in the loony bin. I did check a few episodes back and it seems that Naina is carrying another man’s baby ???….. Lordddd…

    5. I’m glad to hear.r you’re feeling refreshed and well rested now Aunty. It’s important to take those breaks to recharge otherwise you can become worn out. My days are quite busy as well, as I have an 8 month old son. We get a paid year off work here (maternity leave). I’m enjoying my time with him before I return. How long is the maternity leave in Trinidad? I don’t get alot of personal time for myself, so I do enjoy talking on this forum with our KLKAH
      family 🙂 I’ve been so drawn to the show that I’ve convinced my husband to watch with me in the weekends lol. He’s now a fan as well.

      You mentioned youre sister in law is from Georgetown. My mom is from there as well 🙂 Where in Trinidad are you from? How are your kids?

      Regarding KLKAH, I really hope they will extend the series. Im really going to miss it if it does end in August ?

    6. I didn’t get time to ask my sister in law the name of her relatives in Guyana, maybe your mom will know them, I’ll do that tomorrow. In Trinidad, maternity leave is, 6mths…paid and national insurance benefits. Anyway… I’m from central, Cunupia area exactly. I have my own home, I’m divorced and the mother of two wonderful adult children… My son is 30 and my daughter is now 29….she is a college geography teacher and he works with the print media as a supervisor. I can imagine how cute your son is, at that age they are most adorable, I’m sure he keeps you on your toes…… I think it’s priceless, the moments you spend with your son. I have spent all my time with my kids so I don’t have a moment’s regret. Cherish every moment, he’ll grow up so quickly, you would wonder where the years went. Regarding KLKAH… I believe that the serial is scripted for a limited amount of episodes, so we may not get any extension, enjoy it while we can huh… Not often do we get good serials to watch, it’s always the same thing over and over again but this one is different and being a person who has a penchant for horror, suspense, thriller and supernatural, I’m enjoying it while I can. I do love a good romance as well….i cry buckets. I enjoy historical dramas, I’m always fascinated with history and what the past holds, because history does help to shape the future by a long shot… BTW… I’m feeling much more relaxed now, you know when you have something to do and you get it done, you feel lighter? Well that’s how I’m feeling… Mission accomplished!!! ?? chat soon Sof… It’s time for sleep…….

  12. In Saturday’s episode, I saw Choti Ma shed some tears for the little girl she helped raise to be an adult ,it looked genuine until Abhimanyu’s father justified her actions by reminding her of her motives. The same happened with Abhimanyu. I did see hesitancy in him when his father ordered him to kill Geetu . These elderly people seems to hold a lot of hatred even though so many years have passed. You would think they would mellow with age and leave the revenge for the younger at heart. Where has the feelings of Abhimanyu disappeared to? How can a husband be so devoid of human compassion to formulate a plan to murder the woman who adored him and remained so faithful to him? Where the humanity in Choti Ma, to nurture a little girl and then be an accessory to her murder? Is material possessions so important to some people? If Abhimanyu is this unfeeling, then I don’t see him uniting with Geetu anymore. He has laid the foundation for his demise at the hands of his wife. Why couldn’t these culprits get their justice from Rishabh himself, why use an innocent woman to achieve their goals? Do people actually feel this content after committing such an act? Abhimanyu’s sister had her issue with Rishabh and he should have had to pay the price. At the “cremation “, Choti Ma and Abhimanyu never shed a single tear for this woman who spent so much time in their company, it only takes one moment to create a memory and their lack of empathy was appalling. I would like to think that now Abhimanyu will undergo same torture that Geetu had, after all her cremation was witnessed by all unlike Abhimanyu, whose accidental murder was shrouded in mystery and left lots of questions. I hope she achieves her goal, good that she has Rajveer with her, hope he remains faithful and without reproach in his bid to help his childhood love.

    1. Yep Naz, it’s the same Priya from ETRETR forum. I’m just fed up with the shit they show there so I barely see it. PMHMD is slightly better, at least the leads care for each other. As for the baby Naina is carrying, im guessing its gonna survive the much hyped bomb blast that they hopefully show today, lol.
      KLKAH is good. Quite different from the other shows. Also I’ve seen how the number of comments have risen since the twist in this forum. Nice to see so many people commenting.

    2. I’m so happy to have Lakshmi and you on this forum, feels like family…..i know it’s a stupid question but who’s the father of Naina’s baby? I lost out on a lot…. I’m hoping it’s Raghav…..

    3. It’s not Nainas baby actually. She’s just a surrogate. Khurana and his late wife are the parents. This stupid truth is the current track. Yesterday she revealed to Raghav that Khurana is the dad. But still didn’t say she’s just a surrogate. This huge misunderstanding is the Crux of the track lol.

    4. Thanks for the info, a lot is cleared up for me. I was wondering what all the mystery was all about concerning the baby…. Thanks Priya ?

    5. My apologies for my late reply Aunty. These past few days have been quite busy. Yes you never know, my mom may know your sister in laws family! You’ll have to let me know when you do ask. My parents are actually divorced as well. My husband is from Bombay, India. You’re correct, my son is keeping me on my toes now that he’s becoming more independent and active. The time really does go by too fast, I can’t believe he’s 8 months old already. I’m going to extend my leave another 4 months. I’m fortunate that my workplace offers this option. I work in a prominent mental health hospital.

      Your kids sound like wonderful people 🙂 You must be very proud. I’m sure they possess some of your attributes.

      I also love suspense, thrillers and romances. I cry a river as well LOL. Kahaani and Kahaani 2 were good thrillers. You may like Bhool Bhulaiya if you havent already seen it. Its a spooky one.I find Indian horrors/supernatural movies sometimes can be cheesy due to bad graphics. But this was awesome. And as for American, I recently watched Split directed by M. Night Shymalan. It’s a creepy thriller. Really well done as well.

      Have you seen Lion? Based on a true story, incredible movie. Very sad though.

      Im glad you were able to cross your tasks off your To Do list and you’re now feeling lighter. Always a rewarding sense of achievement 🙂 Hope you’re abingdon a great week! Talk soon.

  13. Kavya comes across to me as an airhead and a troubled woman. Doesn’t seem to have a direction in life, always at her mother’s bidding. She looks to me as just there for the sake of being a character in the story. Maybe director will find a purpose for her in the story or maybe it’s still left to be seen….

  14. Ankur

    Wow wow!!!! This serial is breaking all the stereotypes of an Indian serial episode by episode!!!! The writers deserve a standing ovation ?? Almost all the serials have “ideal” & “perfect” lead characters whom we can blindly trust & who can never commit any bad thing in life. But here is our lead character “Abhimanyu” who is a cold-blooded criminal & who doesn’t think twice to harm his wife. Yes, his character is “imperfect”, but this is the sad reality!!!! Such people exists in real life who doesn’t even think twice to kill their own family members to fulfill their motives? Everyday if we open the newspaper, we can read about such people. So hats off to the makers who created such a dark character as their lead, without caring about the TRPs. Abhimanyu deserves to be punished for all his wrong doings. And Geetu has also become mentally very strong & intelligent, which makes her character totally different from other serials which have emotionally week heroines. I hope she & Rajveer have a very well thought out plan to destroy Abhimanyu, & let’s see how will they do it in the upcoming episodes (y)

    1. Ankur….. You couldn’t have said it any better, I can’t add anything more to your perfect analysis ,you are spot on…. I also like the dark protagonist, it’s different…..he’s imperfect as you’ve said and there are real life people in this world ,walking around with his shade of character, wrecking lives in their path.

    2. I agree Ankur There are evil and vindictive people in the world for sure. I watch Savdhaan India, which is based on true crimes. It’s appalling at the extent people will go to just to achieve what they desire.

      This show is brilliantly written. I especially like that they are promoting a strong female character, which is a necessary
      change from the usual, like you said. I’m curious to see if the girl running with Abhi in the precap is in fact Gitu and what transpired there. I thought a Abhi found himself a girlfriend. The writers are extremely talented, thank you writers!

    3. I watch Savdhaan India as well. Interesting serial, the new one called Darr… Sabko Lagta Hai is also interesting.

    4. Ankur

      Thnx to both of u for agreeing with me ? This has really become a trendsetter on Indian television in every possible way. I feel refreshed while watching this serial & I eagerly wait for the weekend just to watch it. Sometimes I watch some of its episodes on repeat on Hotstar. I like such thriller stories very much which are more like mind game.

  15. Yes Naz,ETRETR forum looks like an abandoned ghost ship and as you said ,except for the three of us,everyone is gone ,all he credit to Zee channel.Such unprofessionalism and indifferent attitude.As for me I am simply continuing for Sartaj and I request you to give your comments even if the episodes are one week old,,if the channel wants us to chat on one week old episodes,no issues for me.
    On the issue of the lady’s divorce,I advised the couple to live like they have already been seperated for a month and then come back to me.Taking my advise.the lady has left Bangalore to live in her village leaving the children with their father.Naz I am sure they are going to miss each other particularly the husband.First let him analyse his feelings for his wife then I can easily persuade him to go for medical treatment.According to the feedback of the children, he is already missing their mother.I am doing everything possible to keep the family together,after that. It is God’s wish.
    Naz. like you I love to spend my mornings in my small garden ,as we are are early risers., We spend atleast an hour ,my husband does the lawn trimming and I water the garden,pluck the flowers and fruits ,he says that I always select easy and pleasant chores.This time of the year my mango trees are full of fruit with lots of chirping birds.Then I call my neighbourhood street dogs and feed them.There are six of them.Though some say that they are a menace,I adore them and in turn they adore me..I love all the animals,especially dogs.Spending some time with them really gives me peace of mind.
    How are your kids Naz ? Any marriage plans?I am eagerly awaiting my son’s visit to B’lore.To tell you the truth Friend ,that more than daughters.in.law ,I am looking forward to have two daughters at the earliest.
    As for KlKAH ,let us see how Gitu is going to take her revenge since the damage is already done by Abhimanyu.And you are right ,Kavya simply acts like a by stander and watches her mother’s games.in the upcoming episodes,her role might be more defined as she in turn is in
    love with Rajveer.

    1. This advice of your should do the trick. Absence makes the heart grow fonder huh…. Now that they are temporarily apart, they should find room to assess and know whether they can live apart from each other or go the way of divorce. I hope they both have a change of heart, respective of their tolerance and work towards making their relationship work for their mutual benefit. I had an early morning and accomplished all that I went out the house to do, so much for that…….. We shall continue to comment on ETRETR till the end and like you, I’m only watching for Sartaj….

    2. My goodness Lakshmi… You brought back a memory to me when you mentioned mangoes. Many years back when I was living with my in laws, my x husband’s brother’s wife (you need to tell me what’s the correct Indian name for that relation) , when she used to go back to visit her parents in India ,she would bring back mango amchar containing special spices in the mixture that made me go weak in the knees. Goodness…. I love that mango amchar to distraction. So when you mentioned mangoes, I naturally remembered the imaginary taste in my mind…….any food Indian, I don’t refuse. I simply ? the taste of the spices. I’m learning to make biriyani now, my daughter and I are not too perfect yet with it, but we ate trying. She makes a good tandoori ? but the chicken tika masala…i have to buy. ?? ……

  16. I think it would be really nice if Gitu could inform Rishabh that she’s alive and has devised a plan with Rajveer. I feel so sad for him, thinking he’s lost his sister, who was all he had 🙁

    1. Ankur

      Yes I also thought about the same that why didn’t she tell Rishabh about her plan???

  17. Hi guys,
    That is not mistake of abimanyu also because of rishabh ragini has died abhimanyu has taken revenge of his sister why u guys are not understanding that but he tortured geethu he doesn’t want to kill her that’s why he helped her in the walls also

    1. Nafeesa…. We all assume that, that’s what we’ve been told by Bhavani and Co……..the serial gives us that impression BUT we don’t know the real story. For all we know, it could well turn out that Bhavani orchestrated the plot to murder his own daughter. Aren’t you aware that these types of atrocities still happen in rural India? You aren’t looking at the bigger picture here….Ragini died, it looks like Rishabh killed her, just like how Abhimanyu’s murder was falsified and Geetu’s as well, it could be that Ragini died at the hands of someone else but now we are seeing a power play by Bhavani for the magnificent ancestral home of Rishabh and Geetu, who is actually the beneficiary of the property, so a hidden motive could well be the reason for this usurp of this home. Bhavani was too quick to point out to Rishabh that Abhimanyu is owner of her wealth now that Geetu is dead….. That’s too fast and soon, to lay claim to ownership. It won’t be surprising to know later on that Ragini is alive………As for the other half of your comment, it looks like Abhimanyu doesn’t really have the guts to kill Geetu BUT…..he’s a puppet in his parents hands and is following Bhavani’s instructions . Choti Ma was married to Geetu’s dad because of Kalyani’s input so that again is an indication that there’s a reason for coveting that ancestral home. Choti Ma wants it for herself and Kavya and Bhavani wants it for his family….lets wait and see whose greed cancels the other out.. This serial can’t be only about Bhavani getting revenge for Ragini’s murder, it’s got to have another motive but the act is being used to achieve it’s goal. If Abhimanyu helped Geetu in the walls, every other act of his has made his attempted help as absolete…..because he himself is of sound mind and is doing his father’s bidding. He’s showing no remorse at all for his actions…. Geetu is going to play mind games with him now…..

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