Swaragini a journey to love episode 14

Swaragini a journey to love episode 14
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Recap raglak excitement on hearing about the twins and questioning on armaan presence’a

Raglak in the car
Lakshya is driving and thinking about the twins and breaks the silence between him and ragini
Lakshya: ragini wat r we gonna name our children
Ragini doesn’t answer and stays mum
Lakshya: ragini wat happened were r u lost
Ragini: nothing it’s just that first time In our family we r going to have twins
Lakshya: it’s all cuz of us we made history Innit ragini
Ragini: very funny
Lakshya: no I’m being serious anyways wat do u want
Ragini: wat do u mean
Lakshya: I mean with the gender
Ragini: I dnt mind anything actually but they should be healthy
Lakshya: true
Ragini: btw lakshya I still haven’t forgiven u yet
Lakshya: I knw ragini and I respect ur decision but trust me ragini im trying to rectify my mistake and anyways I already nw u were having twins wen I saw u after 4 months 4 the fist time
Ragini: how
Lakshya: cuz of ur stomache
Ragini: wat tell me clearly lakshya I’m not not a nursery teacher that I will understand rhymes
Lakshya: ragini luks at ur stomache it has turn from small to big that not even me but any other stranger will cum and say that u r expecting twins
Ragini hit him

Ragini: shut up lakshya ur saying That cuz u dnt hav to carry the kids and give birth to them and u guys dnt even take care of them we do and u just put the label of papa or dad and just chill we hav to do everything and I’ll see how much u do our kids jobs like changing their nappies
After saying That ragini realises wat she just said
Ragini: vo vo actually em em
Lakshya: it’s ok ragini I understand and anyways u said the right thing and dw I will help u with our kids but not with the nappy part
Ragini: I knw it
Lakshya: no it’s cuz i I I dnt knw how to change a nappy
Ragini: just for that reason I’ll teach u or just luk at the internet or a book or ask maa
Ragini: lakshya u were asking about the gender right
Lakshya: yh
Ragini: wat if it’s two girls
Lakshya: then it will be a big problem
Ragini luks on shocked
Ragini: wat do u mean by problem
Lakshya:I mean that 3 girls and 1 boy it’s 2 dangerous any sensible man wouldn’t want to be in that situation
Ragini gets angry and teary eyed
Lakshya luks at her
Lakshya: ragini I was only jk u got serious and I dnt care wat the gender is all I care that the babies should be healthy

Swara calls sanksaar repeatedly but he doesn’t answer
Swara: what the hell were is this sanskaar ka bacha I am soo not gonna spare him
Sanksaar is in office with dp and rp rp suddenly gets a call and luks at dp
Dp: who is it ram
Rp: bhaisa vo
Dp: ram I asked who is it
Rp: bhaisa it’s sujata
Dp: attend the call ram
Rp: ji bhaisa hello sujata wat happened why did u call me
Sujata: ji is hitler bhaisa around u
Rp: wat r u saying sujata shut up(chup kar)
Dp: put it on speaker ram
Rp: bhaisa
Dp: ram

Ram puts it on speaker and suys in his head
Ram: sujata dnt say anything foolish bhaisa is listening
Sujata: ji were r u gone I asked is hitler bhaisa around
Dp gets shocked and sanskaar starts laughing
Rp: chup kar sujata
Sujata: anyways ji come back early
Rp: why
Sujata: wat do u say in English yes miss yes that’s it I miss u ji
Dp luks at rp angrily and sanskaar starts laughing dp luks at him again
And sanksaar stops
Dp ask ram to hang up and ram does
Rp: Bhaisa
Dp: enough ram both of u go to ur cabins
Sanskaar goes to his cabin and sees soo many missed calls of swara and calls her back swara answers her phone
Swara: hello
Sanskaar: hey beuatiful wat r u doin
And btw I love the smile on ur face

Swara: handsome how do u knw that I am smiling
Sanskaar: becuz it’s called heart connection and by the way I knw that wen u hear my voice u get happy
Swara: that’s true sanskaar baba is calling me I will call u later
Sanskaar: ok done
Ragini thinks about armaan and remembers wat happened to armaan
Laskhya: btw ragini we’re did armaan go is he gone back to America or smthing

Precap ragini reveals to lakshya about armaan

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