Imlie 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Aparna And Radha Follow Anu’s Advice


Imlie 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malini waits for KC’s call and thinks he will not call her as she rudely behaved with him and reminisces the event. KC also reminiscing the event tries to delete crazy lady Malini’s number, but fails and thinks of calling her. Malini while studying reads Kunal Chauhan instead of Prithvi Raj Chauhan and thinks he is getting over her mind and hence she should talk to him. She calls him while KC also call her at the same time and find each other’s number busy. KC then calls landline. Malini picks call. He nervously asks if he can speak to Malini. She says speaking. He says its him and apologizes for being rude. She apologizes him instead for being rude and pleads not to stop taking to her and continue her case as a lawyer or friend at least. He agrees and asks if she is sure about it. She agrees. He says tomorrow its her and Adi’s final divorce counseling session. She gets disheartened hearing that. He says she is still unsure about her divorce. She says she is and asks him to go ahead. She then calls Adi to inform him about the counseling session, but he is busy dance practicing with Imlie for her best bahu competition and doesn’t pick her call.

Tripathi family visits competition venue for the next round of competition. Rupali wishes Adi and Imlie all the best for their couple dance competition. Renu also wishes her bahu to perform well. Anu walks to Aparna and Radha and taunts them that they were boasting about their servant and did wrong to Malini, now they realized what really their servant is. Aparna says she doesn’t have any answer for her questions now; she had alerted them about Imlie first, but they didn’t understand it. Anu says they should do something to prove that they are in Malini’s favor. Dance competition starts. Other couples perform first on stage. Malini reaches Tripathi House to inform Adi about the counseling session when he doesn’t pick calls. Sundar opens door and informs that whole Tripathi family has gone to attend a dance competition. Malini fumes hearing that and thinks how can they go to watch a dance competition. Sundar says they are participating and he is going there. Malini walks towards her car.

Imlie tells Adi that she forgot Aparna’s ghungru and cannot perform without Aparna’s blessings. Adi goes home to bring them. Aparna and Radha follow him. Adi seeing Malini asks what is she doing here. Malini reminds him about their last divorce counseling session. He says he forgot. She says KC is waiting for them at the session venue. He says he cannot come as Imlie and his dance performance will start in 5 minutes. Malini asks if he is out of his mind. He says she doesn’t know the exact issue and this competition is most important for Imlie, asks her to wait for sometime and goes to his room to bring ghungroo. Aparna and Radha lock the door from outside and return to competition venue. Adi knocks door and seeks help. Host calls Adi and Imlie next. Family requests for some time as Adi went home. Renu’s bahu taunts Imlie that everyone left her including her husband. Pallavi supports Imlie. Anu says if Tripathis cannot value time, they should be disqualified.

Precap: Anu tells Imlie that her performance wish must have been fulfilled, so she should get down the stage; she cannot win without her husband’s support. Adi apologizes Imlie that she lost because of him.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I loved Malini and Kunal scene 🥰🥰🥰
    Also that useless aditya what is more important freeing Malini from that toxic relationship or dancing with imlie I mean they could participate that competition every year 🙄🙄

  2. Some progress in malini n kunal love story and its good, and again adithya delaying counselling due to dance competition, I can’t stand that pallavi n rupi , their job is to worship imlie daily, why can’t they show their own life issues rather than doing imlie jaap.

    1. Bislove(Roshni)

      Pallavi own is better,rupali was the only useless character in this show,no husband,no work,no future stay in her parent house and supporting forced marriage over 7years of relationship and turn herself to imilie puppet,she will be there when imilie and pallavi will have kids,her character is so numb,no important role

  3. So… Malini is getting divorced, she is emotionally weak, she is breaking still she is the one doing all the work for the divorce proceeding, trying to correct Aditya’s mistakes, and here Mr patrakar refused to go to counselling because of dance competition. i mean… yes, Malini is responsible for this situation a little because hse made KC her fake boyfriend so Adi is taking everyhting casually and letting Malini and BF handle everything… but still. Legal proceeding less important than the dance competion? and i dont get another thing, doesnt anybody else work in this society? Normally, even if such competitions take place in a colony, its maybe one day program in the weekend where everybody can spend the holiday together and have some fun. Here, the competiotion will be spanning days. So every husband has taken a day off from their work to take part in the dance competition or what?
    i know everyone will say this is a show and dont think too much about logic. but the entire drama created around Adi not going to counselling and Malini getting hurt is so convoluted. i just hope KC doesnt again misunderstand Malini that she created an excuse to further delay the divorce.

    1. Bislove(Roshni)

      Even though she didn’t say that,Adi doesn’t love her anymore,Adi only sees her as a friend since he has fallen in love with imilie but the only thing that baffled me is that why did Adi only said imilie save him cos since 7years that he has been with Malini he haven’t gotten into any problem but when imilie entered his life,his life has been in danger and imilie was the one around him to save him,when satty buried him alive did he expected Malini to save him when Malini doesn’t know anything about it cos I don’t understand this show,every time he will be saying imilie save his life and since he has been with Malini he hasn’t been admitted to hospital before,so why always save,I don’t know what this show is all about,I swear I only read becos I wanted to know T family reactions and imilie reaction wen they know that Malini sacrifices her love for her kid sister and she didn’t knew kc before, this show doesn’t have point, this gul Khan show I didn’t like it,I prefer Nazar,jadu and namak iss ka than this show,,😏

  4. They are practicing jazz kinda and couple dance but performing different form like semi classical
    Why the hell then she is teaching him couple dance and how she knows this kind of dance in village and I think she is teaching couple dance just to romance her aadi

  5. I enjoyed yesterday’s dance session with Imlie and Aditiya- their faces beaming with joy and laughter.

  6. Cannot believe Adi, he asks Malini to delay divorce because of Nishant.
    Then he wants Malini’s help, saying tell his family that divorce is mutual, and get his family off his back, so that they accept Imlie.
    Also wants divorce, wants to register Adilie marriage asap!
    Next he considers dance competition more important 😡
    Competition is held every year, so Adilie can enter again, by which time he’d have the registration and Imlie would be more entitled to enter in the true sense.
    There are procedures to be followed by both parties to get a mutual divorce, he needs to contribute, whether attending counselling (required by courts sometimes), or signing of papers etc.
    Where’s his lawyer?
    Poor Malini, being run ragged by this pathetic excuse of a man, both mentally and physically who himself is doing nothing, as too busy being Imlie’s lapdog 🤮
    Imlie looked nice for the bake off, I thought that her look had been changed following declaration by Adi that they were married!
    But for dance off she’s back to her old look, not ballroom look🙄
    Then in Precap she’s looking nice in dance costume!
    No continuity

    1. Yes he is being imlie lapdog, god I can’t tolerate that man.

    2. Sati. Maharaj

      This old man Aditya is alove
      sick puppy

  7. Why should Malini do all the legal formalities alone? Why doesn’t that jobless person accompany her too? Oh, too busy in best bahu competition or insulting his parents, huh?
    So there’s no difference between Anu or T ladies now. I like how T family is not accepting Imlie, but their reasons are not cool. Judging someone for his social status is mean. And how does this silly competition save someone’s dignity? It’s okay for time pass or enjoyment but everyone is preparing for it, as if it’s JEE advanced! This is the dumbest thing the makers could have shown.
    And the Tripathis keep flip-flopping like fishes in a pond. Their characters are so inconsistent. If Imlie does one mahaan deed, within seconds they will be dancing in front of her and pampering. I can bet. I prefer monotonous characters over these ridiculous ones.

  8. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    I would like to believe that Adi was prioritizing both relations 🤔 Imlie…1st wife, first priority ✔ Malini..2nd wife, second priority ✔ = 🕵 solved

    The Three Stooges a.k.a. Anu, Aparna and Radha 😂
    Anu instigated these two, who have always regretted helping her in any situation due to her blatant lack of respect for the Tripathi name 🙄 …eye-opener?? shocker?? 🙄

    sooo… confused me to nobody:
    Glad that Kunal called 👈 👉 Sad at getting divorced 🕵🤦🤷

    Malini fumes hearing that and thinks how can they go to watch a dance competition 🤔 …angry (at Adi’s priority?)…or jealous (at the Tripathis nonchalance?)… 🙄 … is it just me or is Malini beginning to turn negative to the situation… afterall, a few minutes simply won’t hurt the situation, will it?? How long would the dance sequence take…5 minutes, tops ??? 😬🤐

    the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important.
    “the safety of the country takes priority over any other matter”
    prime concern · first concern · most important consideration · most pressing matter · matter of greatest importance · primary issue · [more]
    a thing that is regarded as more important than another.

    the state of being nonchalant.
    “an air of nonchalance”
    unconcern · lack of concern · indifference · heedlessness · relaxedness · calm · calmness · equanimity · coolness · composure · casualness · ease · easygoing attitude · airiness · carefreeness · frivolousness · carelessness · cool

    Precap: Even with all the hate and sarcasm 😁 at least Anu is now respecting the fact that Adi “is” indeed Imlie’s husband (me: doing a lil dance number here💃)

    used to emphasize a statement or response confirming something already suggested.
    “it was not expected to last long, and indeed it took less than three weeks” · [more]
    as expected · to be sure · in fact · in point of fact · [more]
    used to emphasize a description, typically of a quality or condition.
    “it was a very good buy indeed” · [more]
    very · extremely · exceedingly · exceptionally · [more]
    used to introduce a further and stronger or more surprising point

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