Mehriya- a simple love (Part 15)

Episode 15
Mehak with her family went for shopping that evening. Sonal also came to help Mehak in choosing her dress. Ajay & Pammiji came there too.
Nehal: wow jiju!! Do you miss my Di?
A: I don’t want to miss her, that’s why I am here.
Nehal: ohoo!!!
Everyone laughs.
A: Hi Mehak.
M: Hi!!
A: How is your shopping??
M; we just came.

A: Come, I will chose for you..
Nehal: how romantic!!!
Mehak nodes her head.
Ajay select a yellow salwar suite for her.
A: how is this?
M: it’s nice but…
A: But what?
M: Ajay. I don’t like yellow colour.

A: Why? It’s my favorite colour.
M: there is no reason to dislike. But I don’t like it. I am sorry.
A: look mehak. You are getting married to me. You have to accept my likes.
M: of course I respect your likes. But I don’t like it. And also I want to try anarkali suit. I haven’t tried it yet.
A: there is no need of trying something new. I have selected this for you. Get used to my likes.
Mehak don’t say anything. She take the dress to K chachi.
M: Chachi. I will wear this for the function.
K Chachi: Yellow? Do you like it..
Before Mehak could say anything, Ajay came there.
A: yes chachi. When I say I like yellow, mehak insisted that she will wore yellow for me. Right Mehak??
Mehak gives a fake smile and nodded her head.
Mehak and family was going to leave.
A: I will drop Mehak home.
M; its ok. I will go with my family.
A: come on Mehak. We will have some time together.
Ajay turns to Kantha Chachi.
A: Chachi, isn’t it fine with you people??
K Chachi half heartedly nodded her head.
Mehak leave with Ajay in his car.

A: How is your job?
M: its good.
A: Take leave for tomorrow.
M: what?
A: We are going for an outing. Think its our first date.
Ajay says with a smile.
M: But, I cant take leave like that.
A: what you mean by you can’t take leave?

M: I don’t mean I cant take a leave. I mean I cant do it now, like this. I have my responsibilities there. I cant take a day off without pre submitting my leave and transferring my duties to my co-workers.
A: Stop it Mehak. I am working on my startup. Still I am taking offs. Why cant you?
M: Our job profile is different. It is not possible for me…
A: What is the big deal!! Its just a day…
M: I cant ask for a leave, that’s all…

A: OK. You don’t ask. I will talk to Shaurya.
M: NO!!! You cant do that…
A: DON’T Shout!!!
Ajay shouts first. But lower his voice soon..
A: Don’t shout… don’t…
Mehak was shocked by his attitude change…

A: I don’t like people arguing with me. Don’t do that dear…
They drive silently after that. Ajay drop her at home.
Mehak was in her room, trying to sleep. She was confused. She thinks about Ajay. His sudden anger. How he demand her to do things.
Next day morning.
Mehak was getting ready to leave for her office. She heard Kantha Chachi calling her. Mehak came down and see Pammiji and Ajay. Mehak take blessings from Pammiji. Mansi gives tea and snacks to them.
K Chachi: What happen, everything is fine right??
Pammiji: Why?

K Chachi: you people are here early morning so…
Pammiji: ohoo. We are becoming a family now, so don’t need to be formal and all. And also we don’t delay to celebrate happiness.
K Chachi looked at Mehak.
K Chachi: what happiness?
Pammiji: Ajay and Mehak decide to live together and also work together.
K Chachi: work??
Pammiji: Mehak you don’t tell your family??
Mehak was confused. She doesn’t understand what they are up to.
Pammiji: Mehak decide to resign her job and she will be working with Ajay in his firm after sometime.
K Chachi gives Mehak a puzzled look. Before Mehak could say anything, Ajay came near her.
A: I said Mehak she can work with me. But she prefers to not work at all. But still, after I insisted she says she will think about it after our marriage. After all it’s her decision. I just want her to be happy.
Pammiji: I am with Mehak’s desion. I don’t think she have to work after marriage. And also, for girls, family is their priority. And also what is the need of it, Ajay is earning well so she can just stay at home right??
Everyone is shocked. But they don’t say anything.
Pammiji: Why are you all silent?
K Chachi: nothing… we were a bit surprised…
K chachi looked at mehak, who was shocked at the same time. She was not looking at anyone.
K Chachi: If this is what she wants what can we say…
Pammiji and Ajay leaves after some time. And Mehak don’t give anyone time to ask her anything, she leaves for office.

Mehak’s work site.
Mehak was standing on the top floor. Looking at distance…
Shaurya came there. Mehak looks at Shaurya and looked away again. Shaurya stood near her in silent.

After some time.
M: Shaurya…
Shaurya looked at her. She was looking at distance…
S: hmm?
M: When I was a kid, I was afraid of heights. I was afraid of looking down even from first floor. Soo, when I says I want to be a civil engineer every says I can’t do that, because of my height fear. But it was you who told me to follow my dreams. You removed my fear even without knowing about it.
Mehak turned to Shaurya.
M: thank you.
Shaurya nodded her head.

M: do you know why I want to become civil engineer? When I was kid, I wanted to build a playhouse, but each time I try, I failed to I finish it… then my mother consoles me by saing one day I will be big enough to build a house for myself and for others also. It is just a word, every mother would say to their kids. But it was the last words my mother had told me. I lived with dream of building my own home…
She turns to the other side of building. She looks at her work site.
M: this site had become my everything. Do you know now the smell of concrete is my favourite now.
Mehak smiles, but her eyes were wet. Shaurya looks into her eyes.
M; everything is getting over…
S: what you mean.

M: I can’t work here anymore… I think I can’t even work.
S: Mehak. What are you saying..? I don’t understand…
M: I don’t know either… I am … I am losing my happiness… I am…
Mehak wiped her tears. Shaurya looks her in pain. Mehak looks like she was losing everything. Shaurya moved close to her. He takes her hand in his. Hold it in his palm.
S: you will not lose your happiness. I promise…
Shaurya take her hand keep it close to his heart. Mehak could feel his heart beat on her finger tips. They stay like that for some time. Got lost in each other’s eyes.
After sometime, Mehak came back to reality. She withdraw her hand.
M: I have to go…

She murmured and tries to go.
S: Why are you doing this Mehak.
Mehak looks at him.
S: please, don’t …
M: life gives us many choices; we choose the one which is good for us and others not the easy one. Here I had two options; one which will make my family happy but for that I have to compromise my happiness. But in the second one neither I can be happy nor can my family be happy. So I chose the first one, making my family happy. It’s my choice Shaurya.
Mehak go from there. Shaurya stood there watching her going away from him.

To be continued..

Hi everyone, i hope you all are good. I know this part short, i am sorry for that. I promise to post a lengthy part as soon as i can. wishing you all a good time.
with lots of love.

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