INSTORE FOR US… it’s her story (shot 3)

At night,

Maya walks to her apartment. She finds a pack wrapped like a gift and takes it,

She opens the cover sitting in her bed. She is shocked and surprised…

It’s an album with her drawings…

Arjun: Hai Maya, 19th March 2019 on that day a precious moment took place in my life.My heart found out its other half. Expect you, everyone become strangers for me. An invisible wall got created between me and them . You might just be another person to the world. But for me you became my world. Please forgive me. Because I have no words to express how much I love you. But one thing for sure, everytime I take a breath I think of you. Love you.

Maya gets happy and tears rolls out of her eyes seeing the letter…


Arjun noticing Maya and smiling. He also starts following her. Even he was practising dialogues…

Arjun: Hai, I am Arjun sharma. First year Mtech.

Even he also peeps through the door hole to see her.

In short, Maya was his crush.


Maya sits happy hugging the album.

She runs out and opens the door. Maya stands at Arjun’s door step. She nods yes happily.

Arjun who was peeping through his door hole comes out.

Maya:who was she?

Arjun:My office colleague, she proposed me.

Maya:what did you say?

Arjun: I told her ” that there’s a girl who has made me forget all other girls in the world ” that I came to mumbai for her.

Maya smiles…

Maya: I was the one who was stealing your drawings from college.

Arjun gets surprised.

Arjun: I was putting them only to impress you.

They smile.

Arjun: do you know now? Whose dream you were always up in?

Maya:yes… we wasted three years right?

Arjun:but there are many more to go.

Both sees each other and hugs tightly…

They stand hugging each other happily…

Finally, love birds are united….

They are now in a theatre.

Maya is smiling looking at Arjun.

Maya: I love you…

Arjun: it’s already time. They are not starting the movie yet.

Maya:I love you!

Arjun: did you say something?

Maya:didn’t you hear me?


Maya:what happened to you today? On normal days, you would say 100 times. You are pretending like this, when I said once. What’s wrong? Are you angry on me?

Arjun:I have no reasons to get angry on you. The things is I read on newspaper. One touch is equal to 1000 words.


Arjun smiles and holds her hand…

Arjun: we are going to live the rest of our lives together right?

Maya nods yes.

Arjun:if anyone of us wants to say I Love You,we need to hold each others hand and I love you…

While saying I Love You…. Arjun presses her hand.

Arjun: press each others hand thrice. Doing it once is same as saying it 1000 times. One touch is equal to 1000 words.

Maya:yes, I can sense the difference. But it’s incomplete. How shall I reply?

Arjun:very smart… it’s very easy Press it twice and say Me too.

Maya:seems childish, but it’s effective.

Movie starts…

In between Arjun sees her smile and admires her.

He holds her hands and says I love you pressing…

Maya:Me too… pressing.

Maya leans in his shoulder and enjoys the rest of the film.

Thank you anu,shesha and jasmine rahul. Hope you liked it.

  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Didn’t expect Arjun too followed Maya in these days. But a doubt, it’s been three years of since they meet but how come Arjun stalked Maya last year in college. Anyways, Loved the way Arjun expressed the meaning of touch. The way Arjun proposed is awesome. It is humourous to see when each other long for each other’s attention. Excited for the next chapter

  2. Jasminerahul

    surprising that arjun too loved Maya in college.the biggest surprise was arjun putting up the paintings there to impress Maya.I just loved their dialogues. .confession n hug.arjun’s views on I love you hand pressing was lovely.superb pics

  3. I too liked it.๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”. Episode was lovely. Wondering what’s the story ahead….๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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