Porus 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Saves Bamni and Chanakya From Dhananand

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Porus 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhananand takes Puru near palace’ main door to a room a nd says he must be confused thinking why he brought him here. Puru says he knows Dhananand would bring his father and guru here, he can call them now. Dhananand asks not to be surprised and shows Bamni and Chanakya being tied under fire with noose on their neck. Puru and Hasti are shocked seing there. Hasti asks what kind of joke is this, Dhananand promise to keep them as guests. Dhananand says don’t be excited kid and says Puru has lose either guru or father for his mistake, Puru himself brought so much wealth, but my intention was to free either Bamni or Chanakya, Puru has to take a decision soon now.

Ambhi Kumar heads towards Laachi’s room. Alka stops him and says it is wrong as Laachi is Puru’s wife. Ambhi says

he does not care if Laach is even pregnant, he wants her, strangulating her. She frees herself and stands shocked seeing her son’s cruelty. He says he is like his father who did not spare his sister, he will get Laachi at any cost.

Dhananand warns Puru again to choose between his father and guru. Puru says he will choose guru. Chanakya asks to save his first instead. Puru says it is duty to protect his guru first. Ambhi says he is proud of his son and did not make a mistake by selecting him as king. Dhananand says he liked his idea and orders Mahamartya to free Chanakya and tie Bamni. Bamni is tied on noose again. Puru says he asked to spare his guru, but did not say to let his father die. He kills soldiers. Dhananand orders Mahamartya who shoots barrel on which Bamni is balancing. Bamni falls. Puru jumps and holds him and saves him. He frees Bamni. Dhananand says he is overjoyed seeing Puru’s bravery, he can ask whatever he wants.

Laachi gives instructions to soldiers to be more alert in Puru’s absence. Ambhi walks in and says there is no use now as there is no one to protect Pourav rastra. Laachi says Pourav rastra’s maharani is still alive. Ambhi says Alexander must be reaching here anytime, forget Puru and everything, they both can stay happily away from Pourav rastra. Laachi stands shocked.

Precap: Ambhi runs lifting Laachi. Dasyu raj stops him. He warns Dasyu raj to return to Dasyu lok and celebrate his daughter’s second marriage, Alexander would be reaching anytime. Alexander heads with army heads towards Pourav rastra.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. exciting with lots of fun episode.

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Ambhi Kumar is very ambitious…He is going to be very sorry and probably has to beg for his life from either Puru or Laachi…he’d better hope it’s Puru.

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