Hate or Love? – Part 16 – Dinner date

that night:

anika: ansh, geetu, it’s only one hour. don’t cry.

gauri: yes geetu, ansh, no crying.

jhanvi: don’t worry. we’re here.

gauri: but..

tej: do not worry.

aniri nods and leaves the house.

advay and anika’s place:

advay was waiting in a black suit when anika arrived in such a beautiful dress:

advay was waiting in a black suit when anika arrived in such a beautiful dress:

advay: wow you look so beautiful.

anika: thank you.

advay: anyway got that chocolate cake and pink roses.

anika: wow so sweet.

advay: not as swweet as you.

anika blushes.

advay: cake?

anika: sure.

advay gets the knife and they both cut it together. advay feeds anika.

anika: yum! you made this??

advay: yeah. i tried.

anika: it’s really nice.

advay: thanks.

advay goes closer to anika and wraps his hands around her waist. anika didn’t realize as the grip got tighter but advay noticed that she was about to and let go of her.

anika: music?

advay: sure.

he puts on some slow music and grabs anika’s hand.

advay: dance?

anika: yes.

he twirls anika around and after a while, pins anika to the wall, his lips goes quite near her lips.


gauri and neil:

gauri enters:

neil: oh my god! you look so beautiful!

neil: oh my god! you look so beautiful!

gauri: thanks. you are looking quite smart.

neil: thanks. anyway i found out that you like the flowers.

gauri: white lilies? you may be the worst at listening to me on work but good at listening about my likes and dislikes. meri beti, geetu also loves white lilies.

neil: really? wow!

gauri smiles.

neil: chocolate?

gauri: huh?

neil feeds gauri. whilst gauri was chewing, neil quickly spilled water on the floor. gauri turned but just then she slipped dragging neil on the floor. they were on the floor, neil was on top of her and neil’s face was very near to gauri.

both brothers were going to get into a liplock but on anika’s part of the story:

anika: advay, please keep a little distance from me.

advay: why?

anika: i am a mother that too single and it looks bad if i am with other men.

advay: oh…..

gauri’s side:

gauri: neil, let me stand up.

neil: why?

gauri: just please.

neil gets off her and gauri stands up.

one hour later:

aniri’s house:

anika: hello ansh.

gauri: aur geetu.

geetu and ansh smiles.

just then the doorbell rang.

aniri hands the babies to jhanvi and pinky and goes to answer the door.

precap: diljeet aur dilpreet.

now who is this diljeet and dilpreet?????

guys, i am fulfilling your wishes for father moments.

also note that i am a loser at writing romance which is why i always have to ask my older sister for help or i just read romantic books here to get a simple idea of romance.

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