Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi’s parents are alive

Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi’s parents screamed please let us talk to Arohi. Anjali shot them. Arohi says We were given wrong information about their accident? Their body isn’t shown in the video. Were they not killed and just scared? That means my parents are alive. Arohi calls inspector and asks them to open file of her parent’s accident.
Arohi recalls her moments with her parents. They were setting her proposals. She said I dont’ want to leave my parents. Arohi screams. She says ma papa where are you. Arohi sees her conscience. It says you saw who are your parents’ culprits. Arohi says deep gave me the face that killed my parents? I hate this face. She breaks the mirror and says I will ruin everything. Arohi picks a piece of mirror. Deep throws water on her and says what are you doing. You look very angry. What happened? Arohi says in heart you are responsible for all this Deep. She recalls how he fooled her.

Tara sees them. She is angry. Virat is coming in that direction. Tara says to Virt you anju is with my husband go and stop her. Virat says I trust my anjali and you can’t provocate us against each other. Deep hides arohi behind the door. He says your virat was coming here. Virat sees the room and says stop doing the drama.
Arohi gets a call from inspector. She says dead body was never found. Arohi says that means my parents are alive. she runs out. DEep goes after her. Tara sees them go she goes after deep..
Deep comes to the room. Tara is already there. She locks him there. She says I am your destination. He says why don’t you understand you are arohi. She asys no I am tara and you are mine. Deep says of course who knows you more than me. Deep comes close to her. He takes her to bed and blindfolds her.

Arohi in on her way to police station. DEep says to tara I am coming. She says deep.. What game are you playing. He tied her hands and left. Tara says how dare you deep. You can’t fool me like this. She releases her hands and sees that deep isn’t there.
Arohi cries. She says I am away from my parents because of this face. I will end this game now.
Tara finds a chip in Arohi’s room. She says whats in it.
Precap-Surekha says to Anjali you wrote everything in your diary. Arohi looks for that diary in her room its not there. She says someone came here and took everything?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Deep knows everything. He even knows arohis parents and he knows that anjali is their murderer. Unfortunately he don’t know who arr his parents. LOL

    1. Salley145

      Hahaha! Do u know who were playing Aarohi’s parents role in the flashback?

    2. Mona146

      makers are going mad. how can they forget that arohi had a brother too. suddenly out of nowhere she got her parents back. stupid. aur deep ka past ka hungama ka kya hua.

  2. Your Comment I think so that mausi is arohi mom deep knows everything

  3. Oh god this writer is really unbelievable.. For him Nothing is impossible.. my head is rolling like anything ??
    to day episode is some what better
    Is deep know about aarohi parents that they are alive.. I like only flashback ardeep scenes.. Only Tara character is clear n nice that she loves deep n she can do anything for deep love.. in one scene Nia and Alisha both are in same dress Alisha looks sooo cute and Nia ?
    This Nia instead of breaking mirrors she should have broken her head..

    1. Satya127

      Hi sravanthi
      I saw ur comment in previous episode page I thought I will comment here…
      I don’t know what alisha and arjun want to tell the viewers whenever there is interview ALISHA tells that something interesting is coming let audience figure out the mystery…. And all but when the audience r not even interested how could they solve the mystery and even if they try too it is of no use because the writers keep changing plot day by day…
      I feel alisha will come back as AROHI
      But I don’t know how and why as in the starting interview of arjun in the beginning of this stupid track he mentioned nia as twisted heroin of the track only he told writers brought this twisted track and twisted heroin for the track it means nia is only for this track… And they also know we all love ardeep soo much so I feel they can’t take that big step to spoil their one of the best jodi…. So hope so ALISHA will be back soon as our AROHI because my patience of tolerating nia is crossing its limits very much her over action and all

    2. ???

  4. so i stopped watching the show… and the written updates are just confusing me. yesterday it was Anjali killed Arohi’s parents, today it is Arohi’s parents are alive, what is actually happening?…. Arohi and her brother were shown as orphans right from the start of the show, where were her parents four years back? there was never a hint that Arohi’s parents might still be alive and now suddenly Anjali, Virat’s girlfriend, killed Arohi’s parents and she has no idea? can someone clearly explain to me what’s going on…. as far as i remember on the day of Nia’s entry, when she ran into the birthday party and saw the fake mom, she said ‘my parents had died when i was a child, then who is this woman?’….. when Arohi was a child, Anjali would also be a child na? because they are almost same age. so how did child anjali kill arohi’s parents? seems i have to stop reading written updates also to preserve my sanity!

    1. Accordingly to flashback , arohi parents are old 50+. Arohi spend her entire childhood with them, and her parents were worried for aarohi’s marriage. Forget this crap, today episode deep and Tara hot romance on fire ?

    2. In yesterday , arohi sings Lori for chawani , chawani says what kind of Lori is this,I have never listened this,she replied its my parents Lori.then someone send her memory card, two video are there 6 months old anjali has gun pointed to arohi parents. In today episode she remember my Parents died in 6 years ago in car accident. She calls police ,there says no dead body is found in car accident.
      Hopefully some of your doubt are cleared.

    3. Satya127

      Hi dhara
      Good to see u after so many days….
      It is better u had stopped watching…. Now there is nothing in the show only confusion, irritation, dragging…..
      Before I used to tell everyone to watch immj
      But after nia entry and this stupid track I could not even ask them to watch because there was a story but now only trash….
      How crack the writers r they will kill people in one episode and prove that they r alive in the next… Same repeated with anjali and now AROHI parents…….
      These writers r writing these many stupid illogical twist why they can’t just listen to our requests and bring alisha back as AROHI with any twist….

  5. Still we don’t know what happened in deep arohi sense.

  6. It looks like that Deep gave Anjali’s face to Aarohi in order to frame her in murder again just like he did with her when he wanted to save Tara as Aarohi and Tara’s face were same. Looks like history is going to repeat. Oh god please don’t frame poor Aarohi again in a murder case. What the hell is Deep doing?????????

  7. In future nia will play Tara role.because in ita awards she is nominated for tara raichand role..

    1. Satya127

      Wht… is it true? It is then our arohi will be back….
      That will be the best atlast we will get our ardeep back

    2. Satya127

      But it may also be a typing mistake also or they r also confused like us who is AROHI and who is tara….

    3. Hi satya.may be typing mistake.
      I saw sbs.I don’t like arjun and nia chemistry. We want Alisha as arohi.she only perfect for both roles.cute innocent Alisha only suits for arohi role.
      I have one doubt.who is director of this show in shimla episodes.
      Who direct the current track. Both or same person or different person.

    4. Satya127

      Hi rhivanya
      Did u watch the new sbs….
      If u had seen it then please tell me ur opinions on it

  8. Satya127

    Hi rhivanya, sravanthi and others
    Today it is as usual only flashback scenes r nice and these scenes always makes me hate nia more
    Few days before immj is a perfect show where it has shown a twisted love story which is so cute and perfect and most importantly and the best of immj is arohi striking back track the revenge track which is quite inspiring that how a girl should be…. The way ALISHA did there is no way that anyone can replace her….
    But now it is the worst show they made arsha as side roles gave nia a double role (most irritating ) they just killed the charm of the show…. Just making us confuse, making us hate them more….

    1. After nia revenge from deep, Alisha will play arohi. But it will take few months. Alisha is not playing side role ,she is still arohi/tara. Arjun is getting 2-3 minutes but what can we do. If you don’t mind are you a boy or girl?

    2. Satya127

      R u sure that alisha is still playing arohi/tara….
      For me I don’t expect anything from the story I only want arsha back as ardeep only alisha can be arohi yaar….. That nia nahi…. Nia is overacting dukan but alisha is perfectionist…..don’t know wht to say and wht not to because after watching the latest sbs I am confused

    3. Satya127

      Ya I don’t mind I am a girl

    4. Alisha is arohi in flashback scene always.she is Tara in present means double role. This nia screams too loud my ears starts paining. Yes I am sure arohi will return after nia revenge.

    5. Satya127

      Yes… I too feel like that alisha is still playing double role but at the same time I feel they r just showing her only in flashback scene because they can’t show nia in flashback right…
      I accept seeing nia makes me out of control and seeing her overacting and all I feel like to just shout loud at her to get lost fast…. When ever there used to be an emotional scene I also used to feel arohi (ALISHA ) pain but now I was like please stop it all nia…. No offense about nia…. I am just telling my feeling….

  9. In episode 1 aarohis bhabhi is telling to her that its not her “Rajasthan” and come out of shower.
    And the writters are telling deeps past is also from Rajasthan.
    I think some connection will be with deep and Aarohi.

  10. U r right satya127 even i saw sbs arjun Sir romance with nia I can’t see it they kept arjun Sir and Alisha mam as side role bringing this nia as main lead it is horrible to see her as arohi and the current track is just dragging dragging I think makers became mad so they are writing this illogical things we want only alisha mam as arohi

  11. U r right satya127 even i saw sbs arjun Sir romance with nia I can’t see it they kept arjun Sir and Alisha mam as side role bringing this nia as main lead it is horrible to see her as arohi and the current track is just dragging dragging I think makers became mad so they are writing this illogical things we want only alisha mam as arohi

    1. Satya127

      Yes there I totally disagree with arjun bijlani in n the interview…. I think he is too busy nowadays he, those writers especially mamtha r not able to see wht we r showing to them… Our request and our disinterest towards the show….. I hope they realize these soon and bring alisha back as our AROHI

  12. hey Arjun, thank you for explaining some of what was shown 🙂
    what i dont understand is why Nia needs to call police to confirm whether the dead bodies were found or not. i mean, Deep case i understand. he has a memory loss so he doesnt remember anything of what happened with his mother. but Arohi’s memory is intact no? 6 years back when accident happened, she and her brother Aniket, would have performed the last rites of her parents. so she doesnt remember if at that time there was any bodies or not? why the police has to say it to her now as if it is a new fact? Arohi also got memory loss or what…

    1. In episode no 12 ,when deep questions arohi in wedding night that why did you marry me. Then she replied my parents hit and run case that was pending since 5 years is solved ,the person who did that got arrested in Rajasthan because of you only.
      So let me calculate 5yrs + 2.5 yrs in jail. Hence her parents are died more than 7 yrs ago.on top of that pictures of arohi parents were Alisha’s real parents
      Now coming today ,new arohi says my parents died 6 yrs ago in shimla, like what? Where is your brother?
      That’s why a feel this nia came from another planet

    2. whoa…. i dont remember about Arohi being from Rajasthan originally and Deep having solved the pending case before marriage…. if that was the case, then it seems possible that Arohi and Deep’s past are more intimately connected. after all, Deep also is originally from Rajasthan. and if he took interest in that case before their marriage in Shimla, it is possible he or Virat or someone found out something about Arohi’s parents and kept it hidden….
      but the writers have jumbled up a lot of fact (like nia not knowing that there were no bodies found in accident) and stretched the plot a lot, so much so that all this drama seems to be coming from nowhere and not related to the main story of Arohi’s revenge. this drama should have been woven more nicely and hints should have been given throughout…. now it seems we were waiting for Deep’s past but suddenly Arohi’s parents are coming out. hope it doesnt become another Bhabhi track where Arohi keep searching for them but nothing happens and after months of cat and mouse game, the parents die again 🙁

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