Malik Princess of Sheeshmahal and his bride – Part 2

Manipulation On Full Mode 

Swara Malik is not type of lady to think over someone she found whose connection will lead to her twin unfortunately sister Sara miserable life more then she is living now. Because today she had been in City hospital not in orphanage and have gotten wind of some Dr Khan cursing particular Maheshwari who have been in suicidal mood. She would have shrugged off if not for her father repeating words of marrying her twin sister to Maheshwari young man. Swara signed helplessly that time and gave two thousand rupees to near nurse and have her tell him details finally she found out from over gossiping nurse that young man is actually Sara Knight in armour would be husband who have tried to suicide in pressure of marrying Royal Malik Princess because of his mother reputation and father promise to Mr Malik. Maheshwari young man wouldn’t have been saved if the knife would be purchased from renowned crockery shop of Lucknow as nurse explain with also adding that nurse family always purchased utensils from most popular shop of utensils which is called Shyama crockery. Swara had just shook her head and move out to have peek on PTSD Fiance of her Twin Sister. Because Swara realise it can also lead to Sara attempting suicide if her husband to be look hideous and have no standard to match to her.And what she find made her mouth shut as she just stared hard from the small glass window to the Chocolate Prince charming sitting on bed staring the ventilator which is giving him unnecessary blood when he only wanted to cut more out of it from his nerves,Swara believed.

Swara only come to conclusions that Her twin sister is really in need of saving because marrying this pretty face who his the good quality of beast inside her is only going to make her life miserable. And how She come to this decision well it’s not everyday you see manipulative bastard of RAW agents specialist in technology department doing the role of pressurised man suffering from PTSD when the said man enjoyed to send others in role of PTSD. She have never deal with said Agent but know enough to think twice before believing or his shown act.

And that was how Swara Malik find herself musing over to save or no save her twin Sister Sara Malik who likely right now scheming to made Swara life miserable without any agents in twist.

Swara scoffed let both b*t*h and bastard marry each other Sammie it will only going to be fun of those two make each other breathing difficult each day. And she close her eyes to have nice peaceful sleep knowing well this marriage is going to be more entertaining then she realised.


‘hey! Lucky stop frowning. Its just some stupid marriage proposal don’t make it sound like some atomic bomb.’ Sanskar told his brother laughing in between at his brother glare.

Laksh frustrated by his teasing took his new smartphone and throw it across the room. ‘Bhai this is blo*dy serious!! Those who called themselves my parents actually sold me to someone daughter because of money. And what I do basically cry like idiot for being depended on our parents so much to can’t get to refuse.’

Sanskar sobered,eye his lucky for a long time with calculative gaze.

Laksh who caught the look immediately felt himself grinned. ‘you have plan.’ he said with such relief like he really was not going to marry with anyone in anyway.

Sanskar nodded his head slowly as he made his way towards long French windows viewing London City quietly.

‘What are you going to do bhai? ‘Laksh ask coming behind him.

He thought then explained his plan’ You are going to runaway to Rome for your next project regarding. And I am going to India in your place. I will try to make our parents understand in my language. ‘

‘ Like being manipulative bastard with them? Don’t hope too much. ‘Laksh mutter. Sanskar throw glare towards him.

‘ nobody wants suicidal son in law for their daughter as much I know. ‘he finished his plan with smug look.

Laksh jaw dropped in shocked.

Sanskar stretch himself as he walk inside the halls of Sheeshmahal Palace with his hospital reports after being brutally manhandled by his three childhood buddies . He gaze around the sheer beauty of Palace in surprised because he never saw place where so much gold is on ceiling on open display. If I get this much gold I would be right now doing the breaking them apart from ceiling itself. He stopped when he reached living room while the servant who was directing him here gone to call their owners. Sanskar immediately observed their is no Cctv cameras and move to table where newspapers and articles are kept he hid his hospital file in between them. And easily sat on one comfortable sofa like King. Now no longer marriage is going to happen.

Sanskar smirked his plan going to work superb. And he will be back with his brother and friends to London living his life without any problem from his parents. Promise or reputation don’t matter to him more then his brother happiness. He boringly pick up one newspaper and started reading it silently.

Soon enough Omkar Malik walk down stairs and saw young man reading newspaper. He took one moment to admire the man because not everyone have in themselves to become son in law of Malik family. And he can see he have chosen perfectly. He clear his throat making young man startled as he look up and eyes widen.

‘I am sorry Mr Malik I didn’t saw you coming. ‘Sanskar easily slid in his role of playing meek and reserved young man knowing well that’s what this man wanted him to be. After all he have done his research regarding Malik family thoroughly. And I know I am dealing with dangerous old King.

Omkar Malik waved his hand and sat opposite of him waving him to do the same. ‘That’s okay I am really don’t take royalty seriously like bowing to me is one of them.’ when without bowing you can get what you want. He mentally added silently.

Sanskar nodded smiling fakery ‘very well said Mr Malik. I just wanted to meet with you and your daughter before marriage rituals starts. I mean all we have five days to know each other somewhat before marriage.’ not that going to happen but it’s good to take a look on your potential opponents sheer power and capability.

Mr Malik chuckle ‘Of course young generation. Tell me about yourself young man and regarding your life in London.’ even I got your life full history from my private Spies.

Sanskar look down in embarrassment but he still started talking ‘I Live with my brother and friends in apartment. Where my younger brother is wildlife photographer in training, I am head cook in my restaurant. Dad really understand us so he doesn’t take objections regarding our career choice.’ even if he did nothing he can do I know how to handle them.

Omkar nodded then said happily ‘My daughter is also not in family business. She is studying architect designer only few months are left for her to complete her studies.’

‘That’s nice to hear. Can I meet her now, Mr Malik? ‘Sanskar ask looking impress and he is.

‘ Why not? Come we should go upstairs. She is right now again in one of her sketches. Hard working and passionate. ‘Omkar Malik proudly said and stood up with Sanskar and they both started walking towards upstairs.

Reaching near the Princes room Sanskar know moment come to whatever possibility is their to finish this alliance carefully.

Omkar Malik left from their.

Sanskar knock the door and when it open he was met with the Royal Princess Sara Malik standing in most sophisticated Indian dress which is called suit looking every inch of royalty in red blood colour. Her dark eyes stared him and access with arrogance finally she dismissed him and moved to make her way on recliner.

He really wanted to be anywhere then here under the access of arrogant Princess but he have promised his brother to break this alliance once for all.

‘Hello my name is Sanskar Maheshwari. ‘He politely started but the bored look which was thrown towards him make feel wicked inside. I so loved to be underestimated.

‘I know and you should know this marriage is nothing but convenience for me.’ Sara Malik stated then started the speech over marriage contract what he can understand.

Sanskar Maheshwari was really glad his brother was not here who believe in marriage only now and after listening whatever faith he have will vanished.

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