Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Villagers protest outside Ram ji’s house

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

It was dark at night. Villagers sat around fire when they were frightened by the presence of a veiled creature, making unusual noises. It claims to be ghost of Bhima bai who came for her death revenge. Every villager was terrified and finds escape. There was a chaos amongst villagers. Maharaj’s men gather wondering where the villagers are. When the villagers reach, they lead them all to Maharaj’s residence who can solely help them.

Inside, Maharaj waits in a calm way. He says the villagers must be left to suffer. If water and help are valued if they come after suffering.

Ram ji was washing dishes. Bhim comes to him and asks him to leave these house chores on them siblings. Ram Ji tells them to go and sleep, he will take care of these chores. Ram ji says it will adversely affect their studies, play time and their sleep pattern as well. Bhim calls all siblings outside. They run outside, ready to help Ram ji. Ram ji advices them not to cross lines of anyone’s responsibilities, in the wake of their emotions. Bhim understands and stops the siblings.

Maharaj comes out to speak to villagers to go to Tantric Baba. The villagers object that Baba has already been fooled by Ram ji and Bhim Rao. Maharaj offers to do a Pooja for the safety of villagers and sending the ghost away; but it is mandatory that Bhima Bai’s family participates in the Pooja. Villagers agree to tie up the family and bring them to pooja. Maharaj disagrees upon hurting anyone for peaceful pooja.

Ram ji comes to rest. His children come to massage his legs and arms. Anand says it is now their responsibility, and they wonder why they never cared for their Ayi. They hear the villagers chanting and shouting slogans outside the house to get them rid of Bhim Bai’s ghost. Ram ji’s family rush outside. Bhim was not ready for any pooja. The villagers sit in protest.

Maharaj laughs that this time they have used Bhim Rao’s strategy this time. When villagers will compel them for pooja, Bhim Rao and family will again come in their control. They will force Ram ji’s children to leave their studies. People of their caste should not be allowed to study.

Bhim convince the villagers that his Ayi is not unpeaceful. She is more peaceful than she was here. Ram ji also requests the villagers to spare them, they are already tensed. Bhima Bai never caused anyone of them any troubles when alive. Villagers were not ready to leave.

Bhim comes inside and writes in his diary that one must never elevate someone’s troubles in difficult times. He will never forget how Maharaj created problems for them after his mother’s death. Anand comes inside to Ram ji and Bhim, saying they are sitting outside. Bhim says right is supported by nature, while those at false have no support.

It was morning. Villagers deny eating anything. Ram ji brings milk for Bhim, but he denies, saying they must also remain hungry and thirsty. May be, they can solve this problem together. Villagers demand them to conduct the pooja. Bhim denies, as he believed Bhimabai was not unpeaceful. Ram ji tells Bala to set for work, and Bhim and Anand to school; he will take care of villagers.

Maharaj discusses with his men that Ram ji will now understand he must comply to demands of upper cast people. Champa intervenes that it seems unreasonable to go to Ram ji’s house specially amidst sit in. Maharaj was annoyed at her helplessness.

On their way, Bhim speaks to Anand that they must find out what this ghost matter is about. If Ayi was behind this, he must know. He wonders if Maharaj is behind all this. Anand convince Bhim to let him find it out.

Maharaj suggests Champa to go with someone else, if not alone.

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