Anupama 4th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya’s Unexpected Gift For Baa And Bapuji

Anupama 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama returns to family after her verbal debate with Kavya. Vanraj asks what happened. Anu says nothing and asks them all why they look so serious. She plays Baa’s favorite song Saath Samandar Paar Mai Tere.. song and make them all dance. Vanraj asks what did Kavya say. Kavya says its between her and Kavya. Kavya switches off music, irritating every one. She tells Baa and Bapuji that she wants to gift them something on their 50th wedding anniversary, returns property papers transferred back into Bapuji’s name, and says Anupama made her realize that family is everything, so she needs family’s happiness and V’s love. She apologizes everyone and asks Vanraj if he is happy now. Vanraj smiles. Anuj asks Anu if she is file. She says ye. He says Kavya spent a few minutes with her changed completely for good. Anu says Kavya loves Mr Shah and hence changed. He says she changed her. She says she can understand Kavya’s feeling like any woman and explains a woman’s fear in her in-laws’ house, etc. He says its good that her this house’s problem solved and she can concentrate on him, he means work and herself. She says she can visit her parents’ house freely now, she will even concentrate on their business. He pokes his finger in his eye by mistake. She scolds him and applies warm compressed from her sari. Baa calls Anu, and they disperse.

Baa thanks everyone for organizing their 50th wedding anniversary. Kavya taunts they got back their house as wedding gift, what else they need. Vanraj says she made his parents happy, so he wants to gift her something. She excitedly opens envelope and stands shocked. Vanraj gives an evil smile and asks how is his return gift. She says divorce. He shouts yes divorce, he was waiting for his parents’ wedding and its time to rebreak his wedding. She shouts if he has gone mad. He says he was mad to marry her and thankfully he realized his mistake soon; she can keep their house, bank balance, cafeteria, and car and sign these divorce papers. She says he cannot forcefully divorce her without any logic. He says where was her logic when she forcefully married her, marriage was her decision and divorce is his decision. She blames Anupama as usual and says provoked V against her. She whisks Anu and shouts how dare she is to provoke her husband. Anu says its her and her husband’s issue and she shouldn’t involve her. Kavya continues whisking Anu. Anuj warns her to dare not touch Anu. Kavya shouts if he will hit her.

Vanraj pulls her away and warns her not to blame Anu as its his decision. Kavya says they both planned all this, they became BFF and provoked her to do all this and now came up with this divorce drama. Vanraj warns her to shut up. Anu confronts her to stop blaming her as she has fallen into her own dug pit. Kavya continues shouting. Anuj warns her to dare touch Anu again. She asks what will he do. He warns that she didn’t see his anger yet, he will make sure that she suffer wherever she goes. She gets silent. Vanraj says this is how she understands things. She shouts she will not sign divorce papers and tears them. He grins, brings another copy, and says he has made multiple copies and she will be tired tearing them, so its better she sign them.

Precap: Kavya pleads Vanraj not to leave her.
She says their story ended here and walks away. Dolly requests Anu to speak to bhai once.

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  1. I have always hated kavya,but now i understood tht kavya has also always been a victim nd not a culprit,okhh she betrayed her husband nd also V’s wife(her frnd)….but it was V who provoked her for everything…vanraj was the biggest mastermind nd culprit behind this,he used her for his lust.But at the end it is kavya who lost everything…her husband,her house,her frnds nd close relations,her 2nd house which she got by cheating,nd at last her love for whom she has become a witch from human(not at all saying tht she is not at all at fault)…Nd it is vanraj who got everything back even after losing it…his house,his cafe,his parents,his kids,his sister nd even his ex wife(as a frnd)

    1. Lol good joke, Kavya has also always been a victim. She was not forced by V to leave her husband, friends etc. she was neither blackmailed nor forced to marry him, she was not forced to live in the Shah house, nor was she forced to do housework (like Anu).
      True, V is disgusting, but there is nothing wrong with wanting your family back, your house and your EX as a friend. In any case, he was not betrayed by his family or his ex.

    2. Hate Vanraj being still strong to make Kavya cry. He made Anupama cry, for him Kavya can die? why?From the beginning he is only responsible for all these mess. Anupama moved on to become strong, Kavya got domesticated, but Vanraj is the same Pati why? When he will understand that Pati are outdated, deprecated and obsolete now. They are needed as friend and partner to share and enjoy the responsibilities of life.

    3. For the first time, I think I agree with you. Here, except for Vanraj, no one is responsible. He is the biggest jerk to ever exist. Regardless of the short comings of Kavya, she did not deserve to get divorced like this. If he wanted to divorce her, he could have done it discreetly, and mutually, but this just shows how big of an a*sh*le he is.

    4. Agreed to

    5. I am not saying V is good. But see think from his perspective. He never wanted to marry her first. She forced him into marrying. Later she never supported him. When he was running cafe she was again giving taana. And at home she never attempted truly from her heart to be a part of the family.. she tried to create fights here and spoil his mental peace as well. He has chaos already in professional life. She is not supporting there or even in domestic environment.

    6. But when has vanraj directly said to kavya that I DO NOT WANT TO MARRY YOU… I LOVE YOU BUT ONLY TO SLEEP AROUND… He always said I love you and I CANNOT INTRODUCE ANUPAMA AS MY WIFE TO PEOPLE…( so I tag you along with me for late night fun….)

      He did drama… that kavya is more big of a drama queen.. They are “ RAM MILAYI JODI… GADHE KO MILGAI GHODI”

    7. In our society I rarely see the family who adjust both ex and current wife in the same roof. It is shame on the part of story writer to brought such episodes. As far as Mr Vanraj is concerned he is a number one corrupt personality in the episode. Since the entry of Mr Anuj has made appreciable personality till now and due to his entry otherwise the serial was in dead end

    8. True. Nowhere does this happen. Ex and current wife living under same roof is something never happens

    9. @SK, so with the divorce Anupama shd leave the house of 26 yrs? Why? Why the culprit shouldn’t go out? Why Anupama has to jeopardize her and children’s future and leave her set up? If in the same office does she need to leave the office? possibly she has to leave the town as well to avoid taunt of society?
      Culprit has to be ostracized. Actually it had happened, Vanraj stayed with Kavya, but it is Mahan Anupama who allowed Vanraj again after his accident.
      So writers are not wrong, Its Mahan Anupama who has to be blamed. And I don’t blame her for being human. Hey does human and mahan sound similar?
      Anupama is that pious to stay unadulterated in same room with Anuj, but Vanraj is that infidel to think about Anupama even she has moved out. So stay under same roof or away doesn’t really matter. Whoever is problematic will create trouble anywhere.
      And Anupama the leader believes in herself and she trusts that she can change her environment for better. She is that confident so she allowed all evils around her to mend them.

    10. Living there she is creating problems for her. Let’s accept the reality.. after divorce her only relationship is with her children. She can visit Shah house for the children or ask them to visit her. But living there is complicating things, don’t you think? Also you said culprit should leave the house. Anupama could have asked for a portion of the house as alimony. She dint. If she dint wanna harm that setup all what she can do is that. But she was mahaaan! So she dint get that. And the culprit’s parents own that house. And culprit’s parents won’t send their son away coz he is the only sahara in old age. So practically what you say won’t work out , subha.
      For peace Anupama has to leave. Now again dolly is asking her to interfere in kavya and his matter. Who is she to convince V to stay with kavya .. expecting her to be intertwined in their lives and not letting her move on is too much. She is not focussing on office or work. Always she is In Shah house facing some tamasha or other.

    11. Being away and creating trouble example are Rohan for Nadini and Vanraj following Anupama to Mumbai.

    12. @Apps, if Vanraj started the affair without any intention of getting married, then he is a bastard.
      And its normal for wives to taunt about no income/less income/less prestigious job, unless they are that understanding. Even Baa did or was doing the same thing. In fact there is less pressure from Kavya as she herself was working or wants to work and help financially. She normally fought with Vanraj for his affinity towards Anupama, nothing else.

    13. @subha what about she creating rift between family members ? Isn’t that spoiling the entire harmony?
      Also you can’t call him bastard. After divorce everyone is in a space where they need time. But did she be understanding and give him the time ? She was always adamant. V was a bastard coz he cheated on Anupama. But he wasn’t sure if kavya will fit into his family and she clearly isn’t even attempting to fit in there .
      Also about taunting, she had a good job she was earning right ? She could have given him a chance when he started off the business. He was sitting jobless for months and henc decided to do business. But no. She had to give taane par taana. Finally she lost the job and became jobless. Then she started creating rifts at home. What way is that helping financially?
      She went to anuj s office there again she couldn’t respvet Anupama. If she can’t respect anu why take up the job?
      Total confused and pagal she is.

    14. @Apps. [And the culprit’s parents own that house. And culprit’s parents won’t send their son away coz he is the only sahara in old age. So practically what you say won’t work out , subha.]
      Yes this is the harsh reality. Even incase of exploitation, abuse, divorce, murder, culprit will be protected by the house members. No one will care what happened to the outsider/stranger, where she vanished!
      Having this reality handy how intelligent is our tradition to enforce a detached, uneducated, powerless girl to follow a bunch of strangers blindly? Wasn’t the same thing happening to Anupama?
      Didn’t she stay that helpless? if at all that miserable girl dares to reach law, something may or may not happen depending on the mentality of judiciary!
      How stupid are we to accept in laws family as own as Anupama when you are saying that even if you are innocent, that family wont stand for you?
      What is the security of dil? In law’s mercy? Thats all?
      Please don’t blame Anupama writers or Anupama team. They actually path breaking to stay with dil, they abandoned their own son who was guilty. They gave her the property share.
      None of the characters in Anupama is a psycho or unnecessary vamp.
      Kavya normally represents the modern girl who is career orientated and don’t pamper or spoon feed family. We have them all around. She looked vamp like due to her insecurity. Now its soothing to find that she also cares for family, but she is different from Anupama, she cant be dominated.
      She has misunderstanding regarding the cause of her sorrow, its Vanraj not Anupama. But it happens for keeps/mistress/one 2nd wives as they are not accepted anywhere heartily, and they tend to feel jealous.
      I like her for her determinations and she is capable of handling atrocities, I believed with her Baa and Vanraj cant misbehave. She can demand much needed rights for dils, she can voice their pain. But now not sure where the story is heading.

    15. @Apps[@subha what about she creating rift between family members ? Isn’t that spoiling the entire harmony?]
      Is it only Kavya who is bogus?
      What about Baa? What was her issue with Anupama?
      What about Paritosh or Pakhi? They were always troublesome.
      We always have troublesome members in family. Why Kavya is only bearing V’s wrath? She is the outsider that’s why? Observe it in detail, yes its is the fact. We don’t tolerate the outsider being herself. She cant behave normal as any other family member. As per tradition she to be that Mahan Anupama despite all abuse. Is this possible?

  2. Felt a bit proud when Kavya had her self realisation and returned property by her will. Anupama devi rocks.

    On a previous day when Vanraj passed kheer bowl to Anuj her BEST dialogue was ‘Ek jhatke mai waqt badal di, jazbaat badal di, zindagi badal di’😂😂. Kavya watches memes also!!

    1. Yeah I wasn wondering why no one is talking about that meme reference 😂

    2. I am disappointed that Kavya gave papers back before mending Vanraj’s ego, It was Vanraj’s actions that drove both Anupama and Kavya crazy. Vanraj failed for 1st time and didn’t understand Anupama’s love and devotion. He must not fail this time. He has to understand and reciprocate Kavya’s love and give her that security and stability. At in laws place among a bunch of strangers, husband’s love and understanding becomes the only security for women. And without any hesitation I say Indian system has failed to provide that security to dils and its burning example is Baa and Vanraj. They must change and all Kavyas will change automatically.

  3. kavya is still going to be a kuti for the show
    such a negative slapper
    all he wants is cash cash which she is not going to get after all this what a shame not
    anu anuj are decent
    pakhi is cool kinjak is so so so hot babe
    samar decent guy
    paritosh such a wimp loser and idiot
    vanraj standing up for himself properly
    baa and bapu good as always
    kinjal hai hai

    1. naam mai kya likha hai loude

      besharam line marta kinjal is so so so hot babe likhke

    2. its a compliment about her beauty
      saying she is hot hot is not an insult but a compliment so chill babe

  4. Dolly requests Anu to speak to bhai once.
    Khud kyo nahi baat kar leti.

    1. Exactly. Why always anu 🤣🤣 kabab mein haddi she is

  5. Dimag ka shot

    Never seen anyone as delusional as kavya Didi if it would be upto her she would blame anupama tai for covid too.. pyscho bandhi hai..I do not feel sorry for her one bit. Vannu Bhai is no saint but it is a fact he loves his parents.. mere parents me Saath koi aisa karta then I would divorce them too.

    Dolly bhen Apne khud k Bhai se baat karo… I swear if anupama speaks to vanraj then she has left all her laaj sharam and lajja in her rented house. It makes no sense.

    Anuj Anna one day just one day I want to actually do something it would be fun to see how you make others suffer you are cut throat business man not a door mat that people can say anything and everything to the ones you love and walk away from it.

    1. @Dimag ka shot, well understood that you will divorce your wife if she is rude to your parents, fair enough, but at the same time, pls do ensure that your parents are giving equal respect to her and her family members, please make sure she is not exploited. Anupama need to be involved as she accelerated Vanraj and Kavya’s marriage and she is the one who convinced Kavya to return the property back. I mean why? Why it matters who holds the papers as long as they are family. When the papers stay with father in law or son no one cares but if its with dil its wrong? The way Shahs behave and tranfer the property like foot ball, Kavya seems a better option to manage property? Why its such a crime for dil to manage property? Isn’t she trust worthy? If yes why dil will trust anyone that her right is secured?

    2. It’s not wrong if property is with DIL. It all depends on how DIL got the property. She got it by cheating them 1st. Then she threatens baa that for everything they need her permission. And see she can’t say anupamaa should never come there. Whatever it is Anupama is the mother of those three kids. So she has the freedom to go there but yeah she can avoid it but if family likes her why is she going about saying mujhse har chhez ka permission lo. Why so? She is evil that’s y she holding the property is wrong.
      Has she ever regarded them as family? Half the time she spends creating rifts in the family. Never does she unite them or tries to be one among them. Even the baa ka tamasha in the karkhana was instigated by her. She is expert at it only. Not in making relationships. She wants relationships like buying dresses. She has to work towards getting acceptance.. she can’t be another Anupama that everyone understands but even for family to accept her she has to give them time and try to be one among them. Infact baa is more lenient to her than she was ever with Anupama

    3. Dimag ka shot

      Thank you for understanding my comment @apps

    4. Dimag ka shot

      Having property in her name is not the problem how she took the property is the problem.

      Babuji has always treated her with respect despite her not deserving it. She got what she deserved.. it’s not like she was nice to them either.

      I stand by what I say.. if my spouse tricked my family into signing their property in their name I would have reacted the same way. I did not once say that a daughter has no rights. She does.

    5. True. She is blaming her even for the mistake she has done 😅😅😅😅 like what only. She is such a useless person

    6. @Apps, I have never seen her harming/prohibiting anyone apart from Anupama, that also I believed she has a reason. If she is so evil why she has to stay hooked to Vanraj the budhha? She is young and charming enuf to find any other bakra. But she seemed to care but she was overshadowed by Anupama.

    7. Subha why not befriend Kinjal than instigate her against anu?
      She is always driven by insecurity. She is alwyas insecure. Before and after marriage. If she is all that insecure she should not have married V. I realy dont get it what is making you support her.

    8. @Apps, Vanraj never appreciated Kavya, continued to fall for Anupama and Kavya behaved insane believing Anupama as the root cause of her misery.
      I might be wrong in my understanding but this is what happens in case of infidelity. Keep is normally jealous of legal wife.

  6. Kavya is a psycho she is obsessed with V so much. God knows what she will do to get V

  7. Vanraj is actually a dual faced man. Actually he is a shuttlecock in badminton sport. One one side anupama hits this shuttlecock and from another side kavya hits this shuttlecock.Anirudh once told the right thing that Vanraj is dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka and he was absolutely right about it.

  8. I really do hate Kavya as she blames Anu for every single silly things but RaVanraj is no less . He says Kavya forced him to marry him seriously forced?Was he married on gunpoint . Huh leave it . And the makers should rename this serials to Silsila V ke zindagi ka because Anu and Anuj ka pichle 1 jadte se scene hi nahi dikha rahe hai

  9. Vanaraj is a real evil kutta rest are normal

  10. Vanaraj also is a psycho

  11. I find it interesting that Anu this time has not denied that Anuj is her boyfriend when Kavya confronted her with your boyfriend and KK.😊

  12. That ill -bred women wrecker!! When will he be punished ?!

  13. Even after this, I am not sure how genuine Kavya’s action to return the property papers were. Because if you notice, after each action or each statement, she looked on towards Vanraj and asked if he was happy. This shows that she hasn’t changed much, but is just doing it to make Vanraj happy, and the minute he is satisfied, she will go back to her previous ways. To prove this, is the time when she lashed out at Anupama, when she was handed the divorce papers. So yes, people who tell that Kavya has changed, please think again.
    But this being said, even someone like her did not deserve the way Vanraj behaved with her. He is not a small kid to be forced in marriage. He pursued a relationship with her, so them getting married is not only her choice, but his responsibility too. So, this is him being the worst human being he is as always. Marriages regardless of how they are, should first go through mutual communication, before they are ended. Which Kavya wanted to do, but Vanraj was a complete jerk.
    After this, I really think that Kavya should actually go ahead with this divorce and leave him for good. She was fine-ish before she married him, if you ignore the extra marital affair of hers. So she can do better with him.

  14. I can see M.SHAH creating problems between Anu and Anuj….he can go to Hell.

  15. Actually Kavya’s character is an example of what an educated working women should not do…..

    1. Poking unnecessary nose in indirect family matters
    2. Taking your job lightly and behaving unprofessionally (in both her jobs)
    3. Keeping your self- respect in platter for a job or a promotion (having extra marital affair with boss, unnecessary trying to flirt and gain attention of AK, doing nakli patch up drama with Anupama)
    4. Not at all retrying to get a new job but sit idle at home and start b*t*hing
    5. Giving respect to your senior at work ( irrespective of their age- kinjal and qualification- anupama)

    I believe as a 21st century working women ka character… kavya has disappointed me lately … very upset with her character potrayal…

    She was the same girl who left her own hard earned house to get a divorce from Anirudh… now she has become so self obsessed that she had to snatch a house through cheating … where is that love left in her…

    Even self – love has committed suicide… otherwise for what possible and sensible reason has she chosen to be that Shah’s wife … and even now falling in his legs and begging…. Very very disappointed with her chara Arc as a woman

    1. @Anu, well done. women/men these lesson are for all.

    2. Agreed. She is not showing a quality of a professional woman. Always insecure and stupid. She tries to be oversmart but is a fool 😂
      Always blaming others , instigating others …useless character

  16. *in the 5th point I missed adding Not

  17. When Kavya decided to cheat the property frm Shah family she shuld expect this reactions frm Vanraj!! or she expect Vanraj to accept wat she had done n keep quiet??? She shuld knows Vanraj better than anyone!!! I actually thought Kavya will sell the property n divorce Vanraj when she did the fraud! But instead Kavya is too confident tat Vanraj will succumb to her betrayal??

    1. She is always over confident even with jobs.
      She boasts that varanj can’t leave her, and she is forgetting that she threatened varanj to send his family to jail if he doesn’t marry her.i mean who does such thing?
      She is so obsess and Insecure full of jealousy. Why because she got varanj by threat. That clown never wanted to marry her. And now she is causing more drama rather than being regretful for her actions of lately. She hasn’t got brain and she point fingers on Anu.

    2. @Unicorn, even I thought the same that Kavya is going to ditch Vanraj, but due to some strange reasons she started family family song! When she sang that I started to wonder if she is doing this because of insecurity as that also seems valid.

  18. No doubt kavya is wrong on many points but y she is begging in front of that egoistic stubborn characterless man like vanraj..he uses women n then throw them out of his life..and why anupma interfere in shahs problems hr jahan dekho apna lecture dene lg jati hai..bechara anuj bhi kam ka nhi rha 1 business tycoon bvkoof budi baa jobless idiot vanraj sas k paise pe ash krne vala toshu uski insult kr rhe hai..anupma ka to kam hai beozzati krvana as she has no self respect..vanraj has always created scenes to ruin anupma n anuj happiness even then anupma vanraj k peeche bhagti hai..kavya must not beg rather drag this man in court to demand a huge amount as alimony beyond vanraj’s aukat..kavya should not give divorce rather iss khudgrj aadmi ko court me uljhaye..he is the same vanraj who had extra marital relationship ditched his family and got married at age of much humiliation his family tolerated..aaj family ka pyar yad aa rha hai is ko..disgusting man..only 1 character is worth watching devika..v true lady..spares nobody chahe chota chahe buda..good good

    1. True! Kavya must not beg , rather punish him.
      Its time for Vanraj to confess that he is a failed husband both the times.
      He got Anupama who was homely but not strong and independent, and he never appreciated.
      He got Kavya who is strong and independent but not homely and he didn’t appreciate her also!
      Good for Anupama, she became strong due to this betrayal. Better for Kavya, she understood the value of family.
      But where is the learning for Vanraj? When he will stand as a trust worthy husband?
      Trust me its a fashion of Indian men in general. they never understand appreciate their lady love, they take them for granted, don’t even allow to utter their pain. They are good for whole world just not for the wife. It exist since ages. We have the biggest reference but I wont name it.
      And whoever try to protect or support wife they are called namard and joru ka ghulam.
      I guess they has to behave that tyrant to maintain their status.

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