If you hold my hand #Sidhaswi (chapter 3)

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Chapter 3

Now… The love begins…….

With all the shopping done in the mall she went to get her a lehenga for the main ceremony.

“Don’t you think you are too beautiful for this earth?? “..Sidhant murmers looking at her while she was paying the bills.

” did you just said something Sidhant???” Teja asks turning to him.

“Yeah… Should I drop you somewhere? “….Sid says to disrupt her from his bhavnao main bahe hue shabds… ?? Sorry for that…

“No.. Thanks!… Me and anaya would catch up in the cafe near “…

“Fine then.. Let me accompany you till there.. I’ll go with Aryan”…

“Thik ache.. Asa”
She heads and Sidhant follows…

“wa.. Wa.. Wait… How did you come to know whatI said.. I said that in Bangali”

“Bachpan se Kolkata me hun… Itna to credit do… “

“Oooh!..you’re from kolkata..even I am from Kolkata”..

“Tumhare acsent se to nhi lagta.. “

” I told you that I was born and brought up in Lon. Kolkata is my hometown… 2 saal se Kolkata main hi hun.. “

” oh I see”

Next Scene ❤

Tejaswi watches Anaya hugging Aryan before she leaves and how Aryan holds her for some more seconds into that hug… She comes to her while he looks at her lovingly.

“I wish kabhi koi mujhe bhi itne pyaar se dekhe”..Teja thinks….
But she never noticed that Sidhant who was standing much behind was looking at her with Love brimming in his eyes.. As if he could spend his whole life looking at her
and that love wouldn’t be enough.

Next Scene ❤

Next day at the airport… Everyone was getting into the flight for Amritsar..

So let me make it clear that The wedding is going to be held in Mohali(Punjab)..Aryan’s Native town.

Anaya,  her parents,  Aryan and his family ,Tejaswi, Sidhant, Tunisha and two girls in their mid 20’s let them be kyra and prisha.. Board the flight.

Kyra and Prisha were sitting together.
“Woah!… I that one’s so good!! ” kyra exclaims
“that’s Aryan you idiot.. The groom..you better not even think of trying on him. ..Aryan just had walked into the business class and got in his seat.
“uuh! ” she sighed with a bleak. “But.. Wait.. Did you see that.. ” her face allured

“..that’s smoking Dude?!”..
Yeah Sidhant was coming towards them smiling wearing a camouflage jacket and jeans.

“He has a mischievous grin.. Is he coming to me.. Yeah.. Come… Prisha.. Move.. Yes yes.. Come here.. ” Kyra had her target set.

Just them someone bumps on Sidhant’s back. He turned.

It’s Tunisha busy in her mobile (how many I’ll see you thought that it was teja)

“Tun tun… Dig out your eyes from this idiot for sometime “…Sidhant says..

“stop calling me that”

Sidhant goes to his seat providentially which turned out to be next to Tejaswi’s

“Hey Teju.. “

“Teja got her face out of that big book in her hand with her spectacles on her nose”..

“Oh my god you look so Bookish! “..he says sitting.

“That was a really very sweet compliment in …thanks a lot “

Sidhant again showed his favorite expression
…showing teeth.


A finger trailed over his shoulder.

..’heya..  that’s it for today sorry for being late…. because of some health issues and some assignments.. the next one will be posted as soon as possible I’ll try my best’

If there’s anyone who need translation of hindi dialogues please inform or else I won’t provide. ?

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  1. Jiya_Ani

    I accept here all love and hate.

    Write down what you feel… Really.. I promise no harsh replies for hate…
    I accept the fact that not everyone here is accepting Sidhaswi… But if there’s anything else you want to say feel free to say.

    Love love❤

  2. Superb episode dear
    Bas ye bolna chati hu ye ff aacha h …..pr sayad iski jageh pr sidmin ya twinj hote to baat kuch aur hoti sayad…..

    Fabulous episode dear
    Post soon dear
    Luvvvvvv u

  3. SSK

    Sorry for late reply dear, the episode was really awesome and please don’t get dishearten with the response, you are doing a great job. I am loving it. 🙂

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