Internet Wala Love 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya confronts Jai, they end their internet friendship

Internet Wala Love 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samrat asking Aadhya to tell what she thinks of him. Aadhya looks on. Shubhankar asks Aadhya to say. Jai says you shall ask in private. Dadu says Jai is more experienced than you. Samrat says ok. Aadhya thinks of Dadu’s words and thinks she shall go out and check the places where her internet friend could be. She excuses herself. Dadu asks Jai and Samrat to play. Jai wins. Samrat loses, but argues that he has won. Jai says it doesn’t matter, Samrat has won. Dadu says ok, and gives prize to Samrat and second prize to Jai. Jai tells Samrat that you are doing this since childhood, you loses, but never accepts your mistake and I always win, but gives away. He says whatever you did today in office with Aadhya is not good. Samrat says it is between me and her, don’t interfere.

He gets Aadhya’s phone and thinks to check. Aadhya is in the auto and comes to the shop from where Jai had brought love story book. Shop keeper says sorry, many people come here. Samrat types the password, but it is wrong. He thinks what could it be. Aadhya comes to the restaurant and asks Manager to show the CCTV footage. He says it was deleted. Samrat thinks I will find your internet friend. Waiter comes to Aadhya and says I got this while cleaning. Aadhya checks and is shocked.

Samrat sees someone on his laptop and says so he is Aadhya’s internet friend. Just then Jai comes and says this is Aadhya’s phone, you are checking her phone just as she left somewhere. Samrat says she is my would be wife and asks what is going on in his mind for her. Rupa comes and taunts Samrat. Jai takes Aadhya’s phone and says I will return her phone. Aadhya thinks this can’t happen. Her sister thinks where is she? Jai comes and gives her phone to her sister. He finds her missing and thinks if she went to search him. He goes out. Everyone wonder where did she go? Rupa taunts her. Samrat thinks where did Jai go? Jai is in the car and thinks she might have gone to the book shop. He goes to the shop and asks the shopkeeper if this girl came, showing her pic. Shop keeper says my duty started at 4 pm. He comes to the hotel and asks waiter if she came here, showing her pic. Waiter says yes, she came and asked about you. A fb is shown, Aadhya returning to him again and asks if he is the same guy. Waiter confirms seeing Jai. Aadhya is shocked. Fb ends. Jai asks how did she know my name? Waiter says I told her. Jai asks how do you know? Waiter says you gave me your credit card and asked me not to let her pay bill. Jai thinks Aadhya came to know about the truth and went home to fight with me.

Samrat tells Shubhankar that Jai and Aadhya are not here, I hope they are not together. Rupa scolds him for doubting on Jai. Samrat says if Jai comes between Aadhya and me, then nobody will be good than me. Jai’s friend calls him and tells that Aadhya haven’t returned home and everyone is tensed here. Jai thinks where did she go then? He comes to Shubhankar’s house and sees the house door open. He thinks it seems she came back home. He knocks on the bedroom door and sees bathroom door open and water flushing out. He gets worried seeing water in the room and calls aloud Aadhya asking if she is inside. He looks inside bathroom and sees Aadhya sitting in the bathroom with shower on. He asks what are you doing here? He closes the shower tap and asks what is this childishness, you are already unwell and have fever. He takes towel and forcibly tries to wipe her hairs. Aadhya asks him to go and looks at him.

Jai holds her hand and takes her out. Aadhya pushes him and asks him to go, leave her alone. She says I don’t want to be with you and says I don’t want your care, as you will be….She says someone became my friend years after and I trusted him from my heart, I stopped writing diary as I thought my internet friend is my diary and will keep my secrets. She says everything was a lie. She holds his collar and asks why did you do this with me. She asks if he knows that she was his internet friend and playing with her emotions. Jai says I was not doing any masti and joking, and says I came to know just few days back that you are my internet friend. Aadhya says when? He says in the café when you were reading the card. Jai says I was shocked as the friendship was special to me also. Aadhya thinks everyone was right about friendship on net and says it is all fake and says she hates him much. Jai says it is good that truth came out, now everything, our friendship is over…I was stupid to write cards for you. He says live your 18th century life. He says our friendship is over, it is wrong to invest even a second in this relation. He asks her to delete everything. Aadhya recalls chatting with him and cries. Jai is about to go. Aadhya says I have just one friend, who used to help me always, but today you have snatched my friend from me…Jai. Jai looks at her.

Aadhya comes back to Dadu’s house for the chunari rasam. She then asks jai why did he lie for her and taunts him. They make Aadhya wear chunari. Dadi realizes that the chunari which Aadhya is made to wear is for Jai’s would be wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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