Dil se dil ka rishta (C 1) (Pt 1) by Aliya

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This will be the reader’s choice book

So the first story will be RAGSANIAN’S Wish

Thank you saher344 for the book name

This story will be two shots

Ragini Gadodia:a sweet innocent shy girl but there’s 2 weakness in her.. one is her sister and other you would know it.. She is looked after by dadi!

A girl was seen playing a sitar and singing in a beautiful melodious voice with closed eyes

She was in her academy and every students there were admiring her voice…

And the girl is revealed to be Ragini..

Once she completes her singing…
She opens her eyes and smiles..

She gets down the stage

Whenfew girls appreciate her..
When she was moving…a guy comes to her: Ragini

Ragini looks at him like he is an alien

Guy: you have amazing voice.. With beautiful face…

Ragini: o..oh oo .ok..i..ii have a class…

She goes from there as fast as she could

And dashes with someone

And she is swara her soul sister

Swara:opposite of Ragini doing crazy things is her birth right.. She was looked after by dida

Swara:what happened?


Swara:God! Ragini i just don’t understand why you just fear of boys

Ragini just bends her head

Swara:and the credit goes to dadi! I dont know what will happen when you will get married! Married? Silly me.. What will happen when the guy will come

Ragini:swara…. Instead of pacifying me you are scaring me

Swara:ok let’s go!

Ragini smiles:waise dadi will search a pure marwadi obedient guy for you!


Ragini:actually she found it! This sunday he and his family are coming to see you

Swara:what? I don’t accept

Ragini:he is so obedient you know.. He just agrees to his parents.. Like ha mein ha milana.. I heard dadi

Swara:i won’t .. I won’t..

Ragini concerned for her:now what will you do?

Swara:lets go home mujhe dadi ki class leni hai

After sometime

Swara:with whom did you ask and fix this alliance

Dadi:i think i have that right… If i left on you then dont know which mad you will bring…

Dida:marwaran… This time i agree with

Swara opens her mouth in shock

Dida:swaru just try na beta.. If you don’t then we can cancel

While shekhar and sharmishta were enjoying this

Dida:look swaru.. After you there’s your sister.. So you have to agree..

Swara:then get her married!

Ragini:what? Why me?

Sharmishta :swara.. We won’t listen to you.. You can know him.. He belongs to a reputed family.. We won’t get such people…

Swara:ma you too

Sharmishta :please beta!

Swara nods unwillingly

Swara goes to her room

Ragini follows her:listen na

In room

Swara sits sadly

Ragini:what happened?

Swara:laado i have hidden something from you


Swara:i love a guy

Ragini shocked:you mean a serious one?

Swara glares her

Ragini:oh god.. Tell him to forget you problem solved

Swara:have you lost it…! I love him and if i marry then it’s only him

Ragini:so what should i do?

Swara angrily:go get me a poison

Ragini:i dont know anything… You do one thing tell the guy to cancel the alliance as you love someone

Swara:yes that would be great!

Ragini smiles

(here swaragini are own sister’s and shekar and sharmishta are their parents)

Here a big mansion is shown which Maheshwari Mansion

A lady was roaming here and there in tension and she is Ap

Suji:don’t worry jiji… Laksh would come in time! Before bhaai sa comes!

And there a car comes.. A guy gets down in formals

He removes his goggles and smiles.. And he is revealed to be SANSKAR

Ap:sanskar! Do you know where laksh went.. If your bade papa came to know even he is not in office then…

Sanskar:don’t worry badi maa he will come

And a guy comes in a bike..

He gets down fastly..

Ap sees him and goes to him and twists his ear!

And he is revealed to be laksh

Lak:ma please please.. Sorry

Ap:learn something from sanskar..

Laksh looks shocked to see sanskar who is in formals!

Sanskar smirks

Laksh:but maa

Ap:sanskar.. From now you have to take his responsibility.. Yeh ladka haath se choot raha hai

Sanskar smirks at laksh :don’t worry badi maa… He is still kid… And laksh you are a kid for this house don’t think every people thinks like that.. You should grow up atleast now.. You have completed your studies and in sometime you will get married! Then you have to take responsibility hai na?

Laksh murmurs:ulta chor kothwal ko daante?! Wah!

Ap:sanskar you are absolutely right! Laksh you have to learn a lot things from sanskar

Laksh sarcastically :yes yes (murmurs) that how to become an obedient son infront of family

Ap:sanskar i can only trust you in laksh’s matter


Sanskar raises his collar which was only noticed by laksh

Half an hour back

Laksh and his friend were having a bike race…

And from nowhere and a rider comes with his bike

Laksh and his friend were left behind

Laksh himself :i saw this bike somewhere? Who is he
Then the reality strucks

Laksh:sanskar bhaai…

Sanskar wins the race

Every girls there drools over sanskar

Laksh goes to him:bhaai why r you here?

Sanskar who was busy in FLIRTING turns to laksh

Sanskar:same question why are you here?

He waves his hands to the girl

Laksh:you always become obedient son.. And you cross over me.. Wait and watch what i am going to do!

Sanskar:what you will do? More then complaining to badi maa..

Laksh:just wait and watch

Sanskar :ok

Fb ends

Sanlak were only present

Sanskar:ahem ahem… Someone was telling about complaining and all

Lak:but how did you reach before me?

Sanskar:kolkatha ki traffic bhad gayi kabhi signals kabhi loads of traffic.. Sometimes you should prefer shortcuts lucky

Laksh laughs.. Making sanskar confused

Lak:now soon you will get married what will you do? The responsibility are coming to you
He laughs

Sanskar smirks:i wont change.. Tera soch


Sanskar:shona… Lucky ki shona

Laksh was shocked:bhaai!! I…

Sanskar teasingly:tell tell

Laksh :i wont spare you…

Sanskar:laksh.. You shouldn’t say like this.. People will think you like a jerk.. I am your brother at least listen to me.. I will hide your pranks and every mischiefs of yours(laksh was looking at him confused) but everytime.. You should try to understand

Laksh wasn’t understanding :what? U want me to listen to a….

Behind adarsh:lucky sudar jaaa

Now laksh understood how did this devil turned angel!

Adarsh:sanskar don’t waste your time on him.. He would listen to anyone
He goes

Sanskar:you should also keep an eye on back

Laksh sees ap coming there he gets an idea

Laksh:bhaai.. I know that you are

Sanskar interrupts :boring… But try to understand lucky.. This is not the age of childishness.. You would get angry on me(he smirks.. While laksh curses himself?) living with patience kind.. And mischiefs are the best life you know.. Just try..

While ap:sanskaar.. He won’t understand leave him… You go get ready we should move to girl’s house!

Sanskar turns:no badi ma.. Lucky would understand.. He is my brother atlast!

Laksh nods like understanding

Ap:laksh.. You should have done any one good thing that you got such a good hearted and understanding brother

Laksh:yes yes??

Ap:go get ready!

Ap goes

Sanskar smiles:in which you have studied this trick na i have remained principal there

He goes

Laksh makes faces.. Then suddenly something strikes how did sanskar know about his shona?

Laksh was passing by where suji was shoeing the pic of girl to pari
Laksh slowly peeps and his eyes comes out of socket???

He rubs his eyes again to see his shona his swara!

He goes from there to sanskar room..
Who is getting ready in 3 piece white suit..

Here swara:i wont marry anyone other than lucky



Ragini giggles :you told it 46 times

Swara:tu meri behen hai ki dushman

Ragini innocently :behen

Swara has got ready in simple navy blue colour lehenga and left her hair open..
Ragini puts the chunni on her head
Swara makes faces

While ragini was wearing a orange colour anarkali and tied her hair in a pony tail

Ragini:ok you stay here i will help ma in kitchen..
She goes

Here laksh:bhaai do you hate me?

Sanskar who was all ready in 3 piece white suit and who was setting his hair looks at him

Sanskar :you got to know so early

Laksh:please bhaai at least now talk normal with me!

Sanskar :ok tell!

Laksh:the girl you are going to see is…..

Sanskar interrupted :your shona

Laksh:how did you know? I think you have some super natural powers

Sanskar:your expression was poking me and informed me before you

Laksh:ab kya?

Sanskar :don’t worry i don’t want your shona… But i need something in return!


Sanskar smirks:not now but later.. Now i have to go to see the girl who is waiting for my arrival


San:shona chahiye ki nahi chahiye? (laksh pouts) you are so fast lucky u searched a shona for you… (jokingly) i think there will be a laado for me

Lak:ha ha why not? I feel pity on her.. Wait what you said laado? I heard this name

Sanskar :i told so you heard na laado

Soon all left to Baadi…

Sanlak were in same car

Sanskar:today you will say the truth

Laksh:what truth?

Sanskar:infront of both families that you love her…

Lak:are you insane.. I wont

Sanskar:then be ready to call her bhabhi….

Laksh:why r u punishing this innocent soul?! What sin i did to you?

Sanskar smiles :we reached you have no much time..

Here dadi:laado put these papad’s to dry

Ragini herself :i will come once after they go!

All Maheshwari’s enter the baadi

Ragini sees them…

All enters the house.. She sees laksh

Ragini:i saw him… I think he is the groom.. I saw him with swara

Sanskar who was coming in that direction he was talking in phone

She turns to go to terrace but dashes with Sanskar

Papads fall..

Ragini:mere papad.. Dadi will kill me

She start to pick…

Sanskar helps her to collect the papad’s

Reality strikes to ragini that she had dashed to someone

Ragini looks at sanskar.. Who was already looking at her


Sanskar smiles…

She takes the papad.. Few was with sanskar

She was hesitant to ask him

Ragini :mera.. Mera papad!

Sanskar forwards it to her

Ragini holds it but isn’t leaving it

Ragini was feeling nervous.. And was feeling weak

Ragini :please…

He leaves it..

She was about to go

Ragini runs to the upstairs!

Sanskar :wait

Ragini stops

Sanskar :what’s your name?

She runs to upstairs

Sanskar :oh papadwali..

He smiles seeing her disappeared figure

Sanskar :papad wali! He smiles

He turns to go.. And sees laksh folding his hand and looking at hin

Laksh:papad wali and all ha?

Sanskar:let’s go shona is waiting for me

Laksh:argghhh i hate you…

Both families mingled well

Swara was shocked to see laksh

She flats him..
While he looks at sanskar and while sanskar was lost in papadwali’s thought…

Dida calls ragini who came down

Ragini comes there sadly

Sanskar feels happy seeing her

Ragini sees him and immediately looks other side

Swara and sanskar were sent to talk alone! And know each other

Laksh was feeling helpless and ragini was praying for swara so that she would be out of this mess

Swasan comes back

Sanskar’s gaze were fixed on ragini.. While ragini was trying hard to hide from his gaze and she enters a room
Sanskar smiles

Dp:tho hum yeh rishta

Swalak’s heart skips the beat

Sanskar:one minute bade papa

All looks at him

Sanskar:i want to marry her… He points to Ragini…

Everyone are shocked!

To be continued..

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