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In morning
rudra and mohan wakeup from bed… with heavy gangover..see side table two lemon juice glass and take drink it them…paro enter room and give another two glass lemon juice…and said get ready time is 9 …

In office
megha wait mohan.. mohan enter cabin.. megha smilingly give sweet and mohan ask for reason… megha said today ur princess birthday… mohan understand but tease megha.. mohan ask treat from megha..megha and mohan goto one orphanage.. megha give sweets to all of them and told mohan i’m very happy..mohan ask megha today u miss any person in ur life.. megha reply ya my bf.. mohan similingly k..anyother.. like brother.. friend.. megha said no.. sametime megha receive wishes msg from rudra..megha delete msg.. mohan ask whose msg.. megha said unwanted msg…mohan reply unwanted msg…r… unwanted person.. megha think that mohan in jealous said ya my close friend msg… mohan phone rings and display see rudra name..mohan cut the phone call… megha ask whose call.. mojan reply my gf… megha said busy times only switchoff phone… mohan in phone change rudra name as brother and ask megha what busy.. mohan phone rings megha take phone from mohan hand see name brother attend call said how r u.. rudra hear voice shock..megha said i’m ur brother colleague and today my birhday so i’m giving small treat to mohan sir… plz u also wish me sir… rudra eyes full of tears said wish u more happy returns of the day… megha said thanks.. plz tell ur name.. mohan took phone from megha’s hand and cut the call.. megha said thanks.. mohan ask y u said thanks to me… i spoke to ur brother but i’m inside… my heart feeling that person something special to me… mohan similely look megha.. megha ask gift to mohan.. mohan said i don’t know today ur birhday… so i give gift tmrw.. megha said no need ur tmrw gift… mohan phone rings see rudra name… mohan cut call.. drop megha at office and go to bsd office…

mohan angrily ask y u call manytimes.. rudra hug mohan said thanks.. mohan anger is vanished saod its ok.. rudra ask plz u give one favour.. mohan reply no.. rudra repeately ask.. mohan said u r my brother no word use plz only tell this is ur order… rudra eyes fill with tears and hug mohan…

in megha house
9 o clock one person jump inside megha room via window.. megha see some shadow and shout come megha room look full room search thief… and megha look under table see mohan… megha in schock shout u… mr.bhalla ask u see theif… megha said i see rat… mr.bhalla give wooden stick to megha bite rat.. megha said rat already went… mr.mrs.bhalla leave megha room. megha ask mohan y u late night come… mohan said u ask gift na… this is ur gift… mohan give two gift boxes to megha.. megha ask two gift… mohan said one my bro side gift.. megha first open rudra gift see ice cream , choclates and one earings… megha ask mohan y ur brother give costly gift…….u like it na..megha reply i like it but it is very costly so i don’t accept… mohan ask u only accept gift see prize and not for person heart… megha said k i will accept… mohan said look my gift and megha take gift box in hand look mohan lovingly and turn opposite side open box.. mohan ask u like my gift and megha said wait 5 minits… megha take gift box to washroom.. after 5 minits she come out washroom call mohan. mohan turns and is shocked seeing her looking stunning in the blue dress he gifted her. She looks pretty. mohan says nothing, I don’t have anything to say for the first time, you are looking good.

smooth air is blowing on the face her hair beautifully folating on air. mohan extends hand to touch her cheek sofly..megha closes her eyes and feel her soft touch…he cups her face in two hands and kiss her cheek and she looks him lovingly…they lost eachother eyes …they distrubte one phone call.. they come to sense and separte them… mohan attend call and megha go to wahroom look mirror and touch her cheek in hand and think the moment happily… megha come out of washroom look mohan and said i’m not understand why…. mohan interupt said sorry.. i’m not in sense so i kiss u but i promise i don’t have any feelings from u.. u trust me na… megha eyes fill with tears… megha said i’m not affraid to tell anything… i love you… mohan… i love u..and hug mohan.. mohan doesn’t hug megha…mohan push megha.. megha in shock.. megha look mohan with teary eyes… mohan said i’m not loving u… i think u r my friend.. u wrongly understand.. mohan ready to leave megha hold mohan hand said u think onemore time and tell i will wait for ur reply.. mohan slap megha said i’m break ur friendship with me and said u r only staff my office and no any relation with me…mohan leave.. megha crying…

in rudra room
mohan enter room see rudra doesn’t sleeping.. rudra ask mohan megha like my gift na..mohan said ya in sad face.. mohan ask y u gift earing. she ask many questions..
rudra told she like earings so i gift and ask what u give my sister… mohan think he kiss megha.. my gift she doesn’t like it.. rudra said don’t feel worry she understand…rudra sleeping..mohan think about megha words and megha think about mohan harsh words…

in morning
mr.ranawat told all family members tmrw one small poja in all of them going to shopping and buy new dresses..
mr.ranawat call mohan..mohan phone rings…mohan attend call mr.ranawat said give phone to rudra..mohan give phone to rudra.. mr.ranawat told rudra u buy one dress from paro.. rudra said i don’t know ladies dress taste. .mr.ran..said u select paro like it.. rudra said mohan select paro dress.. cut call..rudra busy in selecting his dress… mohan and said rudra only select paro dress u don’t select. .mohan ask reason. .mr.ran.told something mohan feel bad..

mohan ask sorry to megha….

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