Internet Wala Love 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai is in dilemma over his feelings for Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai thinking about Aadhya. Aadhya cries and messages him asking him to chat with her, writes you came to meet me, but didn’t meet me. She asks why he is not chatting with her and asks him to talk to her. She cries. Her sister comes and asks Aadhya when did she come? Aadhya says sometime back. Her sister tells her about Rupa. She asks why she is tensed? Aadhya says she is trying to find out. Jai’s friend comes to him and tries to talk. Her sister goes to freshen up. Jai asks his friend to go. His friend asks how is his new friend now and asks if he has any love connection with her, and asks if he gave his heart to her. Jai asks him not to talk nonsense. His friend asks him to set the girl with him and says he will take all his headache. Jai slaps him and asks him to

go. Jai thinks why the girl whom I hates a lot is my best friend, the one who gives me pain treats it too, how to forget that Aadhya is my internet friend whom Samrat will be engaging. Aadhya recalls Samrat’s bad behavior with her and cries. Shubhankar comes calling Aadhya. He tells that Samrat’s dadi called us on lunch and then they will do the chunari rasam. He goes. Aadhya cries. Jai’s friend is leaving. Jai stops him and says I didn’t leave you, but you are leaving you as I raised hand on you. He hugs him and asks him to slap him. His friend says I will slap you tomorrow. He asks if his tension is because of a girl. Jai calls him Rajjo and asks him not to use his mind much.

Aadhya messages him what happened to him suddenly and why is he not replying to her. Jai checks the message on his phone. Aadhya asks him to meet her. Jai says your engagement is after 2 days and I think we shall not meet. Aadhya says I need to talk to you, please show me right path, we will sit and talk about it. Jai says ok and says if you want to meet me then you have to search me. Aadhya thinks how? She checks messages and thinks how did he know that my engagement is after two days, I didn’t tell him date. She says whoever he is, he knows me.

Aadhya and her family come to Jai’s house. Shubhankar gives gift to Dadu. Dadu says we will distribute the expenses and spend. Rupa tells Puru that they will make them spend all. Dadi asks everyone to come and says they have a surprise. She tells them that she wants everyone to clear the misunderstanding and that’s why they will play passing parcel. Shubhankar turns come. His younger daughter asks him to sign. He refuses. Aadhya insists. She signs song. Jai looks at Aadhya. Shubhankar asks Rupa if she liked it. Rupa says it is old type song. Shubhankar says I sung according to your age. Rupa’s turn comes and Shubhankar asks her to tell some poetry. She tells poetry. Samrat gets a call and excuses himself. Jai messages hi to Aadhya. Aadhya says she came for lunch and asks him to guess, where? Jai asks whose house? Aadhya says to my colleague house, whom I wanted to murder then. Jai messages if she hates him. Aadhya recalls Jai taking her side and scolding a goon badmouthing about her. She says he is like a puzzle and stopped fighting with her.

Dada’s turns come and he goes to make the ambience romantic. He brings lantern and tells the romantic feelings for his wife when he first met her. Jai recalls first meeting with Aadhya and smiles. Dada tells about his love story of Dadi. Aadhya asks where did you meet her then? Dadu says he searched her everywhere and came to know that she was going to a marriage. Even I went there. Aadhya smiles. Dadu says when I went to marriage, she was looking so beautiful, I thought if she is married, did I come late? Dadi laughs and tells Jai that his Dadu was naughty. They again play the passing parcel. Aadhya’s turn comes. Samrat says I want to punish her and asks her to think what she thinks of her.

Aadhya comes to the restaurant. Waiter gives her something and says he got it while cleaning and it must be of her friend. She checks it and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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