My Love Where Are You- RiAnsh Chapter 7

Meri Riddhima Aa Gyi!!

She left leaving him standing there. He was expressionless, trying to digest what happened right now. He blankly went back to VR Mansion. He directly entered Siya’s room and Riya was sitting there. He pulled Riya and then pushed her but she didn’t fall.

What the hell? Riya said angrily.

She was not Riddhima! It was you! You can’t play games with Vansh Rai Singhania. Get that in your head! My Riddhima would never do what you did! You are just a greedy woman! Vansh said with his eyes full of anger.

Toh ek kaam karo, Said Riya. Give me Kabir and I will leave this house and your life. I don’t care about Riddhima. And i am sure she must be dead now.

Shut up! Tum Kabir ki parchhaayi tak bhi nahi pahuch paogi. Vansh said and left the room.

Riya smirked which was not left unnoticed by Angre.

What? I have said earlier too. I think she is dead. And I don’t care if she is. Riya said looking at Angre.

Angre took a deep breathe to say something but he left without saying anything. Riya turned to Siya.

The gates of VR Mansion flew open and she was here….. Vansh ran to the hall and saw her standing, looking at the house. Vansh directly hugged her while she pushed him back.

So this is really my house? She asked.

Riya came from inside and hugged her. She had tears in her eyes. She kissed Riddhima’s forehead while she was just standing with shock. And finally she pushed her back too.

She barged her hand in her purse and took out a ring. It was her engagement ring.Β  Which hand imprinted VR. She have it to Vansh wand then some reports. Before Vansh could open it she took it back.

Since, I didn’t knew my name. I named myself Raima. After seeing you all I am sure I live here. I am married too. Finally I found MY HOME. She said .and now Vansh opened the file….

There was an utter silence as Vansh went through the file and gave it to Angre. He had tears of joy in his eyes. He went to Riddhima and she flinched back again. Vansh understood and decided not to force her.

I have seen you somewhere…. I came here that day also. But you were hell bent to kill me and didn’t listen. But now you are hugging me. Reason?

Riddhima became really open minded. She was changed.

Vansh’s POV

My Riddhima was standing at door. She had some bruises. She was trying to hard them. My eyes find peace and pain at the same time. I ran to hug her but she pushed me. I thought it’s natural I needed a punishment. But she.. she asked that is it her house? I was blank. That Riya came and was looking happy. But she said she doesn’t care. I will sort it out too. She gave me her engagement ring and then the reports. She was talking too much while I finally decided to open the file.

Memory Loss

She forgot everything. Every single memory. I can make up everything now. I can’t give her stress by telling what happened. I will have to lie to keep her here with me. I think God wants me to get a chance to repel my mistake. I will tell her about her marriage and make up a fake story so she happily lives here. My heart is breaking seeing her adjusting her clothes trying to hide her bruises. I decided to talk to her.

Vansh’s POV ends.Β  Β 

You are not any Raima, you are my Riddhima, my wife. Vansh said her calmly. HE signaled Angre and he brought 2-3 photos of their marriage. He handed them to Riddhima and she looked at photo, than at Vansh. Again at the photo and then Vansh.

But I don’t look happy in the picture. What if I have run away from here and lost my memory? Riddhima asked innocently.

We have some more, come with me. I will show you. Vansh said trying to comfort her.

No Riddhi! Riya stopped them between. You were forced to marry him! Riya stopped with a smirk while Riddhima stumbles.

Was I? Riddhima asked having tears.

Yes, you were but we were living happily. See this…. Vansh says taking out his phone which had some pictures of them during karva Chauth. Riddhima smiles seeing the pictures which gives a relief tk Vansh.

If your investigation is done let’s go to room and you should have proper rest. Vansh said a little stern.

Riddhima nodded like a child and holds Vansh’s two fingers making Vansh smile and they both head to their room.

Riddhima takes a nice look of the whole room and sits on the bed. Vansh takes some clothes and moves to the washroom. He changes and comes back only to find Riddhima on the floor breathing unevenly.

Vansh directly took her in his arms and and placed on the bed. While Riddhima was trying to say…

Va…. Our……our…ba…baby .. I … don’t…I .. don’t….want….want t….live…

No Riddhima! Don’t say like this! I am here now nothing will happen. Vansh said trying to calm her down.

Riddhima kept panting trying to catch breath while Vansh called the doctor and she fainted in his arms leaving him in shock.

Vansh rushed to the hospital with Riddhima in his arms. The doctors were checking her up while Riya also reached there.

That’s why I wanted her to die. Better than coming back to you. Why the hell did you lie to her? Ohh… You have no courage to tell the truth. To tell her that you left her on the road to die.” Riya was shouting angrily.

Vansh silently ignored her only focused to see what happened to Riddhima. There were some sudden noises in the room and then Riddhima started shouting.

Leave me!! Leave me please. I don’t want to stay here. Call my husband! I don’t know his name…. VR!! Call him please… I don’t want to stay here please leave me.”

She was crying bitterly and Vansh was not able to bear it anymore. He flew open the door and hugged Riddhima. While she was crying hugging him.

Doctor: Mr Singhania please let us do our work. She is mentally not stable.

“No!! I am! I just lost my memory! When I don’t take medicine my head aches! Nothing has happened to me. (To Vansh) please take me. They are hell bent on calling me mental. They even tied me here and kept me hungry.” (Crying) Riddhima said with a choking voice.

Shh.. Riddhima nothing will happen like this. We will go home ok? I will always be with you.” Vansh said caling her down. Riddhima nodded silently and Riya was watching everything from the door with Angre.

The family also got to know and Vansh took Riddhima back home.

So you are Raima and she is Riddhima. Right?” Ishani asked.

No. Ridhima said “I am Raima and Riddhima.”
Ishani gave a confusing look.

” The nurse told me I was telling my name from R. So I myself kept Raima” Riddhima continued. ” Tell me your name so I don’t forget it”. She said to Vansh.

Vansh Rai Singhania

Vansh replied as he does, full attitude in his voice.

“Vansh, I must say I have a nice choice” Riddhima winked and smiled to which Vansh smiled.

It was midnight. Vansh was sleeping on the couch while Riddhima was on the bed. She woke up with a sudden jerk looking at her surroundings, she started panting and veryy silently left the room. She ran to the main door and left the VR Mansion. Once again.

Vansh opened his eyes to check Riddhima and became tensed on not seeing her there. He saw the open door and left outside to see Riddhi trying to leave the house. He ran and caged her into a tight hug.

“Vansh… Vansh I saaw… I saw him.” Riddhima was panting trying to speak clear.

“Relax Riddhima. Whom did you see? No one is here. Come you need to sleep” Vansh tried his best to make her breath properly.

They both went backt o the room and he tucked Riddhima in the bed. “Kabir. It was him. Vansh he will again…” Vansh closed his mouth so she can not speak further while he himself was standing in shock.

Slow footsteps in the background, a man entering VR Mansion.

Vansh ordered the servants to close the door and gates of the house while he frustrated went to the study room…

Why do you think he is frustrated by listening Kabir’s name? Why did he not get angry but shocked when Riddhima said she saw Kabir? Comment down your reviews. Hope you have not forgotten the story 🀭

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