swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 20)

Hey guyz I have read your comments you’ll want twist after after the marriage I think you’ll are scared for swasan and raglak hey plz don’t be scared its necessary before the marriage as it’s a test of their faith and their love so plz do accept this twist as you’ll have very much patience during proposal and swara’s operation so like this also and don’t worry it will bring our couples more close and plz do comments about your point of view I read each and every comment as they only give me strength to write so plz
Recap : swara returns to home

In maheswari house gadodia family came all greeted them
All sat and pandit ji came he started to read all fours kundli in the mean while swara was very much tensed sanskaar was standing beside her and whispers in her ear : don’t worry our kundli will match because we are made for each other
Listening to it swara looked at sanskaar and smiled
On the other side ragini was too tensed and said to laksh
Ragini : laksh if our kundli doesn’t match then
Laksh : so what if parents give permission then will marry neither will run away what say
Ragini : every time you joke at least see the time and joke na
Laksh : sorry baba don’t worry it will match
Pandit ji : impossible
All became tensed by hearing his words swaragini were now more tensed and started to bite their nails
Anupurna : pandit ji is anything wrong in the kundli
Sharmishta : yes is anything wrong
Pandit : no there is nothing wrong actually the both couple are made for eachother but they will face some circumstances in their life but they will be together always
Anupurna : oh wow that’s great congrats sharmishta ji
Sharmishta : congrats you too anupurna ji
Shekhar : congrats durga Prasad ji we are now officially samdhii
Durga Prasad : yes yes congrats to you too so pandit ji take out the dates for wedding
Pandit : oh shubh mahurat is after 15 days after that there are shubh mahurat for their wedding if they have to wait for 1 year before that there is not
Shekhar : oh but 15 days is too less
durga Prasad : don’t worry shekhar ji we both will do the preparations together
shekhar : ok
anupurna : and we want as soon as possible our angels come soon to our house
swaragini blushed and sanklak were happy as their marriage is going to happen soon
all were busy in discussing about marriage so sanlak without wasting time took them to the corners seperatly

on swasan side
swara : sanskaar what are you doing everyone is sitting there and you took me here what will they think leave me I have to go
sanskaar blocked her ways : this is only I cant do I cant leave you na
swara : stop it sanskaar after 15 days I will be your forever then don’t leave me but stop teasing me now
sanskaar : ya after the marriage I will not leave you for a second and I am very happy that our marriage is taking place after 15 days
swara : ya mee too you know what sanskaar yesterday I got a nightmare that somebody is taking is taking you away from me it was my worst nightmare I was too scared sanskaar
sanskaar : oh common swara it was just a night mare it was not the truth and nobody will snatch me from you ok
and saying this swara hugged him tightly
swara : I know sanskaar but it scares me whenever I think of going away from you
sanskaar : its ok swara we are together and nobody will be able to separate us expect from god
swara : ya and she smiled
and both were lost in eachother hug

at raglak side
ragini : leave me why you have brought me here
laksh : to kidnap you how dumb question ragini I have bought you here to..
ragini : only two things you know first joke and second romance you cant think beyond these two na
laksh : what should I do your love has made me romantic
ragini : laksh I wanted to tell you something
laksh : yup say
ragini : laksh I am feeling that something gonna happen wrong and pandit ji also told that we will be having circumstances what does that mean am really scared laksh if we sepreate then
laksh : ragini stop it yr we will not gonna separate are problems comes in everybody’s life yr but till we both are together ok so don’t be scared you believe in my love na
ragini : yes I do trust
laksh : so just trust me I will not leave you ever and we both will fight all the problems ok
ragini : I know laksh when you are with me how can we get separated but
laksh : no buts ok and stop talking of these ok neither I will kiss you
ragini : laksh you na
saying these they both hugged eachother suddenly laksh saw swasan in one corner hugging eachother so he decided to disturb them
laskh : ragini see swara and sanskaar lets disturb them come
ragini : laksh you na but its really interesting to disturb them
laksh : oh ho you are becoming naughty not bad
ragini : its because of you now come
laksh : yup come

they go to swasan swasan were busy hugging each other so they don’t know raglak were too standing so laksh decide to tease them
laksh in shekhars voice a; no I cant see these my swara oh no
ragini : in sharmishtas voice : shone what are you doing
swasan were shocked
swara : no maa I have did nothing
sanskaar : no uncle we were doing nothing
suddenly they realize that this was raglak plan
sanskaar : laskh and ragini you both scared us
swara : oh god I was so much scared yr
laskh : oh ho bhabhi ji wait for someday why you both are becoming so impatent
ragini : yes my future jiju wait until marriage after tahat do whatever you want we will not disturb youll
swasan were little embraased
sanskaar : ok now stop it ok and don’t forget your days
raglak : which days
swara : yes sanskaar somebody has forgotten their days in London and in hotel what you both did should I say
raglak remembers and became embarrass
ragini : ok now stop it swara
and both swasan and raglak laugh suddenly they heard someone’s voice
sanskaar : who has came yr
laksh : lets see
sanlak were shocked to see kavita and kavya
kavita and kavya are sisters they both are niece of sujata kavita was having crush on sanskaar from childhood and she was possessive for sanskaar and kavya was loving laksh from her childhood and she was over possessive when she saw laksh with some other girls . and laksh and sanskaar didn’t like them very much as they very much chipku always sanlak maintained distance from them
sujata was overwhelmed to see them
sujata : are welcome kavya and kavita its been many years to see you’ll are jiji see who have come

both kavya and kavita went to take blessings from durga Prasad and anupurna
kavita : Namaste uncle Namaste aunty
kavya : Namaste uncle and aunty
anupurna : what a surprise kavya and kavita how did youll came
kavya : its been long time that we have see youll so we came here
kavita : to meet youll and to meet our both friends but it seems that you’ll are busy in some meeting
durga Prasad : actually you both have came at correct time come we have to meet you’ll to some body come this is shekhar gadodia and sharmistha ji
kavya and kavita : Namaste
durga Prasad : our samdhii
both were hell shocked
durga Prasad : and his is swara she will marry sanskaar and this is ragini she will be marrying our laksh
both were shocked and was fuming in anger
swaragini : hello kavita and kavya
both were shocked but still a fake smile : hello
actally bua we are tired can we go to the guest room and rest for some time
sujata : ya ya sure go
swaragini were felling strange by their behavior they both asked to sanlak : who are they
sanskaar : actually they are our cousins and (he was about to say about crush but laksh notice this and cutted his words)
laksh : and they are our friends too bas they are angry that we didn’t told them about youll
swaragini : oh I see
and laksh took sanskaar to the corner
sanskaar : laksh why did you stop me they need to know that yr
laksh : bhai I am not stopping you its just that they will be unwantedly scare and will take that pandit jis words more seriously dont say them now we will say them after some days
sanskaar : I think you are right we should say them after some days
laskh : yup come

in guest room
kavya : how dare they how can they love somebody yr
kavita : that’s what I am thinking
kavya : when I heard about marriage I felt like killing that both sisters
kavita : relax kavya sanlak will be ours remain quite for some days ok I have a plan ok
kavya : oh its your plan then it will work i vow today that I will destroy their lives
kavita : ya mee too
and screen freezes on both swasan and raglak happy faces and kavita and kavyas evil smile

precap : kavita and kavyas make plan to sepreate them

so guyz finished my 20 part so do you’ll like it hoping so plz do comments I strongly need your comments see you tomorrow bye

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