Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra’s New Plan To Unmask Venky

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasu gets a heart attack. Family rushes her to hospital in Rudra’s car. Doctor tests her and says its good they brought her on time as she had a minor attack, but is fine now. Preesha thanks him. He says she needs to be under observation tonight. Rudra tries to console Preesha. Preesha warns him to stay away from her as her amma’s life is in danger because of him, he wrongly alleged her brother and is trying to destroy her family. He says their thinking is different. She says its so different that he betrayed her and conspired against her family behind her, she wanted time to rethink about their relationship, but now she is clear and doesn’t want to stay with a man who betrays her repeatedly and wants to destroy her family. He tries to explain. She says his face reminds her of betrayal, so she doesn’t want to see his face again. Mishka says its not the right time to explain Preesha and takes him from there. In car, Rudra cries remembering Preesha’s words and thinks she cannot hate him. A sad song plays in the background.

Next morning, Sharda calls GPS and questions about Vasu’s health. GPS says Vasu’s condition is stable now and she is at home. Sharda asks to call her if he needs her help. She then informs Rudra that Sharda is fine and says she can sense his pain with Preesha’s separation. He says Venky is oversmart and created differences between them. She says if Venky is a step ahead, he should think 2 steps ahead of him, find his weakness and defeat him in his own game. Preesha asks GPS whose call was it and discusses Vasu’s condition. She hears someone fighting and goes out to check. She sees her cousin sister Vyjayanti fighting with autodriver for 5 rs extra fair. She frightens driver that Vyjayanti is a lawyer who fights for justice and will take him to police station if he asks extra 5 rs. Driver gets afraid and drives away.

Vyjayanti informs her that she got a job in a good law firm in Delhi and hence shifted here. She says she is Rudra’s big fan and wants to meet him. Preesha hesitates. Rudra walks in. Vyjayanti gets excited seeing her. Preesha introduces her as her father’s sister’s daughter and asks Rudra why did he come here. He says Param agreed to marry Mishka after knowing she has changed, so he came to invite her family for Param and Mishka’s wedding. She asks how can he celebrate after trying to destroy her family and betray her, tears wedding invitation card and denies to attend wedding. He thinks he came to invite Venky to expose him. Preesha feels tension headaches. Vyjayanti massages her scalp with Mamaearth onion oil and they promote it.

Rudra returns home and informs Mishka that Param agreed to marry her. She is amazed to hear that and asks how did he convince Param. He explains his whole plan and says her wedding is tonight and hopes Venky comes there and get exposed. Venky fumes thinking how can Mishka marry, acts as getting severe headache and calls Preesha. Preesha with GPS and Vyjayanti rushes to him, gives him medicine, and makes him sleep. Once they leave, he destroys tablet and thinks he will go and spoil Mishka’s wedding while everything think he is sleeping here. In the evening, Sharda gets Mishka ready as a bride. Rudra says she looks beautiful, is she ready. She says yes. Vyjayanti prepares dinner and calls Preesha, GPS, and Venky. Preesha sees Venky sleeping and says he will have dinner later. Venky keeps pillows in his place and thinks he can easily go out now.

Precap: Mishka’s wedding rituals start.
Venky enters house via bathroom window. Preesha rushes to Saransh when she gets his call. Rudra ties her to a chair while she resists and asks to listen to him silently.

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  1. Rudr is planning to expose venky..get him punished ..what about punishing Mishka? Is he supposed to be the hero of the show?

    1. Bakwas show ekdum. Mishka clearly dont regret and rudra is over excited to help her. Rudra is sick..

    2. Very sick 😂😂

  2. I still can’t digest the fact that venky will go to jail and mishka will be happily married. He already has lost 10 years of his life, his character has been tarred , he does not have a education for a bright student that might be killing him and now this… he is getting punished for getting his revenge…when no one bothered to get him justice even Mishka the supposed reformed girl did not even try to clear his name…what kind of a show is this …. and the worst part is people feel sorry for Mishka and are celebrating Venky going to jail … horrible

    1. OK I am totally disappointed in who ever directed mad wrote this drama cause its wrong in every way especially this part of the show….say vencky really did rape mishka back then I would have understood but this…this is idiotic…all the characters in this movie are dumb no one is trying to see things from his point of view…just cause mishka is changed doesn’t mean she shouldn’t suffer dearly for all the bad things she did… I don’t get why no one sees that… If venky returns to take revenge on his whole family I ain’t gonna blame him at all …cause to them being truly human is being a monster

    2. @HM ..Same from my side…whatever revenge he takes after he gets sent to jail is okay with me…They the monsters truly

  3. Time and again, Ekta proves to be the Abbas-Mustan of itv!

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