Teri fariyaad (episode 23)

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Laksh ansh were laughing cracking jokes together

Laksh laughing – hold on buddy I can’t laugh more …… ok now tell me where we should go now

Ansh squealing happily , ice cream

Laksh – ok toh chalo

They reached ice cream parlor in mall it was quite crowded and only few chairs are vacant they both started searching for spare place when there eyes caught two person there jaw dropped seeing them sitting there enjoying there ice cream

Laknsh ( laksh + ansh )in unison – what the hell

Both angrily walked towards them

Laksh angrily – what the hell is happening here ragini

Ragini turned her head to dev and started talking to as if not giving a damn to reply laksh while dev looked at both of them helplessly

Ansh sweetly – massi

Ragini angrily snapped at him ansh gulped seeing her and smiled sheepishly

Ansh – sorry

Ragini – for what ?

Ansh – ary you should be happy you are the first one after mama whom I am saying sorry

Now it’s time for ragini to get shock she looked at him with wide eyes while laksh dev suppressed there smile

Dev – come you both also join us

Ragini glared him

Dev puppy face – look na massi they are sorry

Ragini turned her face to Laknsh who immediately held there ears

Ragini making faces – ok

Ansh while sitting – waise why is your mood off

All frowned listening him he turned his face to dev who was looking down raglak also noticed dev they also questioned him

Dev sadly – miss mama

Ansh – bass itni si baat
He smiled naughtily

Raglak dev quickly – no not again please ( trio joined there hands )

Ansh showed them his tongue and took laksh phone he dialed Swara number

On third ring only she picked up his call

Swara – hello

Ansh crying (or you can say fake crying ?) – mama

Swara worried – what happened dear why are you crying

Ansh – mama I am lost please come na I was with lucky but I don’t know where he went leaving me alone (he winked at lucky while laksh looked at him with shock ?)

Swara – don’t cry just tell me where you are I am coming

Ansh sobbing – mama I am in ice cream shop in mall

Swara – I am coming you don’t cry

She cuts the call and instantly rush from hospital

Ansh kept the phone and looked at trio only to find them starting at him with ‘ O ‘ face ?

Ansh – what

Ragini in disbelief – from where you get this acting skill

Ansh leaned back on chair crossing his legs said proudly – you know born actor ( dramatically ) par tum Kya jano…..ye aaj kal ki ladkiya bhi na ( he shakes his head )

Ragini eyes popped out listening him
Dev laughed slowly keeping his hands in mouth but laksh can’t control so he burst out laughing

Laksh – hhhaaaaa……. dude you were too good

Ragini who was sitting in front of him stamps her heels in his foot under table

Laksh screamed in pain

Dev – what happened chachu

Ragini innocently – yes tell na what happened

Laksh looked at her ? still holding his leg crying in pain and she pretended as if she don’t know anything

Laksh fake smile – nothing

After 20 min Swara reached there she started searching ansh when her eyes caught him sitting busy playing on phone with out wasting a sec she reached him and engulfed him in her embrace without noticing others

Swara kissing his fore head – are you ok dear

Ansh nodded sweetly

Swara angrily – where is this lucky let him come I will not let him enter in house

Laksh coughed listening her while trio (ragini + devansh ) giggles

Swara confusingly looked at ragdev and then turned her face to laksh

Ragini punched her making her to scream loudly

Swara – what was that for

Ragini smiling wide – to get you out of dreamland

Swara gave question look to everyone but then something strikes her mind she looked at ansh angrily

Swara – you little devil

Ansh looked at her in horror and quickly his himself under table

Swara angrily – come out ansh

Ansh shouting ? – no never I still want to live till now I didn’t proposed my girlfriend also

Everyone mouth hung down listening him ?

Dev innocently – what is girlfriend ( poor child ? stuck between devils)

Laksh – you will get to know when you will become big

Swaragini hits him simultaneously on his shoulders

Swara – shut up laksh
Poor laksh sat there holding his shoulders with a pout ?

They all enjoyed there day shopping playing chitchatting laughing

Now it’s evening time to leave

Laksh – swara please you take kids with you me and ragini will come home late

Swara smiled and compiled – ok

Raglak left from there
Swara Dev ansh also left to hospital

Swara cabin
She was sitting and reading some files Dev ansh were playing in garden with some staff members

There was a knock
Swara gazing at file – yes come in

Person came in and was starting her continuously

Swara unaware of his gaze asked him to take a seat in front

Person lovingly – jaan

Swara jerked up from her place and looked at person in shock

Swara in hurt voice – sanskar ( hehe…..you all might have guessed ?)

Sanskar smiled and was about to move close to her when swara stopped him showing her hand

Tears were rolling from her eyes

Sanskar panicking – swara please don’t cry let me explain

Swara in heavy voice – explain what sanskar

He was about to say something when the door jerked open and ansh came in running followed by dev …… Ansh Hugged Swara tightly

Ansh – mama see bhai is teasing me

Swara looked at them and quickly wiped her tears but it was too late both noticed her

Dev frowning – what happened mama

Swara nodded in no

Both moved there gaze from swara and noticed a unknown man standing there ( according to them )

Ansh stood in front of swara like protecting her and angrily said – how dare you make my mama cry

Sanskar was just witnessing the scene in front of him looking Swara with painful eyes …… Yes he was hurt very much ……. How can Swara hide such a big thing from him ……. He knew he did a mistake in past but he had the right being there father to know about them

Dev snapped him from his thoughts – who are you uncle?

He felt like someone stabbed him listening ‘ uncle ‘ from his own son and seeing her eyes in there eyes fir him and above that he is asking ‘ who am I ‘ what should he answer …..no he had nothing to say but instead to feel immense pain in his heart

Swara composing herself said – dev ansh you both go and wait in car I am coming

Both said together – but ….

Swara sternly – go…..I am coming

Both started to move but before going ansh turned and looked once again at sanskar

Ansh – don’t make her cry again…..saying this he held dev hand and left from there

Sanskar – swara they are our….

Swara intruppted in between – my …. My children

Sanskar stood there gazing her ….. His eyes turned red due to controlling his tears

Swara quickly turned and collected her things and hurriedly left from there

Sanskar – swara wait listen to me once …… But she was already gone

He stood there staring closed door

He got a call at that time

Sanskar – yes

Os – we are leaving for there dude

Sanskar – don’t it seems she is hurt very badly first I will convince her

He disconnects the call without waiting for other person to answer
Guys the story will go the way it is planned it will not change by your continuous bashing and all ….. I am being very clear to the bashers who are sending personal messages that it won’t affect me nor the story …. You’re just wasting your time doing this ….. And I am not avi to near all your rubbish and don’t reply you ……

A big SORRY to all who felt bad by my words but I was quite frustrated reading the messages I got quite frequently these days to stop this ff so just … I hope you all will understand

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  5. You are really harsh and biased towards raglak and raglak fans before leap you give importance to both couple story but after leap your focus is shift only to one couple i don’t know weather i continue then only in the hope to get equal raglak track

    1. you said you are not avi and you cannot be like her because i am enjoying the way she write the story and give importance to both couple before leap

  6. Rj12

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    It’s very interesting

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  14. Sumika

    Look my daring …… And if you don’t have to show ragini track why do you write this utter waste …. You know take my humble request stop posting this ff even you don’t get much comments so what’s the need to post …… Idiot swara fans

    1. oh please, just go and read ur ragini ff’s, ur comment clearly shows who is an idiot.

  15. Yes dear totally agree from you sumika she should stop this ff or change it name I also started reading thinking she will give equal imp to ragini but I hardly see her any scenes my time gets wasted reading it

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  17. Tamil

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  18. Seriously sumika you are right she should stop this ff …… Disgusting ….. Our ragini is best and we don’t want this Kriya to prove it let her be with her dreamland of fake swara

    1. Gosh, these bashers, pity on you, a writer has full liberty to choose who he/she wants to write on.

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