Jiji Maa 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Karma fools Suyash

Jiji Maa 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Piyali saying Karma, I need to talk to you. He asks what did you say. She says again. Uttara smiles. Piyali says Suyash, I will answer you, first I need to talk to him. She takes the guy with her to her room. The guy says you got a lavish house. She asks did you break the prison. He says I went jail for you and escaped for you, you have changed, you are marrying without me, how dare you. He throws the necklace. Uttara thinks what is she talking to Karma. She asks Jayant to check on Piyali, the man looks terrible. Jayant agrees and asks Suyash to go to Piyali, they can’t leave Piyali with a stranger. Suyash asks Piyali to open the door, is she fine. The servant says someone has ignited fire intentionally. Falguni says something is wrong. She goes to check. Everyone asks Piyali

to open the door. Piyali says I m still the same, I love you a lot, this is just a drama. Karma says I can’t see you with anyone even in drama. Suyash breaks the door and they get in. They see Karma holding Piyali’s hand. Karma starts saying his one sided love story to them and apologizes to them. Uttara gets shocked. Karma asks Suyash to keep Piyali safe. Suyash and Karma go to check the fuse.

Falguni asks what’s all this, does this look good. Piyali says its tough to explain him right and wrong, he is my childhood friend, he is mad. They hear Suyash’s scream and rush to see. Karma says Suyash got a shock, I told him not to touch wrong wires. Suyash says he has saved my life. Falguni thanks him. Piyali says you burnt his hand intentionally right. Karma says yes, he had touched you. He stops Suyash and says I will attend Piyali’s marriage, let me stay here, I m a decent guy, don’t worry, I will stay decently. Suyash agrees.

Falguni says something is wrong. She goes to talk to Niyati. Jayant says I don’t find this right, Karma coming here to stay, Suyash reconsider your decision. Suyash says I have thought about it, I have no objection with Piyali’s past. Piyali says you got Karma here to stop this marriage, our motive is same, to hurt Falguni. Vidhaan says Suyash is hurting Falguni. Jayant says Suyash isn’t thinking anything. Falguni says Piyali got scared seeing Karma, maybe we can know Suyash’s helplessness, Lord doesn’t do anything just like that. Uttara says Suyash won’t marry you, I called him to control you. Falguni says maybe this marriage stops, I have belief in Lord and on my love also. Its morning, the girls dance in function. Falguni cooks food. She asks servant about Karma. Servant says Karma isn’t at home. Suyash comes in kitchen. Falguni gets hurt. Suyash gets worried for her and does the aid. She cries with his concern. He leaves. She answers doctor’s call. Doctor says I want to meet you to talk about Suyash. She asks who are you.

He says I know you well, you would have seen a change in Suyash’s behavior, can I come home and personally discuss. She says yes, how will I identify you. He says I will identify you. She says who is he. Doctor calls Uttara and says I will meet Falguni and put the entire blame of fake illness on Piyali, so that they assume that Piyali has done this to marry Suyash. Uttara recalls making this plan with the doctor to fool Suyash. Piyali dances with Niyati. Uttara thinks I did this drama to make Falguni out, but Piyali found her own benefit in this, it will be fun. Suyash goes to room. He says hate me Falguni, get away from me, you have to get habitual to live without me. Uttara dances and recalls the wrong medicines given to Suyash. Piyali thinks what’s Uttara planning. Suyash coughs. Falguni tells Niyati about the man’s call. Suyash falls down and shouts for help. Doctor comes home. Uttara signs him to go to Falguni.

Falguni asks Suyash are you inside. Doctor goes upstairs. Piyali runs to stop the doctor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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