Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishika gets Roop arrested by Ranvir

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishika reading the message on the poster, if you can’t be mine then you can’t become of anyone else. Mota Kaka acts and asks who dared to paste posters on our walls. Rupesh pulls the posters and replies to neighbors taunting them. Ishika thinks Roop has shown his truth. She pulls one of the poster and goes inside. Mota kaka tells Rupesh, your daughter will romance and you will blame the neighbors. Mota Kaki blames them. Himani, Himanshu and Roop are doing exercise. Himani tells him that the exercise is completed, but Roop is still doing.

Ishika comes to Shamsher’s house and rings her scooty horn. Shamsher comes out and sees her. Ishika says your son has got my posters pasted in my neighborhood and insulted me. She asks where is he? Kamla says my

son can’t do this. Kinjal says I trust my brother. Ishani calls Roop. Roop asks Himani to do jogging and says he will also exercise. Kinjal calls Roop, but he don’t pick the call. Ishika says he has hidden his face and shows the message on the poster. She says until I meet him, I will not go anywhere. Shamsher asks her to keep quiet and says Roop is a man and can do anything, but how can you cross your limits. Kamla asks him to calm down and says she will talk to her. Shamsher pushes her. Ishika holds her and says you can’t behave like this with your wife, and your son behaves wrongly with me. Shamsher asks her to stop it and says how she can blame Roop. He shows the poster and says she is intimate with Roop in the poster. He says when such things come out, then the girls blame the guy. Ishika says you are Roop’s family, what can I expect from you. Ranvir is outside and boasts about his idea.

Kamla asks Kinjal to call Roop. She calls him again and he picks her call. Kinjal tells him everything. Roop is shocked and says I will talk to Ishika. Ishika comes to the park and sees Roop. She calls his name. Roop sees a fast car coming towards her, runs and saves her in the nick of time. He asks if she is fine? Ishika asks him not to touch her and asks what he wants to prove that she is characterless and having an affair with him. She says I will not leave you. Himani comes and says Ishika…my brother haven’t done anything. Ishika is shocked and says I used to admire you, but I didn’t know that this goon is your brother. Himani tries to talk to her. Ishika asks her not to interfere and says she came to take Roop to Police station. Roop asks her not to call Police. Ishika calls Police. Himani says you did wrong to involve family members. Himanshu says even I am a police officer and can help you, but I know him personally. He asks her to show the proofs against Roop. Ishika argues with him. Roop takes her scooty and goes. Himani calls Kamla and tells everything. Kamla gets worried. Bua taunts her.

Mota Kaka tells Rupesh that he explained him many times to get Ishika married, but now she is spoiled. Roop comes and says Ishika is not spoiled. Dhawal calls Ranvir and asks him to come there. Roop says I came to clear misunderstanding. Rupesh believes Roop, but Kanchal refuses to believe him. Ranvir comes with Ishika and asks Constables to arrest Roop. Roop says I am innocent. Ranvir says I will handcuff this goon. Roop says don’t touch me, I am innocent. He asks Ishika to listen to him. Rupesh asks Ranvir to let Roop speak. Kanchal asks Rupesh to let him get arrested and says today he posted poster on our walls and will post in the city. Mota kaka says this is happening because of your daughter. Kanchal tells Ishika that she will not listen to her anymore and has decided. She asks her to think again about marrying Ranvir. Rupesh tries to speak to Kanchal, but in vain. Roop tells Ranvir that he is doing wrong as he locks him in the lock up. Ranvir says you have misbehaved a girl and looks angrily.

Shamsher tries to beat Roop with stick when Himani comes and holds the stairs asking him to leave Roop, gives bail papers. Ishika agrees to marry Ranvir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. does Ishika know that Ranvir and Roop are also related?

  2. God i hope ishika gets married to that 2 faced SOB.

  3. Why did Donal accept such a spoilt girl character. I love her role in EDT. But I wonder how did she even accept it??? We fans are not able to see her in this role!!! Plz writers make her role good towards Roop and remove this Ranvir out of the picture

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