Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 36

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Pragya didn’t want to go out of her room but had no choice. She reluctantly opened the door and walked down the stairs still hurt by his action. Abhi was already in the living room busily using his laptop. He saw her coming down and all his attention was on hers. She tried to ignore him but couldn’t as always her attention on him. She looked at him secretly and silently as she walked slowly towards the kitchen.

Abhi “Leiko….” Pragya turned to look at him but then realized that she was still angry on him. She ignored him and walked quickly to the kitchen.
Abhi, She is angry…..but I am hungry…..
Abhi walked to the kitchen and looked at her standing near the basin. She was blankly staring at the water running from the tap.

Abhi exclaimed “Leiko!!” Pragya came back to senses and looked at him in a furious look.
Pragya completely ignored him. She carried on doing her work by washing some of the vegetables and getting the ingredients she needed from the cabinet.
Abhi was looking at her actions and he was silently admiring her. Pragya was also affected by his gaze but she tried not to express it.

Abhi “Leiko! Are u listening?” Pragya by now had started her cooking.
Abhi “Leiko…What’s for lunch?” Pragya remained silent and continued to cook with full of fury.
Abhi “So this is your silent treatment towards me?” Pragya turned behind and nodded her head in response. Abhi “Then u will not even ask me about staying with me?” Pragya shook her head in response to No!

Abhi “Then how would I know what’s for lunch?” Pragya turned off the gas stove and walked out. Abhi going behind her asked “Where are u going? U can’t leave your cooking halfway like this!!!” Pragya took a paper and pen on the tea table to write something on it.
Abhi saw her writing very angrily at times giving him a deadly stare.
Abhi couldn’t handle his patience and asked “Are u like charging me for the lunch? Is it a bill that u are writing?” Pragya again shook her head to signal as NO!
Abhi “How long will u be writing?” Pragya finished writing and gave the paper to him but he held her hand tightly not letting her to go off. Pragya pinched his hands and he exclaimed “Ouch!! You are so wild!!” Pragya again stared at him and walked back to the kitchen.
Abhi looked at the paper she gave and was smiling continuously.

In the paper:
Look Mr Abhishek Prem Mehra, I am not your cook to prepare your lunch but I am just your wife! Whatever I cook is only for me, if u want u can take my left over and that too with a condition! The condition is not touching my plate for more than 5 mins! If u agree to this then u can eat! Lastly don’t disturb me with your talks….I am not your listener to listen to your talks but I am just a fashion designer who designs your outfits!

Abhi, She is cute in her anger! I am not only hungry for her food but also for her mood to be better. I like the way she still says how she is just my wife….
Abhi waited for her to come to dining table with food. She came with the food and he realized she prepared very little. The amount was just sufficient only for her.
Abhi, She is doing this purposely but it’s okay I am ready for this treatment of hers.
Pragya ate her food very quickly and never had any leftover on her plate for him to eat.
Abhi “Arrey! I am waiting for leftover food of yours but there is nothing on your plate!”
Pragya pointed her finger on the one grain of rice on the plate. Abhi “This is unfair Leiko…I know u are angry but how can u show that towards my hunger!!”

Pragya ignored him and let the plate on the table. She then walked back to the kitchen.
Abhi “Why are u leaving this here? Just take it with u! I will order food for myself!” Pragya came back and took away the plate from there. As for Abhi he called to order food for him.

His misfortune, there was heavy traffic that day and the delivery of the food was getting late.
He was keep on staring at the entrance with full of hunger. Pragya was reading a magazine in the dining area. She felt he deserved this for hurting her.

Abhi was keep on getting restless and there was not much of food in the kitchen too. He looked at Pragya pleadingly but she ignored him by continuing to read the magazine.
Abhi was now sitting on the sofa drinking lots of water. Then he placed the cushion on top of his stomach and was squeezing it against his stomach in helplessness.
Pragya looked at that and was trying to control her smile.

Abhi looked back at her and asked “Are u happy now?” Pragya now stood and walked towards him.
Abhi, Why is she walking towards me now? Is she going to do happy dance in front of me?
Pragya signalled to him to look towards the main door which was open. He looked at it and saw the delivery man standing with the food. Abhi “Thank u Leiko!! You are great!!” With that he kissed deeply on her cheeks and ran towards the door. Pragya touched her cheeks in shock and was once again angry. Abhi holding onto the packets of food said “You are very lucky Leiko….because of u I got extra packets of food! It’s a promotion period!!” Pragya gave an ignorant look and walked passed him.

Abhi “You are looking cute Leiko!” Pragya stared at him again. Abhi “Even your stare is like a care towards me…..” Pragya rolled her eyes and walked up the stairs.
Abhi started to eat his food and she was looking at him from upstairs. Pragya, Always eating something happily! Either eating my brain if not eating food happily!!!
While eating, he looked up towards her direction and she turned back. Abhi “If u want to look at me, u can Leiko! But on one condition….” She remained there hearing to that. Abhi “The condition is u should let me be my left lover!” Pragya turned back and looked at him as if she wants to hear his explanation of left lover.
Abhi “You don’t understand ah? Let me explain to u…Left lover means u should let me love your left side like just now! I kissed your left cheek na…like that! Left lover for more than 5 mins! If u allow that then u can look at me!” Pragya shook her head in disbelief and headed towards the room.

Abhi chuckingly said “Hey Leiko! Are u already into the condition? Your room is at the right side! Not left side!!” Pragya was annoyed on herself for being so forgetful. She turned back and walked towards her room.
Abhi “If u want I can change it to right side too….I can come to your room to be the right lover!!”
Pragya hearing that felt like yelling at him but she controlled herself.
Pragya, He is just annoying! Now why does he have to play the Meri Mehbooba song so loudly??? Even when the doors are closed the song is too loud!! This is the 5th time I hearing this!!! This is the limit! I am going to ask him to stop his nuisance
Pragya walked towards his room and saw his room was in a total mess. He was playing the song very loudly and was also singing it. The thing that made Pragya even shocking was he was dancing with her duppata by throwing and catching it.

Abhi saw her reflection on the mirror and continued his singing cum dance.
Pragya was about to enter the room and stop the music when he himself used the remote control to pause it. He was not looking at her as he was facing the wall and bed. She was surprised by his sudden action.
Abhi placing the duppata on the bed said “Leiko….I don’t take u lightly as u are my light in life….The light that gives life….the light that gives love….the light that gives lust…Yes Leiko I am having lust feelings for u now….” Pragya hearing that yelled “What??” Abhi turned back and looked at her with a mischievous look. Pragya was shivering by his look. Abhi “Why are u here? You want to be my left lover or lust lover?” He said that by winking at her. Pragya “Chee!!

Disgusting! What have u done and what are u trying to show now!!! I just hate u!!!” Abhi “I can’t control my feelings na….it’s with no limit….and that’s why I am imagining u with this duppata…..Whenever I get that feelings I will play with it!” Pragya “Ridiculous!” She was about to leave when he pulled her towards him. Pragya “What are u doing? Leave me!” Abhi holding her tightly said “I will leave u but u have to tell whether I am your left lover or the right lover!” Pragya not looking at him said “Not lover!” Abhi “Oh ya….I know…I am your husband na….” Pragya stare at him and he moved her even closer to him. Pragya was trying her best to leave from his grip.

Abhi “I don’t like pleading to my loved ones but u are the only one that I am pleading for…..”
Pragya looked at him vacantly not able to understand what is he trying to tell now.
Abhi “Leiko…I know what I had done yesterday had affected u a lot but think in this way…what u are pleading for is not even pleasing u…..Then why do u even have to plead in the first place?” Pragya remained silent and was trying to make sense out of his words. He let her off and said “By the way I don’t have lust feelings for u…it was just to tease u….” Pragya nodded her head in response and was about to leave his room that’s when he said “But I do have feelings for u that wants me to show that I am the right lover!” Pragya smiled pleasantly hearing that and walked with thoughts of his words.

Abhi whistled at Pragya from the back. Pragya “Ssssh….please be silent!” Abhi “Why?” Pragya “Be like a man and not a boy here!” Abhi gave a sad pout and looked at her as she was busy in doing something.

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