I’m sorry swara plz forgive me – TS (part-2)

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Hello guys I’m back with 2nd shot of the TS
I hope u Ppl Are Liking this ts

Let’s start
Sanskar Was thinking about his past deeds which he has done

A mansion is shown Which Is decorated beautifully with flowers it’s seems like a marriage is going on And girl entered in to the mansion yelling
Girl: diiiii
Ragini: arey arey shona y r u shouting like stop shouting baba
Swara: wt!!! my excitement is looking like shouting for u not fair di
Ragini: okie okie baba sry now go and freshen up 1st
Swara: okie bye (swara was doing ? and she stays in hostel)
she left the washroom to get freshen up

On Other side
Laksh: Sanky get up
Sanku: bhai let me sleep some more time na wise shaadi mera nahi tumahara hai (sleepy tone)
Laksh: Sanky get up or else I will ur favorite kavitha
Snaky: (immediately open his) Nooooo
Laksh Was laughing at his reaction ??
Now get up and get ready we today is my sangeet
Sanky woke up cursing laksh he left washroom to freshen up

(guys I don’t wanna drag more I will show simple and complete in short cut)

Raglak where sitting in the centre the mansion swasan where meeting for the 1st time in sangeet only both became frnds they both started hosting
Swara:hello Hi namasthe I’m thanking all of u who came to bless my sister And jiju
Sanky: on this occasion we are here to conduct a couple game

Swara: I have a bowl in my hand in this I have written all the names who were present here I and Sanky will take one chit in that whose name will be there they have to do couple dance
Sanku: okie let’s start now
Both have taken 1 1 chit they had dp and ap name both did their dance after that raglak she is he finally our couples turn both are dancing with passion even they don’t known wt feeling they where for both but seeing their dance 2pairs of eyes where burning in jealous And anger that is kavitha and Sahil both where obsessed with swasan

Kavhil shares brother and sister relation kavitha is elder than him
Both where not able digest their bond

Swasan completed their dance Sangeet got ended
slowly they both are becoming good frnds This was can’t taken up by kavhil
Kavitha: if he was not for then he can’t be anyone’s Sahil
Sahil: ha di same here if she was not for me she can’t be others

Both made a plan to breakup their rrelationship in mean time both raglak marriage is also completed

@Marriage day
Both swasan as usual bcoz on their works but kavHil also busy on their plan

Kavitha drugged Sanskar So that his hormones get reach peak level kavitha was about to take him to the room but Before she could do anything swara in between seeing him unsteady she thought he was unwell so she helped him to the room but the drug injected to him started working

His hormones where beating him blue and back soon he was trying to molest swara in that process dear hitter him with a vase he got angry and pushed her back with force In that process she got hurt bcoz of that she lost her mental stability

Soon all family members came there listening the broken sounds seeing scene in front made them schoked soon both are taken to hospital

After examination they told that Sanskar was drugged and swara lost her metal stability 1st they thought Sanskar himself taken the drug the drug But laksh didn’t believe that bcoz he know his brother very well he don’t have any bad habit how can drug he was thinking that

when laksh was passing through Hospital corridor he heard kavhil talks and he got to know that was planned by them but plan was to drug both and complete their work Sahil was unable to drug her on correct time do that their plan got flopped

Laksh made both of them arrested and he said to all the family members how kavhil planned on both of them

(guys I don’t know this type of drug is present or not it’s was my imagination if u don’t like the reason I’m sry for that)

After sometime
Sanskar he got conscious he got to know wt he was done listening this he immediately ran near swaras ward seeing her in that state he was feeling has his life was going

He came near her he holded her legs and started crying forgiveness soon swara also got conscious
Seeing someone crying she imimmediately Opened her eyes and looked Towards him
Swara: hey u y r u crying get my bed sheet is getting wet bcoz of u (childish tone)

Sanskar was shocked seeing her like this then Laksh came and said she lost her mental stability bcoz of that hurt

Sanskar guilty was grown more in him he can’t able digest the fact that bocz of him she was In this state although it was in effect of drug but still he was thinking how he lose his control on him he can’t easily blame that drug for his act

He immediately hugged her and said sry
Swara: arey y r u saying sorry all the time and who r u (dear forget everything she was now a kid of 5yrs old she only know her di and her parents)

Sanskar: I’m Sanky can u be my Frnd
Swara smiles and said okie Frnd
Laksh: even I’m also ur Frnd and ur di Frnd
Swara: u r my do Frnd also then u r also Frnd of me
Yeaaaa I got 2 frnds started ? her hands

After some time Sanskar came out and shemish That he will marry swara but they refused for that bcoz they know it was not fault of him bcoz of that they can’t destroy Sanskars life so they denied but Sanskar is Sanskar he made them agree and went to his parents to ask permission

But dp and ap didn’t like this they want Sanskar to marry a good girl which will give them More profit for their status even lash marriage is also done like this only bcoz Gadodia Property Is more than Maheswari they married them only For their profit and they Sanskar to get married to more richest girl than swara knowing this both sanlak where shocked not only them also shemish

Sanskar decided to leave the house so he said them he can’t marry anyone than swara I’m not marring her bcoz of this guilty I’m marring her bcoz “I love her ” He left the home but with him laksh also came out bcoz he don’t want to stay with ppl who can Use their childern for profit status and bla bla

Do and ap left the hospital in angry ?

Sanlak there with tears but 2 hands are wiping their tears that is our shemish both broke in their arms seeing their parents Value about scoeity than their children happiness

Sanlak wants to do job anywhere they got but shemish didn’t allow them to work outside and made them to work in their office they don’t care about society wt they think they want the is children to be happy

Like that Swasan got married In a simple way he started taking care of her he works in office when she went to sleep bcoz now Sanky has become her addiction she want only Sanky more than her parents

1yr has been passed but there is no change in

Flash back ends

Thinking fb Sanskar also Slept cuddling his life tightly

Next day morning
Swasan room
Sanskar woke up due to sunrays He slowly opened his eyes and saw his princess was sleeping peacefully he smiles and pecked her lips and forehead She smiled sensing his touch on her

Sanskar: good morning princes Shake her slightly
Swara: snaku y u woke up so early I wanna sleep more
Sanskar: Plz princes today I have meeting I have to go early princess
Swara: okie u go I will sleep
Snaky: acha if I go then who will make u ready
Swara: mumma and di are there na to make ready

Sanskar: no way it’s my right and I will only make u ready now get up
Swara making faces she opened her eyes
Swara: sanku u know wt when u use big wala dialogue na I won’t understand anything y u use that big wala dialogue
Sanskar smiles at her innocence and took her washroom and made her stand in front of mirror

He trying to break her teeth but As usual she was eating paste
Sanskar: princes one more u eat paste na then I will beat u (sternly)
Swara: ??? u will beat me joke saying this again she laughed
Sanskar was mesmerized to see her smiling happily what he wanted sea is only her smiles life long
But our swara though he was serious so she Silently stood there and ask him to Clean her teeth Sanskar came into senses and cleaned her teeth

Now he was having a very bad task that is her ? never she does it silently he was hell tired he hold her tightly and kept her under the ? soon he completed her bath even and in no time she got ready in cute dress (Sanskar will only do all the work of his princess)

Both came out of the dressing room he said to be here and he Said he will come after freshen up she nodded her Head cutely

After 15 min he came out and seen the clean room is messed with all teadies again
Sanskar: shona wts all this I clean everything yesterday night with much difficulty and again u messed the room
Swara smiles sheepishly
Sanskar banged his head and started doing his again and clean the mess

Sanskar took swara and make a cute poni tail for her soon they got ready and went to bf

Already all are present there
Swara: miniiiii papaaaaa u both came yeahhhh
Sanskar: wts in that y r u happy that much
Swara: smiles buy didn’t said the reason bcoz they said they give choco at bf

Sanskar: wait wait u r waiting for ? right bhaiii Papa I’m I right
Laksh: wt no no u said we will give ? I don’t have any silk in my pocket

Ragini: love pakadagaya chor who said its in ur pocket saying she removed the ? from his pocket
He smiles and took ? and say vo vo this not for doll this for me
Soon Sanskar and ragini started scolding him in mean time he passed ? to swara she was eating

In the middle of the fighting wait bhai where is ? in ur hands saying this she looked swara and she was already having full of ? in her mouth seeing her he was unable to scold ?

How Can he scold that to his princess was eating so cutely with smile with now option he sit on dinning and started eating the bf and feeding her

Soon all left to their respective work and Sanky to the meeting before he made his sleep and said to sumi and left the mansion

Days are passing
And it’s time for kavhil realising from the jail Both are having full on angry mood with swasan

Screen freezes on kavhil ??

Precap: I don’t know……

Stay tuned to the author swasanangel….

Keep smiling ? ?

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