Naagin 2 30 April analysis

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The maha-episode of Nagin 2 begins with Shivangi (Mouni Roy) and Baba establish the statue of Lord Shiv in a temple in Pune. Shivangi tells him about Mahendra Pratap being Rocky s (Karanvir Bohra) father. She also tells him that all of them including Tanya s parents are involved in some major plot against Rocky. Baba asks her to find out about the reason behind the plot, she vows to find out and leaves.

At home everyone is planning to surprise Rocky on his birthday. Avani plans to go to the market to find out something good for Rocky. She leaves and Shivangi who watches her disguises her and comes into the house. As Rocky asks for coffee to drink Mahendra comes and says he would prepare a juice for Rocky and insists on Rocky to try it. Rocky relents and Mahendra goes into the kitchen to prepare the juice and add the blue water which the evil Baba gave, in it. Shivangi in Avni s form sees it, and as Mahendra takes it to Rocky she runs into him and spills it over. Mansi gets a call from Avni who has reached the market but Shivangi snatches the form from Mansi and Avni hangs up. Shivangi vows that she would not let anything happen to Rocky as she walks over, Rocky calls her.(Also Read: Rocky s life in danger)

Shivangi is overwhelmed to hear her name from his mouth and walks to him. He calls everyone from the house to gather up there and hands over the divorce papers to Shivangi. He asks her to sign them but she drops ink on the papers and destroys them. She says she will not sign even if he kills her for it. Rocky says he would make another set of papers and then throw her out of the house.

Shivangi thinks she must find out about this past mystery and remembers Rocky going to the Thakshak mountain and returning with a portrait she feels there must be some link between the photo and Rocky. She goes to the room to get the photo, though she gets it Rocky eneters exactly then, forcing her to change her form to Tanya s. She tells Rocky that her clothes got misplaced here and she came to get it. She also asks Rocky about the photo, and he gets disturbed and tells her about finding it on the Thakshak mountain. As Rocky goes in to freshen up Mahendra comes there and Shivangi hides in her Nagin form leaving the photo on the floor. Mahendra panics on seeing the photo and reveals it to be that of Rocky s mother s. He takes it outside in a bid to hide it from Rocky and burns it as Shivangi in Nagin form watches. Mahendra destroys the picture and leaves. Shivangi collects the ashes and takes it to Baba. She asks baba to get the picture back and shows him the picture through her eyes. Baba mends it and gives it to Shivangi. Shivangi goes to the thakshak mountain and finds the dungeon in which Rocky found the picture. She tries to find more about it and gets another part of the torn picture there which is that of Rithik(Arjun Bijlani). She takes the photo back to baba and shows it to him. She asks baba more about the picture but baba is helpless and takes her to Gyaani ma. She reveals the story of the portrait through the picture itself. She shows them how Rithik and Vasudha-Rocky s mother posed for the picture while it was painted by Shivanya (Mouni Roy). She calls the picture Dosti Ki Tasveer, another person enters the scene but Shivangi does not recognise him. Shivangi asks Gyaani ma about this but she too is helpless without any further information. She ties a talisman on Shivangi s hand and gives another one for Rocky s hand, she says that once it is tied she would come to know about everything that happens to Rocky.

Shivangi returns with the portrait and sees Rocky searching for it she leaves it on the floor for Rocky to see. He picks it and then rebukes her for being in the house. He says he will throw her out soon. Baba Jaadhunaath asks Yamini and the others about whether they succeded in making Rocky drink the blue water. They tell him that the water was spilled over by accident. Baba screams and cuts off his hand as the sacrifice for the fire and gives them some ashes to put on Rocky and then to stab him by the dagger.Yamini takes up the job.

That night Rocky again gets the nightmare about his mother and wakes up to check the photo and is confused. He is watched by Shivangi in Naagin form. Rocky comes out of his room and as he walks he has an awareness of being followed. He comes down and is surprised by everyone with a small birthday party and cake cutting. Shivangi who has made a cake for him assumes the form of Tanya when Tanya goes to get a gift for Rocky. She cuts the cake with Rocky and also feeds him in time before Tanya comes back. Tanya is surprised that they cut the cake without her.

She tells Rocky to come to her room for the gift , Rocky goes to clean the cake and Yamini goes to sleep. Shivangi assumes the form of Yamini and ties the talisman on Rocky s hand. She then assumes the role of Tanya s mother and goes to test Tanya. She teases Rocky and Tanya as love birds but is admonished by Tanya who scolds her for bringing in a love angle to their friendship. Shivangi is overwhelmed knowing this and also happy that atleast Tanya is having nothing against Rocky.

Next morning she sees Mahendra busy distributing alms to the begger at a temple she assumes the form of the person she saw when Gyaani ma showed her the story of the portrait. He assumes a begger like form and reaches Mahendra. Mahendra recognises Kaashi and on knowing that kaashi lost his memory he takes him home for Yamini and others to meet. Yamini too recognises him and Shivangi comes to know that Kashi is actually Mahendra younger brother. They feed him and try to get a certain truth about Vasundhara and Rocky out of him. Shivangi in Kashi s forms acts as if she forgot everything. They relate the entire story in a bid to get back Kashi s memory. They relate how Mahendra was a poor man and Vasundhara had left her home and luxuries to be with him and was happy with him. Once when Vasundhara was off to meet Rithik and Shivanya her bus was raided by some dacoits . She manages to run with Rocky but comes to know that one of them is Mahendra. Mahendra tries to convince Vasundhara and runs behind her but she calls up Rithik for help. Rithik comes to the jungle to find them. Mahendra in a bid to escape police and convince Vasundhara fires his gun and injures Vasundhara. He escapes and calls up Yamini for help. At the hospital before dieing Vasundhara hands over Rocky to one of Rithik s friends but Mahendra s brother Kashi happens to see this and also hear a certain secret about Rocky. Vasundhara dies in hospital.

While Rithik is returning back he is cornered by Yamini, Mahendra and friends and they kill him. They throw him from a cliff top. Before Kashi Mahendra s brother can reveal the truth about Rocky to Mahendra, police arrives and they run, Mahendra is caught. Yamini kills Rithik s friends and takes up Rocky.

Kashi still acts to not remember anything and Mahendra is upset as they leave him alone. Shivangi comes back to original self and she vows to avenge the death of her father. Rocky gets ready to go down when Yamini comes in with the Bhasma that the evil baba gave her to be applied on Rocky. As the other kids come to get him she insists on him applying the bhasma before they take him. She applies it and they leave Rocky to change. As Rocky changes we see fire on his back and he gets a coughing attack.

Near the kitchen as Shivangi watches the preparations for the party she too gets a slightly uneasy feeling and coughs. She wonders if Rocky is fine. Rocky comes down and asks Shivangi to leave, he calls upon his lawyer, who brings in court orders to drag her out. The police drag her out as she resists to go.

Precap: Yamini takes Rocky to a closed room and asks him to close his eyes. He does and she stabs him as Mahendra screams from outside the door. Rocky is surprised seeing his own Badi Ma stab him. There Shivangi gets a sharp pain on her talisman and realises that something has happened to Rocky.

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  1. Nandhini

    Wonderful update Sohan!! Keep it up!!????? everything is updated clearly without any points missing!! This yamini comes in naagin serial only to stab people with knife.??

  2. SOHAN

    Hehehehe….. Hi Nandini….. Yeah this yamini i hate her…….. All i want to know is that what powers rocky has… I think he is icchadhari naag….. Lets see……… Where do u live? And what r u doing?

    1. Nandhini

      I am from chennai Sohan..and i am working…you are a school student right? (You said in ur previous comment)….even though rocky has some special powers, anyways he is gonna die along with shivangi in the end(as revealed in the spoilers)and the producers wil carry on with next season with shivangi’s child or with their reincarnation.??

      1. SOHAN

        Nope NANDINI i m not in school im a college student…….. Are u a telugu? What’s ur age?

      2. Nandhini

        @Sohan: ok yaar??

    2. Nandhini

      Ok i am a tamil..and i am 25…you are my younger bro..

      1. SOHAN

        Lol NANDINI yes ur my akka…. Np with that…. And i never thought that way lol….. I was just asking…..

  3. jocelyn permal

    hope rocky knows the true picture of her dadi now

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