Indiawaali Maa 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Kaku sells pickle on a stall

Indiawaali Maa 20th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Hasmukh helping Kaku mix the pickle. His hands burn and there was no water. Kaku goes to bring water from public tap but there was no water. She finds a plant and brings soil to soothe Hasmukh’s hand. She complains who prepares pickles with hands. He had to help her. Kaku says he needs to take rest to recover and go back to Bhuj; it will be her biggest help. Lakshmi comes to take Kaku. Outside, Kaku asks Lakshmi to buy her bottles and take her to a market where she can sell this.

The guests were in awe of Cheenu and Rohan’s love. Rohan takes a leave for a meeting.

Kaku tries to sell her Gujrati pickle but no shopkeeper is ready to sell it. Lakshmi suggests Kaku to prepare Karnataka’s pickle. Kaku convince Lakshmi that it will be stupidity. Everyone here prepares the local pickle, but no one sells Gujrati pickle here. Kaku was determined to sell this pickle. Lakshmi takes a leave for work. Kaku sets up her stall on a road side hearing a vendor. She was reluctant initially, then increases the volume of her chanting. A cap vendor mocks Kaku and tells her to go home, she cannot do it. Kaku thinks about Rohan and Hasmukh’s ill health; their need for money. She takes a deep breath and this time shouts ‘it’s a special pickle from Bhuj, Gujrat’. One of the man says it must be sweet. Kaku convinces him to taste this pickle, it is not sweet. The man refuses and leaves.

Rohan drove the car. Cheenu sat with him. Meenu and the guy sat on the back seat. The pass by Anand Nagar. Meenu feels disgusted that this is a filthy place. She boasts that she will be the owner of this place soon. Cheenu was shocked to hear this. Meenu says Rohan know about it. Rohan stays silent. They stop their car in traffic. Kaku was selling pickles nearby. Kaku tries to sell the pickle. A balloon vendor blocks Rohan’s sight of Kaku when he turns around.

No one was ready to purchase the pickle from Kaku. She spots another vendor trying to sell his caps by wearing them. She also tries to attract his customers by tasting her own pickle. A couple come to taste the pickle. They taste the pickle and complements the taste. Kaku was tear-eyed as she sells her first bottle. She was thankful to her customers as well. The stall vendor also buys a bottle. Soon, Kaku was able to sell a great number of bottles. Lakshmi comes to Kaku and was appreciative of Kaku’s will. She notices Kaku felt unwell, and her face was turning red. Kaku says she had chilli pickle. Lakshmi brings her a banana. Kaku was thankful to Lakshmi as she was relieved. Kaku says no one was ready to taste the pickle. She herself ate it, then people believed it was really hot. It was all sold once they believed her. She requests Lakshmi not to tell Hasmukh.

PRECAP: The electricity of the neighborhood goes out. Everyone gather and say it is the broker’s act. People curse him and his mother. Kaku was shocked to see Rohan’s photo.

Update Credit to: Sona

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