I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 91- Anika ney bajayi Anju baby ki band

Ignore spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes


Om questioning Rudra” why you are panting? What happened?

Rudra” O, O th..at jadugharni”

Gauri” Rudy bhaiya have water then talk”

“Rudra guzzle water in a go” jadugharni has given Botulinum toxic to Anika bhabhi

Gauri” kyaaaaaa” ( what)

Rudra cries” O, come we have to take Anika bhabhi to doctor”

Gauri” Dad, i’ve inform dad”

Om” Rudra, Gauri relax ”

Gauri with tears” Omkara ji !! Anika di…..( om cuts)

Om” Nothing will happen nor to our Anika bhabhi and nor to your Anika di.


“Anjali to Maid” what’s going on ?

Maid” making green tea for Anika ma’am. Do you need anything? ”

Anjali” Oh I see and yup i need your help !!”

Maid” what?”

Anjali” Maa got annoyed with me and now i’ve to bring smile on her face and for that i’ve to bake cup cake but i don’t know where baking accessories are kept will you please guide me”

Maid ” sure i’ll but after giving green tea to Anika ma’am. I’m sorry ma’am i’m saying no right know but if Anika ma’am got angry ….( Anjali interrupts)

Anjali” you don’t need to be sorry” but if Maa came to know that you refused Anju baby “then whose anger will be worst?”

Maid” ok, ok come with me i’ll show you were all the accessories are kept”

Anjali” you bring them till then i per heat the oven”

Maid” runs to collect accessories”

“Anjali looks around and finding no one around her opens the bottle of toxin and added few drops of it in green tea” Monica go i’ll get the rest myself you go and give green tea to Anika di.

Flashback ends

Gauri hugs Om” omkara ji how you?

Om wipes Gauri tears” after Shivaay came to know about Anjali truth he told us to keep an eagle eye on Anjali every move then i stop maid in mid took tray from her and orders her to go and gets snacks too soon she walk from there i threw green tea in near by plant and in this way Anjali plan got chopped”

Bhavya ” what if Anika di have slipped that tea?”

Rikara and Rudra turn there faces and gets shocked to find Bhavya crying at door

Trio runs and hug her tightly” Bhavya no stop crying

Bhavya pushes them and runs out in full anger ” i’m gonna kill that Anjali ”

Trio runs after her” Bhavya wait, just listen

Scene shifts to hall

Anjali addressing to Aarohi” i’m feeling so bad for you Maa….

“Aarohi give shitty look to Anjali”

Anjali smiles” I mean maasi ji”.. you are crying here for your Anu and she said you to be out from her room.

“How bad is it?” Mother who’s protecting her daughter from evil eyes , her own eyes are filled with fire. How sad is it and worst it was.

Aarohi” just shut your mouth and go to your room”

Anjali hugs Aarohi ” not before practicing violin and piano. You plays musical instruments every well na i’ve seen that room Anjali points upstairs where Anika locked her memories. All gets lost when you play the notes…. aaaa sa re ga ma pa dani saaaaaaa

Aarohi” you step to that room? How?”

Anjali” Ma…… thud

“Bhavya grasp Anjali arm in rage and throws her on floor. Anjali face perfectly kisses the floor that makes a thug.

Aarohi , Rikara and Rudra gets shocked to see Bhavya anger

Aarohi” Doll !!”

Anjali glare Bhavya and pull herself up from ground” how dare you…..( Bhavya cuts)

Bhavya ” how dare you to….( om interrupts)”

Om ” Bhavya !! Stop shouting you are not well”.

Gauri sign Bhavya from back” doll stay quite don’t say anything. Calm down”

Bhavya ” understood that she can’t let Anjali know that the knew about her cheap and dirty game so she gulp her anger ”

“Anjali shouts and pushes Bhavya hard that she gets hit with table”

Bhavya wrench ” Maa”

Aarohi , Rikara and Rudra shouts” Doll/ Bhavya”

Rudra twist Anjali arm” how are you to push Bhavya”

“Aarohi runs and helps Bhavya to stand” Are you fine doll?

Bhavya” ji Maa”

Anika voice for staircase shock them all

Anika dangerously stepping down” Anju baby ”

Rudra pushes Anjali ” now your worst time started Anju baby”

Shivaay ” who’s stepping down beside Anika gets too frighten of her gaze ”

“Bhavya runs to Anika and hugs her tightly” Anika di!!

“Anika brushing her back” sshhh !! Go to there. Anika points towards Gauri

“Gauri takes bhavya in embrace ”

Anjali pov ” mujhe kuch karna parega agar is ko gusa aa gaya to yeh mujhe maar daale gayi aur maasi is ko shant bhi nahe kare gayi aur na he mujhe koi bache ga.

( i’ve to do something otherwise if she got angry than she will kill me and then aunt won’t calm her nor anyone will save me from her )

Anjali fakely cries” Anika di , Bhavya di beaten me”
Anika ” Aww!! My baby come here. Anika extend her hand”
Gauri whispers” Shivaay bhaiya !! What’s Anika di up to”
Shivaay” i don’t know”
“Anjali smiles and runs hug Anika tightly ” i love you di now i’m not only Maa baby but i’m yours too.
Anika eyeing Aarohi” Doll!! Say sorry to Anju baby”
Rudra” But Anika bhabhi…..( Om cuts)
Om” Rudra stay quite”
Anjali” it’s Ok Anika di !! Bhavya di is elder than me and Maa taught me to forgive and we should not seek for forgiveness from elders tough sometimes elders too do mistakes but…( Anika cuts)

Anika” No, Anju baby ,Bhavya di did mistake so she has to say sorry to baby. Doll say sorry noww”
Aarohi pov ” something is going in Anu mind.”
Bhavya ” i’m sorry Anjali”
Anjali pov” wow!! I won from this poor doll first her mother and now her sister too is on my side. I didn’t knew toxic will effect like this”
Anika caresses Anjali cheek ” Are you happy baby?”
Anjali ” nods yes”
Anika smiles” now make me happy”
Anjali” how can i make my Anika di happy?”
Anika” you have to play with me and only me and you no third player”
Anjali” Maa bhi nahe?”
Anika eyeing Aarohi” No!!”
Anjali” fine Maa you will not play with us only me and my Anika di will play Ok.
Bhavya whispers ” Maa what Anika di is doing?”
Aarohi ” i don’t know but Anjali dig her grave ”
Shivomru giggles saliently ” Anjali ki band bajne wali hai”
Anjali” wow!! What i’ve to do?”
Anika gazing all” tightly slap your baby cheek”
All mouths gets widen with shock ?
Anjali couldn’t register what Anika order her to do so she again asked ” what Anika di?”
Rudra” Anika bhabi said slap yourself”
Shivaay” Shut up Rudra”
Rudra” Shivaay bhaiya what i’ve done? Rudra complains his bhabhi’s”
Om” Duffer Singh Oberoi, Bhabhi said tightly slap “not just slap that’s why Shivaay said ” shut up Rudra”
Gauri” on your baby cheek”
Anjali runs to Aarohi” Maa look what Anika di is saying ”
Aarohi hiding is smile” what can i do Anju baby you , yourself ordered me that i can’t be part of this game. And you know na Maa can deny anything but not my baby order.”
Anika ” baby slap otherwise ACP Bhavya Singh Rajput will slap you and do you have an idea how hard an police officer hand is. I’m sure you don’t but my Rudy boy have it’s idea. Go and ask him

Rudra gets a chance to do his drama , he dramatically telling Anjali how hard is Bhavya hand that once it get pasted on body then for years that person cannot stood up from that place where Bhavya beat them. But he was lucky that his Obros save him from ACP Bhavya.

All are suppressing their laughters except Anika and Anjali.
Anjali glance Bhavya who’s caressing her hand and then Anika who’s gazes her back with fire. ” Anju baby getting hard slap from this doll it’s good you, yourself slap your baby cheek. Anjali lower her gazes…. lightly slap her cheek

Anika clutches Anjali arm Anju baby not like that but like this……Chatakkkkkkk. Anika tightly slap Anjali ” how dare you Anju baby to rise your hand on Doll”
All cup their mouth ?
Anjali cries “Maa !!”
Shivaay whipers ” Maa you too do drama like this Anju baby ”
Aarohi” Anu how dare you to slap my baby. Aarohi marches to Anjali and pull her in hug”.
Anika glares Aarohi and pull Anjali out of her embrace” it’s game Anju’s mum so you stay out and when your Anju baby pushed my doll you like speculators watching the show.
Didn’t you knew that doll is already unwell?
“Aarohi eyes gets water” Anu

Anika close her eyes seeing Aarohi in tears she angrily twist Anjali arm ” Anju baby now say sorry to Doll !!”

Anjali winch in pain ” sorry”

Anika ” Ha?? Kisi nay suna what she said ? (Anika pushes Anjali back and question all)

All nods negatively

“Anika stares Anjali” see non heard you now say it again.

Anjali in bit louder tone” sorry Bhavya di”

“Anika dangerously step forward and squeezes her face” muh mein zubhan nahe hai? Wase to bohat chalti hai kanchee ki tarah. Now say it again and this time it should be audibly to my ears not mine but to wall ears. (Anika in warning tone ) And if your voice didn’t get audibly than your tongue will be cut and i mean that you know me.

Who i am and if you don’t then let me introduce you? Anika tightly slap her i’m Anika who from Anu became Anika for my sisters and you know Anika don’t like tears in her dolls eyes.

All eyes gets moist to see Anika love, care and protection for her sisters.

Anika “now intro is done now your turn to do the end say sorry to Doll ”

Anjali gets frighten of Anika she nods positively

Anika pat her cheek ” good baby !! She step back and stand next to her doll keep on gazing bhavya will love, pain and care”

Anjali” i’m sorry”

Anika order maid” get me scissors”

Anjali pleads ” No, i’m saying”

Anika eyeing her watch” just ten seconds”

Anjali wipes her tears ” i’m very sorry Bhavya di”

Anika ” i said say it louder it should be audibly to ours ears not yours” Hurry only six seconds are left and with very last second you won’t be able to do any more baak baak…. Anika dangerously stepping close to Anjali

Anjali stepping back ” Sorry ”

Anika ” 4 seconds ”

Anjali” I’m sorry, sorry”

Anika” last 2 seconds”

Anjali gulp her saliva and with full strenght shouts at the top of her voice” i’m sorryyyyyyyyy……


“Anika tightly slap Anjali and makes her fall on Aarohi feet” stop shouting we are not deaf nor it’s any fish market.

“Anjali shivers with fear” hmm

Anika” next time if you tried to snatch anything from my doll na. Abhi to sirf kaan aur gala band huwaye hai kal saasein bhi rukh jaye ge.

Anika give deadly glare to Anjali who’s lips are bleeding. She tightly clutches Anjali from arms and drag her to store room. Stay here for whole night Anju baby.

This’s your place not my doll room.

Scene shifts to Hall

“Shivomru and Gayu runs to Aarohi and hugs her tightly all are jumping in excitement

“Aarohi crying for a day i got relief from Anjali” Something strikes Aarohi brain she quickly gets aparted from all.

” Shivaay have you told everything to Anu?” She asked worriedly

Shivaay” nods negatively”

Aarohi” then how An….. ( Anika cuts)

Anika twirl Aarohi towards her

And you phele ap meri behon ki Maa phele hai aur baad may kisi aur ki kuch lagti hai suna ap nay. Ap phele princess and Doll ki maa hai ,agar ab main ap ko us Anjali k kareeb bhi dekha to mein usko maar do ge.

Aarohi eyeing Anika hand that’s red” hmm

Anika smiles” Good!! Now go and perpare rasi maali and pani puri for Gayu. She peck Gayu head still i’m here non can snatch anything from you that only belongs to you both.

Aarohi” Anu your hand is bleeding?”

Anika” you don’t need to be worried about me, sorry for slapping your Anju baby and don’t worry with in an hour i’ll open the storeroom door . Than you can pamper her but before go and make my dolls eat their favourite meal.

Aarohi saliently marches to kitchen with heavy heart she turns her face and gazes Anika who’s busy with Gauri and Bhavya.

Shivomru ” feeling bad from Aarohi but trio are salient too because they know both are in pain but are not allowing eachother to smooth it”

Anika lightly slap bhavya” What Dadi says ?

Gauri cleaning Anika wounding” ACP Shaiba se zara bach ke”

“Rudra forward egg shake towards Bhavya” kyun ke yeh Rajputani hai zara haat ke

Shivaay” whistles and sign all to look there”

“Aarohi comes wearing police uniform”

All gets surprised to see Aarohi their mouth gets perfect O

Song plays

Ready! One Two One Two Three Four, Hip Ho!

Shivomru and Aarohi start dancing doing same steps that were in movie

Kehte Hain Karte Hain Jo Marzi
Sunte Nahi Hain Kisi Ki Arzi

Kehte Hain Karte Hain Jo Marzi
Sunte Nahi Hain Kisi Ki Arzi

Bhavya with attitude compose herself in Anika lap.

Arey! Karte Nahi Hum Regular Duty

Thaana Mein Ha Ha Ha
Thaana Mein Baithe On Duty

Anika peck Bhavya forehead ” you are ACP BSR got it doll you push people not get pushed. Next time if i saw you giving up then….. i’ll slap you.

“Bhavya pouts sorry Anika di”

Gauri makes Bhavya wear her cap

Bajaave Haaye Pandeyji Seeti
Thaana Me Baithe On Duty

Shivomru dance and pull trio out of couch and all start dancing

Bajaave Haaye Pandeyji Seeti
Pandeyji Seeti Bajave Jee Seeti
Pandeyji Seeti Bajave On Duty
Aadat Badi Naashpeeti
Bajave Haaye

Shivom playfully hit Rudra

Bajave Haaye (Oye Shut Up)

All burst into laughters. Rudy fakely cries and hug Aarohi

Rudra” look these two billa and zulfi are beating me. Girlfriend”

All eyes gets popped and on in union shout “Girlfriend “

Aarohi shies” He’s my boyfriend”

Shivika ,Rikara and Bhavya gazes eachother with shock

Rudra pull Aarohi and sing

Mein tere boyfriend

Aarohi peck Rudra cheek

Mein teri girlfriend

Bhavya ,Rikara and Shivika in union ” yeh kab huwa??” ( when this happened?)

Rudra did RK pose with Aarohi ” jab se girlfriend nay kaha ( when girlfriend said.. )

Aarohi winks Rudra” ab na kahu ge na na ” ( now i won’t say no)

Scene shifts to storeroom

Anjali banging the door trying to speak but her throat is paining and she’s just end up with only banging.

Please open the door i can’t stay here. This room is too messy and mosquitoes are biting me. How i’m gonna sleep here please open the door Anju baby is feeling sleepy.

I don’t have my fone otherwise i would i’ve text mom and told her about Anika. How hard she slap me that i can’t hear my own breath and heartbeat.

She again bangs the door ” ek glass pani he pila do koi” (at least give glass of water)

Arrey koi to mere dil ki awaz sun lo ,kya huwa mein bol nahe paa rahe per mera dil to bol raha hai.

( someone atleast listen my heart voice, what if i can’t speak but my heart is speaking na)

Scene shifts to Hall

Shivaay” Maa where’s Anika?”

Aarohi” look around she was here just know?”

All look here and there but there’s no sign of Anika”

Gauri” Maa, Shivaay don’t panic Anika di would have step to her room. ”

Bhavya” Yup maa Anika di was really stress na so she step to her room to sleep”

Aarohi” let me check her for once. ”

After few hours

@ Farmhouse

Anika plays the guitar and sings

Akhiyan de kol teri hassdi ae photo

Jehdi vaar vaar naina nu ruvave
Aaja mere kol mainu de tu duaa
Khaure kitthe meri jaan bach jaave.

She pour wine in glass and gulps down. You don’t like me drinking na now i’ll only drink not only this but i’ll take drugs too.

Anika talking to pictures ” kyun kiya ap nay ye sab ,kyun? Agar Anjali ap ko itni he pyaari thi ke us ko bajhe ki kiya ap hum sab say dur chali gayi, toh phir laut kar he kyun ayi hai? Sirf mere zakhmao ko kuraden k liya.

( why you did this , why? If Anjali was so beloved to you that to save her you went away from us then why you came back? Just too dig my wounds?)

Ve aukha bada jeena ae
Hanjuaan nu peena ae
Dil de sawal bade
Dass kehdi gal ditti ae sazaa

Anika breaks the guitar mein woh sab tod do gayi jo mujhe ap ki yaad delaye ga. Yeh guitar, woh photo frame, yeh mirrors, yeh toys sab tod do gayi.

Anika falls on ground and burst out

Kndadi ko tutte hoye supne ne soneya

Yaadan wale hanju kithe rukne ne soneya
Kehnda tu hunda si kade chhad ke na jayega
Aidan de khayal kithe mukkne ne soneya

“Anika plays the video on projector and cries kisses Aarohi ”

Ve kithe gaye vaade tere
Oh saare iraade tere

Video plays

Anu came from school crying looking for Aarohi” Maa, Maa”

Maid” Anu baba what happened why are you crying?”

Anu” where’s Maa ”

Maid” Anu baba , ma’am and dadi ji went to temple you sit here ,their are coming back and let me bring juice for you”

Anu cries ording maid” take Anu to temple, i don’t need any juice Anu only wants Maa ”

Aarohi from entrance ” Anu”

Anu wipes her tears and run to her hugs tightly” Maa Anu’s Maa

Aarohi reciprocates the hug ” Anu what happened ? Why you are crying, did you again got wounds?

Anu weeping” where were you? Don’t you know when Anu was getting back from school and she needs Maa?

Aarohi keenly down adjust herself to Anu height” wiping Anu tears why you are crying? And sorry car got buntcher that’s why…..

Anu kisses Aarohi ” Ayesu ki maa ki tarah ap star to nahe ban jao gay na?” ( won’t you became star like Ayesu mother?)

Aarohi ” Anu kya bol raha ho ap” ( Anu what are you saying)

Anu leanses her head on Aarohi shoulder” Ayesu bol rahe hai ke us ki Maa star ban gayi aur , aur ek din Anu ki Maa bhi star ban jaye ge……( Anu cries with hiccups)

Aarohi hugs her tightly” Anu humari jaan don’t think like that”

Anu breaks the hug cup Aarohi face” promise me Maa, Anu’s Maa will never became star you will be Anu’s moon”

Aarohi ” Anu ”

Anika with heavy heart” it’s not Anu it’s Anju and your Anju baby is not here go to her.”

Tu kehde gall to ve channa
Koyi ik taan tu dass de wajah

Anika lies on stomach caressing Aarohi pictures” why you didn’t came i was waiting for you but look Anju’s mum came not Anu’s Maa. And came you know i’m here?

Akhiyan de kol teri hassdi ae photo
Jehdi vaar vaar naina nu ruwave
Aaja mere kol mainu de tu dua
Khaure kithe meri jaan bach jaave

Aarohi lies next to her” who’s pictures and videos are these?”

Anika pouts angry” don’t touch me and these pictures Ok …..She jerk Aarohi hand and go your Anju baby . She turns her face to otherside and cries saliently hides pictures from Aarohi. “Who are you?”

Aarohi pull Anika close” i’m Anu’s Maa”

Anika stood up and weeps” jhooti ap nahe ap Anju ki Maa hai aur ap ko yeha Anju ney bheja hai na…. she stumbles and holds pictures close to her heart…. mein ap ko yeh pictures nahe do ge. Yeh meri hai. Ab ap mujhse yeh chheen kar us Anju ko de do gayi na. Mujhe pata hai.

Aarohi cries” No Anu jo tumhara hai sirf tumhara hai. Aur Maa sirf Anu ki Maa hai aur kisi ki nahe.Yeha ao humare pass.

Kise nu na dassi jo jo sadde vich hoya ae

Anika nods negatively and runs from there i’ll give these pictures to you. If you will take them how i’m gonna live. Now these pictures are only my sources of living.

Mere ton zyada tainu dil mera roya ae

Aarohi” Anu you don’t need them when i’m here infront of you. You don’t need these memories to live when i’m living infront of you.” She holds Anika in arms…..Anu don’t hurt yourself more.

Anika ” but you are not mine….. you are Anju’s mum… you have everything with you but i’ve nothing with me.

Mainu taan pata ni ke tu ki ki paa leya

Aarohi” Nahe hai hum uski Maa”

Anika fakely smile” Barso se Anika Maa k liya us ki mamta ke liya tarse thi aur jab woh mili to woh bhi kisi ki uttaran “Anju ki Maa, Anu ki Maa kesa ho sakti hai?”

Anu ki Maa to kabhi lauti he nahe thi joh lauti woh to bus meri ass thi woh bhi dheer dheer raak ho jaa rahe hai.

Anika khaak hai aur aur uski aas raak dono he bhasma ho jaye ge. Per Anu ko Maa nahe de paye ge.

Tainu eh na pata ke main sab kujh khoya ae


After 15 days

“Dev fone rings” Yes, DSR speaking. What?

Scene shifts to living room

“Dev ordering maid” turn on the t.v. hurry.

Shivaay” Dev uncle what happened?”

Soon all gather living room

Aarohi” Dev !! Everything is fine?

Dev snatch remote from maid and quickly switch to news channel.

news “whole press, media and journals are standing oustide Rajput’s farmhouse that soon is getting to be auctioned.”

R ” but don’t worry we will show the complete footage to you guys who are sitting at home as it’s one of the biggest auction of the town.

“Aarohi with tears gazes all”

Devi ji” i told you Dev , Anika won’t stay quite she will definitely do something her silence always bring storm “.

Gauri” Dad we have to stop this. Anika di can’t do this”

Aarohi cries ” Dev stop this auction. I can’t see this and it’s my Anu’s doll house please it’s her first birthday gift by me.”

Dev” stop crying Aarohi .I’m going.”

Shivaay” i’m also coming with you”

Aarohi ” Dev i’m also coming”

Dev” nods and trio runs out”

Scene shifts to farmhouse

Many rivals are seating in a row to do the highest bidding of farm house.

Bidding begins at 12 cores and it keep on rising.

Auctioneer fone rings ” Yes, as you said it’s exactly running like that don’t worry bidding will continue still for last two hours and i’ll hammer when they will spot it.

Auctioneer kept the fone aside and continue bidding with the buyers

On the other side

“Aarohi requesting Shivaay” please beta drive fast

Shivaay increase the car speed and pov” Anika i won’t let you do this sin. I know your heart is broken but i won’t let your soul to be more wounded again.

Aarohi keep on crying and words of Vanhi echoes in her ears…..” Anu will again became ASR and this time your touch will not calm her but will make her restless……

Aarohi opens the gate and gets numb to hear the thud of hammer

Auctioneer hammer 40 cores three and beautiful and luxurious farmhouse got auction and Mr Grover onwer of it. Congratulations Mr Grover.

Shivaay and Dev gets dumbstruck to see farmhouse got auctioned infront of them.

Scene shifts to RM

All are waiting for Anika aarival

Devi ji ” itnaye dino se larki gayab hai pata nahe kya chal raha hai is dimagh may”

Anika enters the mansion all lost and wet without looking here and there straightly marching to her room when someone tightly clutches her arm and give tight slap

All gets dumbstruck


Precape no precape


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