Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 16 # new demand

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Lets start..

Vansh’s POv..

Nooo!! This is not sweetheart was that f**king land slide happened…

I stroked my hairs in frustration..

You don’t worry sweetheart your vansh is coming.. I won’t letΒ  you happen anything..

When i said you are my responsibility i mean that..

No matter how much i am angry on you..but you can’t leave can’t leave your vansh..

Igniting my bike’s it was difficult to drive car in this weather..

I drove like a bullet the cliff..

whole journey the sole thought occupied my mind must be my sweetheart she fine.. what if hurted..

No no no!! I will keep her safe and sound..

Reaching to the spot my breath got hitched seeing the site..

The whole cliff was destroyed by rocks and large pebbles ..

My vision got blur due to the snow.. falling continuously..

I shouted like a mad sweetheart’s name ..but she didn’t responded..

Riddhimmmmmmmmaaaa!! Sweetheart where are you .i know you are angry but please don’t punish me like this..i will endure your all punishment but just come to me please..

I can’t imagine to live without just can’t Snatch my happiness from me..

Plz sweetheart stop pranking me..i swear i will pacify you ..i will take you for bike ride..i will take you to eat ice cream ..i will do whatever you will ask but just come back.

I am not even able to breath without you..plz come back your vansh will die without you..

Pov ends

Vansh searhes her like manaic lifting all the heavy rocks with all the strength he has..

He is crying and shouting to see his sweetheart once..

Suddenly his foot stomped on a rock and his eyes fell on a piece of cloth..

Vansh’s POV

Duppatta..this duppatta..this is my sweetheart’s duppata..

I can still smell the fragrance of her in it..the fragrance which i love the most more than my branded colonge..

She is here…yes my sweetheart is here..

Sweetheart…where are you.. please give me some hint..

Your vansh will get mad without seeing for one more second..

I searched here again like a mad man..and finally i found her.. read it right..i found her..

But her can’t see her like this..

She is buried under a rock unconscious..

She already had fever and this weather..

I moved all the rocks from her and took her in my lap..

Patting her cheeks i plead in front of her like a wake up..

How will i take her home..all the roads are block now..

I took her in my arms and searched for a shelter and finally got one..

Seems like it is some secluded cottage..

Entering to it..i placed her in a corner igniting bornfire to give her some warmth..

Rubbing her cold feets and palms i tried to wake her up..she move a little giving me some hopes..

I covered her with whatever cloth i got there..

And finally she is awake..

My happiness had no bounds sweetheart is back..she is i won’t let her go away from me for a second also..

I made her sit and she looked at me as of i am an allien …

I hugged her instantly crying like a baby..

Pov ends

Vansh (hugging her) -Thank god you are almost gave me a heart attack..riddhima..

If something would have happened to you today..i wouldn’t be able to forgive myself then..

Riddhima’s POV

If i am not suffering from amnesia then he was the one who told me to leave..

Then why is he crying for me now..huff!! Bipolar raisinghania..

I know i can’t stay away or angry from you…but you hurted me beyond the limits today..

Without hugging him back..i back off

Pov ends

Vansh – Are you mad or what..

What was the need to this weather..

I was mad but you are intelligent na..then what happened to your this little brain..

You can’t even imagine how much i was worried..i was searching for you like my oxygen.. since 4.5 hours..

You had fever damn it..what if i didn’t come on time..i can’t even imagine the aftermath..

Riddhima’s POV

Somebody plz give this guy an oscar for being unforseable..

First he scolded me like hell and now he is scolding me to obey him..

I didn’t want to go..he forced me..dumbo raisinghania..

Pov ends

Riddhima (averting her gaze) – i think you should first sit silently and then decide what you want exactly..

Till then let me sleep i am not feeling well already..

Vansh’s POv

She ignored my seriously…

Even the people are lucky when they get scolded by Vansh raisinghania..

Fine!!! I am self obsessed..

But wait..she slept turning her back to me..

What should i do here zarda..

I was feeling hell guilty to see her not talking to me..

I lay down beside her hesitantly..

Keeping my temple on her..i spoke softly

Pov ends

Vansh (whispering) – Riddhima!! Sweetheart..

Riddhima’s POV

That’s sit …he called me sweetheart..

I am feeling as if I’m listening this after ages..the way his tongue takes my name ..i can’t even express my ecstasy in words..

A tears escaped from my eye remembering how he scolded me..

No.. I won’t forgive you so easily..let him suffer like i did..

Pov ends

Vansh -I know i behaved like jerk but you know na about my anger..

Only you can handle this duffer raisinghania..

Please talk to me..beat me slap me.. shout on me..

But talk to me..your silence is killing me..

Vansh’s POV

I can listen her silent sobs..her tears are piercing me ..

If she is angry..then scold me na..but this silent torture is.. killing me..

I removed my jacket and covered her as she was shivering due to cold..

Pov ends

Vansh (kissing her temple slightly) – Sleep sweetheart are not well..i won’t distrub you now..

Riddhima’s POV

Now he is making me feel guilty..his sad voice is freaking me like hell..

He covered me with his jacket the cold weather is hitting my skin ..

He left me and sat facing my back few inches away..

He gave me his jacket..means he will feel cold now..

No matter how much angry i am on him..but i know he can’t see me suffering so am i..

Subsiding my ego i got up and sat behind him holding his jacket..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

I felt her presence behind me..

But her next action took my heart .

I was so stupid to hurt her ..but she..such a pure soul..

Despite being my behavior she cares for me alot..

She made me wear my jacket from behind ..

Keeping her cheekΒ  on my should she leaned against my back sobbing silently..

Pov ends

Riddhima (crying) – I know i don’t have any right on you..but you are important to me..i can’t see you suffering because of me..

Vansh’s POv

A tear escaped from my eye listening her taunt..

I was the one to said her that she doesn’t have any right on me..

But the truth is..i can gladly give myself to her..

Turning to her i kissed her forehead.. holding her hands

Pov ends

Vansh – whatever i said was the result of my anger sweetheart..

I didn’t mean that truly..i can’t even imagine to let you go …

You won’t believe me but this stupid vansh can’t breath without you even..

You became my addiction in few days riddhima..

Plz don’t go away from me..i will die .

Riddhima’s POV

His words are breaking me from inside..

Even my heart knows he said in anger only..he didn’t mean that..

But this poor heart got hurted na..

But why is he talking about death huff!!

I lowered my head sobbing..

Pov ends

Riddhima (crying) – whenever you will ask me to leave i will go.. I don’t want to be a burden on you..

I know you said in anger but i got hurted na..

I hate made me cry so much..

I was feeling like to beat you black and blue..

Vansh’s POV

Her little nose is looking damn cute flaring in anger ..

She is saying this rubbish making a cute pout..

Cupping her face i told her that i never ever wanted to let her go..

Why will i…i started living my life again because of her..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POV

My poor heart is extremely fragile..i can’t see him pleading in front of me crying..

But I won’t forgive him so sweet torture is still left .

I hugged him crying a baby..

Pov ends

Riddhima (crying) – I will kick your ass ifΒ  you will hurt me again..

And i won’t leave you so easily.. without troubling you..

You have to pay mr.. raisinghania..

Vansh’s POV

I will do whatever you will ask just be with me..just be in my embrace.. I won’t let you go now..

Seems like i can breath again in her fragrance..

She hugged me like no tomorrow.. and i hugged her crashing her whole body against mine..

Pov ends

Riddhima – My body is aching leave me..i will die under your weight Mr.truck raisinghania..

Vansh (cupping her face) – Sorry!! I am jerk i hurt you again and again..

But i will try my best to keep you happy..

Now lay down you are weak .

Riddhima’s POV

I don’t want to move even a bit..i am hell tired..

He made me lay down carefully and i pulled him with me..

He lied beside me.. stroking my hairs..

Pov ends

Riddhima (pouting) – I am still gussa.. don’t think you are forgiven so easily..

Vansh’s POV

I chuckled mentally on her antics obviously i can’t chuckle in front of her she will kill me here only..

Taking her in my embrace i storked her hairs kissing her crown !!

Pov ends

Vansh – I will do what you will ask just be with me..

Don’t go away i will be your slave..pkka wala promise..

Riddhima’s POV

This is the 3rd kiss of the day..

I didn’t know i will get this much chummis from him after being scolded by him..

You can scold me thoda sa everyday in exchange of this kisses ..

Finally he came on point..what i want..

You will regret saying this later..

Pov ends

Riddhima (hugging him tightly) – ************

Done done dana done βœ…

Longest chappy till now..

Word count : 1843

Hope u all like it

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