Swabhimaan 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Asha and Vishnu are about to sit for doing Kanyadaan of Meghna. Solanki asks Pandit ji to wait and says we will do her Kanyadaan. Nand Kishore and Sandhya smiles. Asha and Vishnu stops. Vishnu says I knew that he will do some drama. Sharda apologizes to him and says her bhaiyya and bhabhi will do kanyadaan. Solanki asks who has decided this? Sharda says I have decided being Meghna’s brother. He says who gave this right to you and says only I have the right to do her kanyadaan being her father’s brother and talks about Kul. Sharda says Vishnu has brought up Meghna. Solanki says Sharda was roaming in entire Bundi for money for Meghna’s marriage. Sharda is shocked. Solanki’s wife tells that this is marriage mandap and a widow shouldn’t have attended this wedding. Sandhya smiles.

Taya ji asks Vishnu why did he let Sharda stay here and says you would have to take care of this thing. Gopal asks him to be in his limits. Solanki says I am not saying this, but society and customs tell this. He tells Sharda that they have no objection if she stays in the marriage, and says you thought that you will manage everything alone, but then you have to bend one day. Vishnu asks him to keep quiet and says what you was saying to Sharda that she has no right to attend her daughter’s marriage. He asks where was you when they need you. He says why didn’t you ask about your Kul’s girls, and now you came to make us understand infront of society. He says Sharda has given them upbringing and we have never thought about Kul. Solanki talks about sanskar and dharma. He says dharma sanghat will happen in this mandap.

Meghna is stunned. Kunal keeps her hand on her. Sharda asks them not to argue. Nand Kishore says she is saying right. He says we respect your values and wants this marriage to happen with full rituals and says Solanki and his wife should do the kanyadaan. He says they are Meghna’s Taya ji and Tayi ji. He asks Vishnu and Asha to step out of mandap and not to waste time. He asks Solanki and his wife to sit inside. Sandhya says you said right, they shall get their rights, and asks Solanki and his wife to come and do kanyadaan. Vishnu and Asha are upset. Meghna looks on upset too, and says 1 minute….She gets up and comes out of mandap.

Sandhya says Meghna. Meghna apologizes and says I want to tell something to everyone. She tells that since she was born, she saw her hearing people’s taunts, and tells that I know that you can’t reply to them, and stands silent for us. She says I told you if anyone raises finger on you then I will reply. She says I am happy that someone from my Papa’s side came to attend my marriage, and says I would be more happy if you had asked about us for 18 years. She says when you came here and asked my Mamma to go from here. She asks what is your Kul…who don’t respect women. She says only Sharda have all the rights to do kanyadaan, and tells that if she ever gets a chance to choose between God and Mamma, then she will choose her Mamma. She says we, both daughters lives for our mum.

Solanki’s wife tells that your mamma made you so educated and everyone is seeing your capability. She questions Sharda and asks why she is silent. She says you have accepted my condition before, and your daughter…who is taunting us so much…Didn’t you tell her anything. She says if you will tell her anything or shall I tell them. Sharda thinks about taking loan from them. Vishnu asks what they are saying? Solanki says we will sit and talk separately. Sharda says no, I don’t need to talk when being alone, as I haven’t done anything which is shameful. She asks him to talk infront of everyone. Solanki says we have nothing to hide also. He tells that this marriage drama is happening because of me, I have given her 20 Lakhs rupees. Everyone is shocked.

Solanki says I told you that I have a condition and I will tell you at right time. He says my condition is that I will do Meghna’s kanyadaan. Vishnu asks Sharda why did you go to his door step for money. You said that you went to give invite to them. He says you don’t trust me and went to him for money. He says I would have mortgaged myself for Meghna’s marriage.

Asha says you have given us good returns for our doings. She says you have ruined your brother’s respect and insulted his turban. Vishnu asks why did you lower my respect and says you have become my defeat’s reason. He says he is feeling helpless today. Sharda thinks she can’t tell him about the promise made to Asha. Vishnu feels bad and insulted. Sharda says you know the condition, but I told you that I will agree only if it is within relation’s limits. Solanki says I have the right to do her kanyadaan. Sharda tells Vishnu that she will explain to him. Vishnu says I have understood enough and takes out his turban. Solanki and his wife smiles. Sharda cries as Vishnu and Asha leave from there.

Meghna says you wouldn’t have felt any inauspicious thing while giving her loan as you have taken her land. She says I will repay your loan with interest and says her daughters are with her. Kunal says even her son is with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg is this a marriage are revenge taking place … Everyone is using this time for revenge ….

  2. Continuous insults and show is called swabhimaan..

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