Imlie 4th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Aryan Assigns An Unfamiliar Task To Aditya

Imlie 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie excitedly drives car with her commentary irritating Aryan. She says his arrogance will not less if he slaps for her. He says her IQ has lessened. She claps herself leaving steering. He warns her to don’t dare do that and says he will deduct her whole salary if something happens to his car. She says she will not let even a scratch on his car and parks car in office parking lot. Adi also reaches there and gets jealous noticing that, remembering her growing closeness to Aryan. Aryan asks her to pick his bag and follow him. She says its not her job. He says whatever he orders is her job and walks away. She picks his bag. Adi walks to her and taunts that she became Aryan’s employee first, then tenant, then driver and personal assistant, looks like she is finding new ways to befriend her boss. She says he used to be happy with her small achievements, but now feels lost with her big wins. She enters office. Her colleagues gossip with her on a celebrity’s marriage. Adi asks them to discuss sports, farmers’ agitation, and other news; they should concentrate on real issues than page 3 trash as their boss is not their house owner or friend, they should concentrate on becoming a good journalist. Imlie thinks he is criticizing her and thinks she is bad, how could he.

Anu asks Malini if she is not afraid of Imlie trying to get closer to Adi again. She says he should have seen Adi’s condition yesterday, remembering his inebriated blabbering, and says Aryan’s entry in their lives is enough to separate them; she is worried if Rupali breaks her drawer and takes her broken mobile. Radha enters with tea for them and seeing drawer keys asks where did she get keys from. Anu yells these are her locker keys and not her cheap drawer keys. Radha walks away. Malini relaxes and says that was too close. Anu says she is close to her win and before they doubt her, she should take mobile from drawer and destroy it.

Aryan reviews Adi’s work and his work is commendable, but there is no challenge in same job, hence is he ready for a new challenge. Adi says a person sitting at desk whole day will not understand his work, his work positively changes people’s lives. Aryan remembering Arvind’s death due to Adi’s wrong reporting says not necessarily, his controversial articles have harmed people’s lives and even news paper’s profit. Imlie walks in. Aryan says people says Imlie’s reporting style is different and she writes down biggest articles easily, her last front page article got profits to their newspapers, hence she will assist Adi in his next assignment which is interviewing Bollywood superstar Pooja Oberoi’s interview. Adi says he will not do that assignment as he doesn’t want to be pushed back to page 3. Aryan asks if he has problem with the interview or intern. Adi says he will not compromise his journalism. Aryan says he will not compromise his newspaper profits, Adi works for an organization and himself is not an organization, so he has to follow its rules. Adi reminds Imlie that she has to follow his orders as an assistant and walks away.

Aparna informs Tripathis that Imlie is covering Bollywood actress Pooja Oberoi’s interview and invited them all for the press conference. Family rejoices hearing that. Aparna says Imlie remembers that Pooja is Radha’s favorite actress and asked her to wear her golden color sari for the conference. Radha says Imlie remembers their minute details. Aparna says Imlie brings smile in their lives. Malini says they forgot Adi’s contribution and forgot to appreciate Adi. Rupali taunts that outsiders are appreciating Adi a lot, she shouldn’t accompany them if she has problem with Imlie. Senior excitedly rush to get ready. Malini says even she wants to go and check. Anu asks her not to miss golden chance and shows drawer key.

Imlie with Adi visits conference venue and feels excited. Adi says its a fake world and heroine is bothered about only herself. Heroine walks in yelling at arrangements. Imlie gets mesmerized with her beauty. Reporters question about her outfit, her new movie, her favorite scene and song, etc. Imlie asks what kind of questions are these. Adi says people interviewing are stupid and he is made part of it. He questions Pooja about drought around Delhi and farmers problems. She asks what rubbish. He says he is not interested in her outfit and personal life and asks what has she done for human welfare. Pooja walks away fuming. Imlie gives Adi moral gyaan and says one is expert in one subject and novoice in other subject, so he should do his job faithfully as his expertise is a novoice for others. He says she is supporting her and walks away frowning. She thinks she will take interview at any cost.

Precap: Adi tells Imlie that if the love between them has ended, even their relationship should, and demands her to sing divorce papers.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Jealousy is the most dangerous emotion a human can feel… smh
    Aditya is a classic example…
    Imlie had to put up with his bs and abide by his rules because of helplessness… but now she has taken a stand for herself…he cannot seem to tolerate her success… how disappointing is that 😒

    1. Metin

      hi, naina πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      i have pity on adi for his late behaviors.
      he says he is professional, good journalist.
      professionalism is opposite what he does lately to imlie…

    2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @Metin…I like your answer βœ”
      Subject: interviewing Bollywood superstar Pooja Oberoi
      Bollywood is in entertainment am I right ??
      Pooja Oberoi is an actress… correct ??
      Adi’s question thread… “he questions Pooja about drought around Delhi and farmers problems”
      My response was… Huh ?? πŸ€” … but she is not a politician… nor works in the farming industry ?? Drought around Delhi ?? πŸ€” Let me Google it πŸ™„
      I worked as an Administrator in a paper manufacturing company…
      My job there was to handle operations in the sales department of the company..
      If some random reporter were to ask me how to fix the photocopy machine in my office then I would not even have a clue 🀷 not my profession…sry
      Adi’s questioning was in no way related to an actress’ portfolio…
      Maybe if he had asked about her next upcoming film… or which other Bollywood actor she would like to work alongside… that she can definitely answer… Drought?? Nonsense…
      Haan…the actress may have views on the drought situation in a personal way…but to speak on a subject without much information is a recipe for disaster…especially in front of anxious, impatient and sometimes mud slinging reporters…who really don’t think about the consequences of their questions…but are just hungry to get a scoop…even if it means at the expense of the person being interviewed πŸ™„…sad but true…
      Three Thumbs Down for Adi’s line of questioning πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

    3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      MAHA MAHA UPDATE UPDATE πŸ˜ƒ pleeeease
      IMLIE IS ON F-I-R-E !!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
      IMAN IS KILLING IT !!! ⚑⚑πŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŽ‡πŸŽ† 😍

    4. Shriharshita

      Yolande, I know we have Mahaepisode today and I wanted to see some clips. But the thing is I neither have hotstar nor TV connection to watch the serial. Bad that I never contributed to the serial πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… But can anyone please suggest any link to view the episode. Just because it is a Sunday episode, I am not able to find the episode on the links I have.
      Please someone forward the link to the episode…
      I don’t know why but I wanted to see Imlie’s clip with the on-screen actress coz I know there will be jokergiri πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ !

    5. You can watch on Molkki Serial.

  2. What’s going on here?
    Few days back imlie refused to take interview of CEO of Malik industries and gave a long boring not so needed lecture to Adi and now she is interested in this all πŸ™„πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
    if that CEO is educated it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have struggles in life, if she is at this place and status it could be due to her dedication and struggle.

    What Adi did today was commendable πŸ‘πŸ»
    The question he asked to that celebrity and the reason he gave was fantastic.
    But sadly these kind of journalists doesn’t exist in the actual world.

    And that lecture he gave to interns was quite good. He is a good teacher by the way.

    What do you think?

  3. She is telling adi that whichever subject has assigned for him he should follow as work is worship. But same when her turn was there, she did wat she wanted, not wat Aryan wanted. Coz she didn’t like that CEO. Here , it’s a actress interview, so she agreed,. Now when adi didn’t like this, he too did same. He asked wat he wanted.
    Here adi is not wrong.
    But again imlie will only praised for this
    ‘ imlie ne apne parivaar k liye unki favourite actress k interview k liye maan gayi coz her family like that actress ‘

    I thought Aryan will create rift between adilie.
    He has his own ways as he said it’s just a beginning

    I really want adi to divorce imlie. Then only he will realise and regret.

  4. @Board exams, hey, am first today! πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
    So how was your exam?
    Mine was fabulous. I think section B was a bit hard compared to others. But overall the paper was so easy, especially section A.
    I got JSK/2.
    The traffic here today is horrible! πŸ˜‚
    And now, such a long break for easy subjects like English, Hindi πŸ™„

    1. @Tara my exam was fantabulous, I got JSK/1. The entire paper was very easy for a second I thought that whether we have been given Basic paper by mistakeπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…but it was standard paper onlyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Œ
      I have checked my answers expecting 40/40.
      Glad to know that your exam was great as well! 😊😊😊congratulations on being πŸ₯‡

    2. Oh, that’s great! 😊
      Well actually, I’ve heard that JSK/2 papers are tougher than JSK/1. In science’s case, it was. Don’t know about maths yet. πŸ˜…
      So, I guess you’ll have your last exam on 9th Dec i.e. English? And then free?
      (Or maybe I got the dates wrong, really don’t remember if its Hindi or English exam next πŸ˜‚)
      Whenever it is, wish you the best for English! ❀

    3. @Tara no English is on 11 then I will be free. All the best to you tooπŸ™I agree that JSK/2 is tougher, we are lucky peopleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Ok πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  5. How can adi divorce imlie, as they are legally not married

    1. Metin

      did i miss something?
      friends how do you divorce your husband/wife beyond legality?
      i mean traditional or religional way.

    2. @Metin I think burning Mangalsutra is equal to giving divorce traditionally. This is purely my view ok

      Cause mangalsutra is believed to be the thread of love,bonding,respect,relation and imlie burned it so divorce toh ho gya

    3. Metin

      thank you πŸ™‚

  6. Metin

    questions were absurd.
    if she stands up and speaks about those topics (farmer etc.) then asking her has a meaning.
    do you ask butcher about your computer?

    1. Metin

      ask her bolywood problems or
      problems of women in entertainment business or
      is there woman exploitation in her business…
      what is farmer for her?
      she is ordinary human about that topic.
      no , aditya should ask the doctor about car repair or cooking.

    2. @Metin she is also part of this nation na or not? He asked her about the topic which is necessary. He asked her about the key topic which is happening there and it was actually better than asking those dumb questions. She lives in India and farms of India provide us food. He talked about India and as an Indian she has to care about other issues also.

    3. Example taken was wrong @Metin

      Adi didn’t ask her how many gallons of water a paddy crop needed πŸ˜‚, look at your question dude it’s more illogical than this serial.

    4. Metin

      find a farmer. ask him about exploitation in bollywood.
      with your words help:
      ”he lives in India and bollywood of India provide us money. He talked about India and as an Indian he has to care about other issues also.”
      i hope i made my point.
      professionals should talk about their area, should ask about their area.
      ”Bollywood superstar Pooja Oberoi” is actress as a professional. she just acts.
      if it were screenwriter or director i would be silent or praiser. adi is not fair.
      different example:
      why most men dont go in india to the kitchen? dont they eat? etc.
      work sharing
      responsibility sharing

    5. Metin

      He questions Pooja about drought around Delhi and farmers problems.

    6. Also, an acting industry can’t be overlooked !
      That’s a profession which serves as livelihood for millions of people working offscreen besides the on-screen casts.
      Be it a film industry or a television industry.
      So, Aditya as a character in this show, looking down upon acting industry is absurd.
      Every profession is based on some of the other profit for sure. Adi might be considering asking a star about beauty and stuff won’t help anyone ! But what about a huge load of people working with her in the movie. The actor stood there for film promotion so he is ought to respect that. Adi says that journalism is very important, right ! And apart from journalism nothing is important is his opinion. Then suppose, he is being told that you can be a journalist but we won’t give a salary, will be work ? Without any profit, no one does nothing. Profit can be in any way, say money, providing security to the family or country or fame. The actor cares about publicity and money. A true journalist cares about national protection and salary too. An army soldier would care about national safety… that’s the most selfless progression according to me. Especially I must say secret agents !
      So, Adi isn’t really right saying beauty and stuff won’t help people. It might not help him but will be a survival means for the people working in factories related to beauty products and accessories. And suppose let’s say, the actor knows about farmers and the drought problem. What difference will it make ? Her words may have no impact on policy makers of India until they decide on their own will to curb the drought problem !
      Any professional knows about his or her own work or areas of interest more. And an actor’s life is such that they have long shoot hours. All they can do is take a nap when there is a break. How will he or she have the time to read newspapers. Suppose he or she has time, let’s say. Still it isn’t necessary that he or she kept everything in mind.
      Adi is wrong here.
      But some might be questioning that if Adi is wrong now, then Imlie is wrong when Adi said her to interview women from a firm. But as a news coverer, it’s Imlie’s choice to choose whomsoever she wants to interview. And it is a well known fact that why a women can’t rise to top position in work can be answered only first in a basic level, family scenario. So, she did right to interview the woman working at tea stall besides that company.
      Situations need to be considered to label a person’s approach to be wrong.
      Imlie did her duty sincerely, and Adi though he wishes for a sincere journalism, he failed as a person not obeying to the rules of firm. If a person wants to be sincere and committed to his profession principles, first he or she would have to be nice and perform the tasks sincerely. Then as the level rises, one can establish his or her supremacy and build ideal principles so that people accept your views at the firm. But first you would have to do things which you don’t will to do !
      Or else, can someone tell me ! The way Adi acts rude to his own boss who is CEO, will any reasonable person keep him at work ? No matter how important he is to the firm, he will be fired. But it’s opposite in the serial.
      And Adi is being unprofessional. He needs to understand terms and act accordingly instead of establishing supremacy or his principles. Because world doesn’t care who he is or what he does, or how sincere he is, world only believes rumours and the way of his approach. A politician is involved in drugs. But is journalism able to put forth that news so strongly ! No.
      When justice is corrupted, media can’t do anything. And to survive, it has to go with not so important or useless news.
      Until system and corrupted government, policy makers do not change, no one can be sincere in what he or she does, no matter how hard he or she might try to be sincere !
      Hope you all understood what I mean to say actually !

  7. Nothing left to say about the tamarind trash πŸ˜‚ just came here for a short break as got too tired studying the boring maps and textbooks of geography 😩
    Maps are really a nuisance πŸ™„

    1. Metin

      if you like i have a mission for you after exams.
      you mentioned geography ,maps.
      could you find me the closest spot to Neverland? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    2. @Metin, sure πŸ˜‚
      They’ll get over till 20 Dec.
      Will use every bit of my geo and will try my hardest to find the closest spot to Neverland without referring to Google maps or Atlas or so. Will try to do it on my own πŸ˜‚ πŸ™‚

    3. I’m a psychology student , do you have a task for me too ?

    4. @Metin @Star this Neverland reminds me of the cartoon Jake and the Neverland piratesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚my childhood memories got revivedπŸ˜‚I thought that it’s just a fictional place but first time I came to know that it’s a real place through you!

    5. I know my friend πŸ₯² thank god I don’t have geography 😌

    6. @Moon, I love geography but maps piss me off πŸ™„ and I like psychology too but I didn’t take it just because I really wanted to persue geography in future… And my classmates who have psychology, really are repenting just because the teacher’s too cranky and annoying πŸ˜‚ and they keep on complaining about her and I have fun laughing at the way they criticise the teacher…. But psychology is really a great subject ❀️

    7. @star , I can totally relate to your friends πŸ₯²but yea , the subject is really great tho it’s a little tough .

    8. Metin

      @Board Exams
      You have dreams for the future, I hope.
      you believe them, don’t you?
      and the magic comes
      your dreams are real.
      neverland is real in you. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    9. Metin

      why not πŸ™‚
      you know many things have two options to reach.
      money , love…
      good way , bad way.
      why are many people choosing the bad way to reach their goal?
      killing , cheating , stealing etc…
      if you dont like it i ask for a simple one:
      how do we humans stay happy and shine like a star?
      im innocent you asked for it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    10. @metin
      I must say you asked a very nice question. I haven’t studied that much psychology since I am in 12th only but I will answer that according to my knowledge. So, for your first question
      Humans beings in general ,seek immediate gratification of their needs..they don’t like waiting. Now people who take up the bad way are those who lack self control and let their desires take over them instead of their morality. In Today’s world which is moving at such a fast pace and everyone’s running , people have failed to develop the quality of patience. Also, sometimes it’s not just about patience , it’s about the values you hold and how is your moral self. You know humans are different from animals because they have this ability to think which makes them wise. Humans can differentiate between right and wrong but unfortunately sometimes we find humans degrading themselves to the level of animals. There are a lot of reasons why a person might take up the bad road in their life , maybe they have a wrong perception about the world , maybe they spend time with the wrong people or any other reason. I don’t want to confuse you with psychological terms so I tried to keep it short and answer in simple terms . Hope you liked my answer !
      And ofcourse you are innocent , asking such a question doesn’t make you not innocent πŸ™‚

    11. Metin

      so am i your first patient πŸ˜›
      it was a scattered question
      you did it well.πŸ‘
      thank you.

    12. @metin
      I’m glad to have you as my first patient πŸ˜‚
      Thanks a lot for your appreciation!πŸ€—

    13. I have taken psychology as my optional subject too because I felt the knowledge of psychology can somewhere help me in MBBS and ahead.
      And I love psychology as a subject. It is what we already know. But we didn’t seem to notice them in real until we read is what is psychology in short.
      Being a bio student, I genuinely like Psychology and I appreciate my choice.
      Even though this might appear weird, I initially thought of taking up C.S since I have interest on that. Actually our school didn’t used to offer psychology to bio students as a subject. But when I got admitted, from that year bio students have psychology option included in the options. So, when I knew that, I took that !
      And from what I have heard, geography is a nice subject to explore in ! It’s has bright scope in future !
      So yeah, star ! I deeply appreciate your choice of taking up geography. It is so nice too. But I thought for myself that geography will be miles apart as a knowledge of subject if I chose biology ! So I went for psychology.
      Choice depends on one’s goals ! So, in arts, I think the only best options are geography and psychology. Geography is bigger field to explore infact !

    14. And Metin !
      Since the question came up, even I would like to answer it in my own style !
      There can’t be a specific reasons as to say why a person may take up immoral or bad ways to achieve his or her goal. But I will try to answer according to my perception.
      1) The main motive is a goal. How does it matter that a person achieves it by fair or unfair means ? May be that may be the perception of the person using unfair means.
      2) As the world around us is not as innocent as it seems to be, for that matter, world may be evil and cruel for majority people. And people start fixing it in their minds that to stand out in this evil world, we have to be evil in anything we what to acheive.
      3) A human is a social being. When the world around a particular person, cares more about efficiency than ethics, the person would surely go with the rest of the population and choose efficiency in order to be still liked by the group of people he is in contact with. And efficiency in present world means how fast you accomplish your goal than whether you have completed the goal with perfection. And using a bad way to get to the top in very less time requires a lot of struggle.
      4) Majority of why we perceive in a particular way depends on one’s childhood. If a person’s childhood lacks family support or bad living conditions, or if the people in his circle have treated him badly. Bad treatment by people can result in two outcomes of how a person’s perception will be. One, the person may feel he or she should be like them in future. Two, the person may feel that to stay strong in this world with bad people around, he or she should get on to bad terms too.
      Now, if this had an even probability, the outcomes may be mixed. But it is not such. It is because, our mind is so escapist that it does what is wrong than what is mutually correct. When we were kids and our parents used to tell us not to do this, we actually tend to think thousand times about it. And that’s the curiousity which is again linked to our biological makeup.
      There is one classic example I have read about.
      I generally like to keep interest in history, politics and everything so I found out information on this one.
      I hope you must be knowing about Fritzl’s case ! I don’t hope, I think you must be actually knowing about this case.
      Fritzl’s case is one of the horrific of crimes where a father, Josef Fritzl had his 20 years old daughter captive in their basement for something like 24 years and bad seven children out of her through incest. When the case came to the court, he was even sent to a psychiatrist on being found guilty. So, there is a document in which I heard the psychiatrist (or psychologist, I don’t know correctly) saying that the perpetrator’s childhood was bad. She said that on asking Josef that how was he so merciless towards her own daughter who was pleading him and who was in such a miserable state, how could he be so heartless with his own daughter, he said that – His mother used to beat him in his childhood. He was so reserved upon himself. So he thought that to stand out in this world one needs to be cruel, so that the world around him dances on his will. So, he exploited her own daughter so badly.
      Childhood does have bad influence on perception. Another classic example whose childhood was miserable is Adolf Hitler !
      So, I think I explained what I felt… I just expressed my views. In psychology, tehre can be no wrong or right. It only has views and different perceptions to an approach !

    15. *requires least struggle !

    16. Not document
      *Documentary πŸ˜…
      Please don’t mind the typo errors !

    17. *One, the person may feel he or she -* should not *-be like them in future.

    18. Metin

      thank you.

  8. Adi ka dimaag gaya hai satak
    Pooja ji chalein matak matak
    Adi ko ho rahi hai itni tension
    Ki usne bana diya Abhinetri ko politician🀦🀦
    Imlie pe hai vo bhadka
    Aryan daal raha hai show mein tadkaπŸ˜‚
    Anu Malini karein vaar par vaar
    Adillie ke rishte mein aa gayi DaRAAr
    Ab kya Aryan Imlie ki lagegi naiyya paarπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    When will KC come back? 🀧🀧🀧Need him back now, his charisma and personality (in the show) were altogether something else Aryan ke aane se bhi jab dhamaaka ho raha hai tab toh KC ke aane se double dhamaaka ho jaayegaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    And the main thing- Both of the side male actors are miles better than the journalist Aditya Kumar Tripathi who doesn’t know that which question should be asked to whom🀦😑and he is proclaimed as TOP JOURNALIST πŸ€¦πŸ€¦πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Haha, a poem after a long time! πŸ˜‚
      I think its coz all the stressful exams are done with. All students would be relaxed.
      But nonetheless, amazing 😊

  9. (in case you’re present here today also) @Shriharshita, welcome back to the forum. 😊 I hope you do your very best in the exams. Good wishes. πŸ™Œ
    I forgot to reply yesterday.

    1. Thanks and hope your exams went off very well.
      And I can sincerely hope for that.
      Ones who wander about multiple concepts and arguments, do score good in academics because he or she has idea and interest in everything.
      All the best for your future endeavours dear.
      I sincerely pray that our future be bright too without masks so that we can be committed and enthusiastic towards our future careers with double interest !

    2. Thank you 😊

  10. The questions asked by Mr. “sacche patrakaar” are no doubt, dumb. What has a bollywood actress got to do with farmers’ conditions or droughts?
    If there is a famous actor and he doesn’t do any social service or charity for his country, is he a bad person? Why he has to be mocked over it? I think being a good person yourself, is more than enough contribution for the country. There is so much corruption and fraud and crimes. Leave celebrities, even common people are not aware of these problems (farmers, droughts) nowadays. And if it WAS necessary, she should’ve been informed in advance as to what type of questions would be asked, what the press conference would be like. On the spot questioning like this would be embarassing for the actress. Even I would have had no clue, if I was being asked. Adi was rude. Why call her if she was to be insulted?
    And he boasts about his so called ‘patrakaari’ πŸ™„
    Doesn’t even know whom to ask what questions.

  11. I see, @Shriharshita is backπŸ˜Šβ€¦ nice to see you girlπŸ‘. Glad to see so many people happy with their exam resultsπŸŽ‰. Good luck to all of you in the next ones🀞🀞🀞

  12. Hello people
    Find a chat room to discuss subjects
    Leave this page for Imli serial discussion

    1. @Fed Up take a chill pill, why are you getting pissed? Actually this forum might be there for ‘Imlie’ but we don’t find much to say about it currently. So we better make this forum a social media page and connect to people rather than leaving the forum barrenπŸ˜…
      Please don’t feel bad of our discussions or of my words.πŸ™

    2. Shriharshita

      Hello fed up ! U want this forum to be Imlie related discussion forum.
      Then why hadn’t we seen you as a commenter until now.
      There was a time when we not only talked about this show but had wars here πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ ! I mean spamming, wild wars, rain of abuses, Malini Vs Imlie, and even poems, a short joke, philosophy, quotation, even memes ! But this show is beyond remedy now. When evil gets more space in the show, even more than comedy and jokergiri which we all like, then show seems to be becoming boring. Any literate and for that matter, even illiterate person should actually have been bored by the serial until now. If not, I must say taht the person has a huge patience level to the extent that he doesn’t know even the ‘F’ of ‘Frsutration’ !
      Sorry…but that’s the reality of the show now. And we thought that it’s much better to discuss something logical than writing illogical everyday in the form of comments for an illogical show. That’s ther reason we talk about philosophy, subjects, exams and everything ! And since we are a team on this forum, we like sharing things in common and it’s good to share. Our words to one another may be an instant tonic to aid as a stressbuster sometimes. So that’s the reason so apt and so much understandable. Most important a very logical deed !

    3. @Fed Up
      Very well, we will leave, and you can come back everyday to a ‘barren’ forum for your discussion. πŸ˜‚ Tell me something, what makes up a forum? The people, right? And as far as I know, there is no compulsion that the topic of discussion here must only be ‘Imlie’. Its cool to talk about general things. By sheer luck, we found some of us are fellow students of the same age, which is a plus plus. So, its better to utilize this chance and discuss something meaningful, rather than tamarind trash which we aren’t interested in anymore πŸ˜‚
      Also, I don’t think the people here have any problem with it.
      So, kindly don’t be annoyed by it.

  13. Metin

    Δ°s there a cure for symmetry disease?

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