Yeshu 2nd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Neema surrenders herself to Yeshu

Yeshu 2nd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yeshu asking God to help him. Maria asks Yeshu to apologize to Rabbi Guru ji and says how Neema will get her eye sight as she is blind since years. Yeshu says he has seen a butterfly flying after coming out of the shell. Neema tells Leena that she don’t want to upset yeshu. Leena asks her to obey Yeshu and surrender herself to God once. Rabbi Guru ji thinks he will make the villagers against Yeshu. He sits for the meeting with the people. Neema comes there with Leena. Rabbi Guru ji feels himself as the winner. Leena thinks her daughter is going to lose. Neema tells Leena that she can’t see Yeshu getting punished because of her and tells that it is better to die rather than losing. Leena is shocked. They come to Rabbi Guru ji. Neema sits on the chair. Yeshu also comes there with his parents. Yeshu feels that something wrong is going to happen and asks how can anyone refuse God’s gift. Mary thinks he is God’s son and has sensed what is in Neema’s mind. She asks him to do something so that Neema wants to take up the gift of God.

Someone says that all the villagers have gathered. Rabbi Guru ji holds Neema’s hand. Yeshu goes to him and says I am bending down my head infront of God staying in you. Rabbi Guru ji says you all know me since years, I never got angry, but can’t bear people insulting God. He says I have forgiven this boy till now, and also gave him a chance and asked him to prove and make his daughter get back her eye sight in 2 days. He says 2 days have passed, decision time now. The people says Guru ji is saying right. Devdoodh prays to God and says I hope you will support Yeshu and won’t let him lose. Shaitaan comes there and asks if you are worried, where Yeshu will go when thrown out by Rabbi Guru ji. Devdoodh says you will soon know who will win.

Rabbi Guru ji acts infront of the people and tells that his daughter is still blind and doing penance. He whispers in Yeshu’s ears that he has lost. He says I am declaring punishment and orders yeshu and his family to leave the village now itself. Maria asks Mary to ask Yeshu to apologize to Rabbi Guru ji. Yeshu says it is not yet 2 days now, God can return Neema’s eye sight. Rabbi Guru ji says how he is arguing with me, I would have taught you good parenting, but you people are leaving today. Joseph says we have given good values to him, and whatever happens is with God’s wish. Rabbi Guru ji asks what he wants to get from God while leaving the village. Yeshu says sympathy. Maria says apologize to him. Rabbi Guru ji laughs and asks what kind of sympathy from me? Yeshu says I want sympathy from God and wants your permission to talk to Neema once. Neema asks Leena to come inside and says she wants to die and end this matter. Rabbi Guru ji says go and talk to Yeshu.

Yeshu goes to her and asks her to surrender herself to God to get rid of all the bad thoughts. He asks her to stop testing God, so that he also stop testing her. The people ask what is he saying? Neema says when I opened my eyes, I saw darkness and heard the people’s taunts. She says I didn’t want sympathy, but love and care. She says nobody thought of this before you and tells that whenever she got angry, she took out her anger on God as she suffered so much because of him. She says atleast someone believed me and tells that his true sympathy, true thoughts and true care are enough for her. She says she don’t want her eye sight. Yeshu asks her to surrender herself to God to get over the bad thoughts and says if you bend down infront of someone then you are surrendering to the God inside that person. Neema tells that she is surrendering herself before her friend Yeshu, as he is like a God to her. She bends down her head before yeshu. There is a thunder storm in the sky.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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