Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 6

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Sayyam glares at her and she stops speaking…”he is quite scary”she thinks.she checks her phone “omg,battery dead,wat to do now…isse uska phone mangu?nahi,agar phone mangi tho yeh fir se gussa ho need…she notices that he s taking the wrong route…
Krishna:my village is that way,aap galat route pe kyo jaa rahe ho..
Sayyam doesnt respond..

Krishna:aap chup kyo hai??she gets worried,dekhiye,i know wats on your mind..par mein uss type ki ladki nahi hoon..samjhe aap?
Sayyam smiles looking at her..she was too innocent he thought..
Krishna:aap has kyo rahe ho?…she gets worried wen he keeps smiling and doesnt respond…she takes out pepper spray from her purse…
Krishna:stop the car right now or i will..

He looks at her and smiles again..
Sayyam:the cars moving at a very high speed…spraying that on my face right now,doesnt seem like a good idea..
Krishna quickly keeps it back..”god,how stupid can i get,how could i ever trust this was better to go with those boys than him”she thought
Sayyam stops the car,and gets out..krishna looks outside and finds a dhaba(restaurant)..he opens the door and asks her to get down..
Krishna quitely gets down,and walks behind him..shes surprised by his behavior..
Sayyam:order anything you want
Krishna:you didnt have to do this,i could wait till i get home…

Sayyam:Iam not doing it for you,Im hungry…now dont feel like you are too special for me..cos you are not..he sounded like he was affirming himself..indeed he was affirming himself…
Krishna looked into his eyes,his eyes showed concern,why was he concerned for her,she thought..
Krishna:no matter how hard you try,your eyes just cant hide your emotions…
Sayyams startled by her words,he looks into her eyes,he felt drawn towards her,their eyelock was broken by the waiter..
Waiter:sir,aapka order?
They place their order and wait for the food…They have an awkward moment.
Krishna finally breaks the silence..
Krishna:why do you always pretend to be so rude?
Sayyam:i dont pretend anything

Krishna:you are not that bad..but you pretend to be so rude and ruthless..
Sayyam:Iam bad okay,iam very bad,and you cant just interpret something you dont know..
Krishna:you are right,i should not have judged you in the begining..i didnt know you then,i blamed you,without any proof…im really sorry…
Sayyams shocked by her sudden apology,
Sayyam:its okay,he said after a long pause..
Krishna:but you dont worry,i will complete my punishment…i will work in your office for a year…she said with a smile
Sayyam smiled back..he had never smiled at anyone since a long time…he was surprised at himself,she was for sure bringing a huge change in him…He wanted to apologize too…bt he just didnt know how to start..
Sayyam:woh..main..uss din..he stammers

Krishna understands his gestures and quickly replies
Krishna:its okay,u dont have to apologize…u are a buisnessman,who pretends to be ruthless..but somewhere inside,you are pretty nice..she smiled at him..
Woh,normally,even i dont behave that way to pata nahi uss din,i was just too depressed,nd i started blaming you..
Sayyam holds her hand signalling her that it was fine..both smile at each other,the waiter comes with the food,he quickly leaves her hand…they have their food in an awkward silence…after they are done,they get into the car…The drive home,krishna was absorbed in thoughtszzz

One night changed so much between them ..she was completely wrong about him…she gets fb of him saving her from the boys,and them having food together…
Sayyam looks at her,
Sayyam:kya soch rahe ho?
Krishna:so,are we good now,i mean,are we friends?
Sayyam:Maybe…bt inside the office,we are just boss and employee,alright?
Krishna:okay,she smiled..can i use your phone?
Sayyam:sure,he hands the phone to her..

She calls her mother,
Saumyas relieved hearing her voice..
Saumya:beta,kaha ho tum,u hav no idea how worried we were..papas friend came to the bus stand,bt he didnt find you..i have been trying to reach your phone from so long..beta tum teekh toh ho na?

Krishna:haan mama,im fine..woh actually,a friend helped me,she says looking at sayyam,he looks back at her…i ll be there within half an hour..she said and cut the call…
Krishna leans back on her seat and dozes off..sayyam looks at her,he is spellbound by her angelic face…he keeps stairing at her,alarming horn of the car behind them breaks him from his trance,it also wakes krishna…she looks at him..
Krishna:are we there yet?

Sayyam:uhm,no…15 mins more..
Sayyam thinks,what has happened to you sayyam,how can she have so much effect on you,u seem so lost when she is around..kahi tumhe??no way..he jerks off the thought..
They reach her house,and she gets down..
Krishna:i think u should come too,mama will be happy to see you..
Sayyam:no,i really hv to go..but she doesnt let him complete..she opens the door and pulls him outside..he looks at her hand holding his…she takes him with her,while he mechanically follows her,stairing at her lovingly the whole time…
Saumya sees them outside,shes surprised to see sayyam with her..she opens the door and lets them in..

Saumya:arey beta,its so sweet of you that you helped her,inspiye of all that she told you the other day…
Sayyam:i had to,waise uss din meine bhi kaafi kuch bola tha..he stutters again..
Saumya:its okay beta…jo hua sau hua..
Kishen enters and hugs krishna…

Kishen:u dont know how worried i was..u didnt even tell us anything abt your work,agar tume kuch ho jata,where could we even look for you..
Krishna hugs him tightly:im fine papa,he helped me,she says pointing at sayyam..
Kishen:thankyou so much beta,u have no idea how grateful we are..please dont mind what she told you yesterday,
Sayyam:its okay uncle,waise,she works in my its my duty to take care of my employees..

Kishens surprised:oh,i didnt know isnt it too far from here beta?how will you go to work there everyday?
Krishna:i know papa,thats what i was thinking about..2mrw i ll look for some place to stay there…
Saumya:acha,bera,baaki baathe subah kar lena…waise sayyam beta..its very late..and by the time u reach your home,u ll be too tired..y dont you stay here for the night?
Sayyam:no auntie,i have to go..mamas alone at home..

Saumya:oh,she ll be so worried..u should leave soon then..
Sayyam gives a faint smile with misty eyes:ya,she will be..krishna notices his pain…
12am,birla house

Sayyam enters suhanis room and sits beside her,he holds her hand…
Sayyam:mama,u know what,for the first time i felt so much different around someone today…shes so much like you..shes not afraid of me,she scolds me,she can read my emotions and understand my pain..just like you..he smiles thinkin about her…he rests his head on suhanis lap…i have this wierd feeling when shes around..i just cant stop smiling when i look at her…i so badly want to get over this i just cant…mama…i dont want to bring anyone too close to me…aapko pata hai na,everyone close to me,leaves me..and i cant bear any more loss…a tear escapes his eyes,he quickly wipes it…suhani lies motionless,but somewhere inside,she wants to hug her son tight…and wipe all his pain away…sayyam sleeps on her lap,holding her hand..

Yuvans entry and sayyams jealousy

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